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Chief Revenue Officer

At Aimprosoft, we are seeking a dynamic and results-oriented Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to join our team and drive revenue growth to new heights. As a fast-growing IT company, we specialize in web & mobile development, serving clients in the US and EU markets. We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer success.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway

Why Choose Aimporsoft as your Next Career Move:

  1. Competitive Compensation Package:
    • Base Salary: $70,000 to $100,000 per year (based on experience and qualifications).
    • Performance-Based Incentives: Up to 5-15% of the base salary tied to revenue targets and team performance.
  2. Strategic Leadership and Autonomy:
    • Becoming the leader of Sales and Marketing departments, lead and build high-performing teams, and drive growth across multiple channels and markets.
    • As the CRO, you will have the authority and autonomy to develop and execute innovative revenue strategies.
    • Collaborate closely with the executive team to shape the company's strategic direction and revenue goals.
  3. Industry Expertise and Competitive Edge:
    • Leverage our deep industry expertise and track record of success in eCommerce, Healthcare, Education, IoT, Retail and Telecom. 
    • Differentiate our company through cutting-edge technology solutions, agile methodologies, and a customer-centric approach.
    • Capitalize on our extensive network and existing client relationships to drive new business opportunities.
  4. Growth Opportunities and Professional Development:
    • Join a company poised for rapid expansion, where you can make a significant impact on revenue growth and profitability.
    • Benefit from ongoing professional development opportunities, including training programs, industry certifications, and conferences.
    • Advance your career within our organization as we expand into new markets and verticals.
  5. Supportive Culture and Recognition:
    • Thrive in a collaborative and supportive work environment, where teamwork and innovation are encouraged.
    • Be part of a performance-driven culture that recognizes and rewards exceptional achievements.
    • Enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, flexible working hours, and a healthy work-life balance.

Main requirements:

  • Proven Experience: A successful candidate for the CRO role should have a track record of driving revenue growth and achieving targets in the IT industry. They should demonstrate a strong understanding of sales strategies, marketing techniques, and revenue optimization in a technology-driven environment.
  • Strategic Thinker: The ideal candidate should possess exceptional strategic thinking skills and the ability to develop and execute revenue generation strategies aligned with the company's goals and market dynamics. They should be able to identify growth opportunities, assess market trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth.
  • Leadership and Team Management: The CRO should have demonstrated leadership capabilities and the ability to effectively manage cross-functional teams. They should be able to inspire and motivate sales, marketing, and revenue teams to achieve exceptional results. Experience in building high-performance teams, setting performance standards, and fostering a culture of collaboration is essential.
  • Market Knowledge: The CRO should have a deep understanding of the IT industry, including emerging trends, competitive landscape, and customer needs. They should be able to anticipate market changes, identify customer pain points, and develop innovative revenue strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The CRO should have a strong customer-centric mindset and a deep understanding of customer journey mapping, segmentation, and customer experience optimization. They should be able to align revenue strategies with customer needs, drive customer loyalty, and ensure a consistent and exceptional customer experience.
  • Analytical and Data-Driven: Strong analytical skills and a data-driven approach are essential for the CRO role. The candidate should be proficient in analyzing sales and revenue data, identifying key performance indicators, and leveraging insights to optimize revenue strategies and drive continuous improvement.
  • Excellent Communication and Influencing Skills: The CRO should possess exceptional communication, presentation, and negotiation skills. They should be able to effectively communicate revenue strategies, influence stakeholders at all levels, and build strong relationships with clients, partners, and internal teams.
  • Advanced English skills.

Will be a plus:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Mindset: Having a candidate with an innovation-driven and entrepreneurial mindset would be a significant advantage. This includes a demonstrated ability to think outside the box, identify new revenue streams, and explore innovative business models or partnerships. A candidate who is not afraid to take calculated risks and embrace a startup mentality can bring fresh ideas and drive transformative growth.

Company Goals & CRO Challenges:

  • Achieve a 40% revenue growth from new clients. The CRO will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to drive significant revenue growth from new clients. This includes identifying target markets, expanding the customer base, and optimizing sales processes to increase conversion rates and deal size.
  • Increase quarter-to-quarter revenue by 20%: The CRO will focus on driving consistent revenue growth on a quarterly basis. This involves analyzing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and collaborating with sales and marketing teams to execute effective revenue-generation strategies. The CRO will be accountable for setting and meeting revenue targets while continuously evaluating and optimizing the sales pipeline.
  • Double sales from the website: The CRO will lead initiatives to maximize sales generated from the company's website. This includes optimizing the website's user experience, implementing effective lead generation and conversion strategies, and leveraging digital marketing channels to attract and convert website visitors into paying customers. The CRO will collaborate with the marketing and digital teams to drive targeted traffic, improve conversion rates, and increase overall online sales performance.
  • Achieve a 2x increase in revenue based on current numbers: The CRO will be tasked with driving substantial revenue growth by doubling the company's current revenue. This goal requires a comprehensive understanding of the existing revenue streams, customer segments, and market dynamics. The CRO will develop and execute strategies to expand market share, increase customer retention, and optimize pricing and packaging strategies to drive significant revenue growth.
Aimprosoft is dedicated to revolutionizing the EU landscape, and we need a visionary CRO like you to lead our revenue growth strategy. If you are a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a passion for driving business success, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

Are you ready to seize this opportunity and shape the future of revenue growth at Aimprosoft?

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