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Copywriter/Social Media Content Creation

We are Aimprosoft, a custom software development and IT outsourcing company. Born and raised in Ukraine while working with international partners across Europe, the USA and beyond, our horizons are expanding internationally as we approach the end of our teens.

While we continue to grow and develop internationally, we are recruiting a Copywriter for a key role in our marketing team.


About the project

This role will combine direct response copywriting for email and LinkedIn-based sales outreach campaigns with writing engaging, value-added posts for social media with a focus on LinkedIn.

Over time, it is expected that you will have the opportunity to specialize in one direction or another. But right now, there is no real clarity on when – if you apply, do so with the idea the role combines copywriting with social media content creation and some editing work.


  • Develop a deep understanding of the company’s sector, value proposition and our ideal customer profile – including their most common questions, concerns, pain points and bottlenecks.
  • Write the copy for outbound sales campaigns.
  • Write the copy for landing pages.
  • Write LinkedIn posts that will develop brand awareness and our social selling strategy on the platform.

Your profile

We are looking for someone with a portfolio of existing work in sales copywriting, across landing pages and sales messaging sequences + demonstrated ability to write engaging social media posts, ideally in a B2B environment. 

You don’t have to have years and years of experience - but you should have enough to demonstrate both your current ability to make a difference and your potential to grow in your profession.

You should have a strong awareness of contemporary copywriting trends and realities – and a deep interest and curiosity in what makes written content effective:

  • In terms of who it speaks to and how it engages at the level of an individual piece of writing, be it an article, report or social media post.
  • And in terms of how it fits into a wider commercial content marketing strategy.

We don’t expect you to be a proven, high-level expert across all of these areas – we couldn’t afford you if you were!

But we are looking for a strong copywriting generalist with a learning mindset and the motivation and personality to recognise where you can upskill and take the initiative to do so – with our support.

You should be a native English speaker (but not just any “native English speaker” - one of those who really understands and is in control of their own language, which we all know is far from everyone).

Or you might be one of those rare non-native speakers who is as good or better than the branded editions – we know you exist too!

What we offer:

  • This is a full-time, remote role.
  • Working hours will be flexible-ish and a degree of asynchronous work possible - though you will have to be regularly available during Central European time zone office hours.
  • While the role is full-time, you will be a contractor rather than an “employee” and your contract with an EU-based company (Cyprus). There may be opportunities for that to change in future as we plan new locations - but no promises for now.
  • Cozy atmosphere and modern approaches. We have neither bureaucracy nor strict management or "working under pressure" conditions.
  • Opportunity to implement your own ideas, tools, and approaches. We are open to changes and suggestions aimed at improvement.
  • Support and care from the company. We treat each of our specialists as a valuable asset, offering help whenever the necessity occurs. We make sure you never have to overcome challenges or blockers just by yourself.
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Kateryna Verchyk
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