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Head of Marketing

Ukraine/ Europe

About the project

We are Aimprosoft, a custom software development and IT outsourcing/ staffing company. We build software and IT systems for our clients, flexibly augmenting inhouse development teams, or as an alternative to them.  Founded in 2005 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, we have an international client base across Europe, the USA. We are currently expanding and diversifying internationally. In support of that process, we are recruiting a content-first Head of Marketing with a strong background/ interest in social media/ social selling.

The role

You will be tasked with shaping our marketing strategy, tactics and channels in collaboration with our Chief Revenue Officer and responsible for the quality of execution. You are responsible for the department’s goal to deliver a predictable and scalable flow of inbound leads.  While this is not an administrative role, as head of marking, you will be responsible for performance reporting and the department’s good organisation and productivity + adherence to company policies and procedures (we are not an overly bureaucratic structure).

Your profile

You are a T-shaped marketer with deep expertise and hands-on experience in 2-3 content-focused marketing skills. And a good overview of and some experience in several others – to the extent you can make good judgements on the competency of those who will execute and control the quality of that execution and acceptance criteria.  Content-first marketing skills and experience that will be especially valuable to this role:
  • Brand narrative/storytelling, thought leadership, landing pages, blog posts, SEO and social selling/social media. 
  • As our marketing language is English, you should have an excellent written and spoken command of the language (min C1) – to be able to express yourself clearly and compellingly and judge the ability of your team members and external suppliers to do the same. 
  • Experience in B2B/B2B services will be an advantage as is experience managing a team (the marketing department is currently 8-strong) and external suppliers.
  • You have enough positive energy to motivate your team to both execute to the best of their abilities and maintain the desire to be continuous learners. You should be a communicator and collaborator with initiative, ideas and leadership skills. 
  • You are a “lead-by-example” head of marketing, unafraid of getting your hands dirty and enthusiastic about raising the level of your team through coaching and mentorship. 
  • You may be moving from another marketing manager/head of marketing role – or be a rising star ready to take a step up. 
  • Some understanding/knowledge of the software development/tech sectors will be an advantage - but the ability to learn about new areas quickly and in depth is more important. 


  • Develop a deep understanding of the company’s sector, value proposition and our ideal customer profile – including their most common questions, concerns, pain points and bottlenecks. 
  • Shape the company’s messaging and narrative consistently across all marketing assets.
  • Contributing to marketing strategy and decisions on tactics and channels in collaboration with our Chief Revenue Officer.
  • Responsible for the quality of execution.
  • Responsible for reporting based on agreed KPIs and targets.
  • Manage the inhouse marketing team, including designers, content and copywriters and researchers. 
  • Coach and mentor the team and highlight upskilling or reshaping requirements.  
  • Responsible for the team’s adherence to company policies and flows. 
  • Close collaboration with Aimprosoft’s head of sales, ensuring a unified, joined-up approach between the sales and marketing departments. 
  • Building collaborative relationships with the company’s technical leaders and talents. 
  • Building and maintaining a predictable and scalable flow of inbound leads. 

Working conditions

  • This is a full-time, remote role. 
  • Working hours will be flexible-ish and a degree of asynchronous work possible - though you will have to be regularly available during Central European time zone office hours. 
  • While the role is full-time, you will be a contractor rather than an “employee” and your contract with an EU-based company (Cyprus). There may be opportunities for that to change in future as we plan new office locations - but no promises for now. If you are based in Ukraine, you will have a private entrepreneur contract.
  • Opportunity to implement your own ideas, tools, and approaches. We are open to changes and suggestions aimed at improvement.
  • Support and care from the company. We treat each of our specialists as a valuable asset, offering help whenever the necessity occurs. We make sure you never have to overcome challenges or blockers just by yourself.
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