Owner, Consulting Company

Consulting Company

“Aimprosoft has accomplished everything I’ve asked for and adapted to every one of our policies. I wouldn’t have worked with Aimprosoft or involved them in key projects if I didn’t think they were great. I came across Aimprosoft 3 years ago and started conversations about a project. When I became comfortable with the company, the selection process was down to my experience and a small test project. Aimprosoft has a deep expertise in the platform we’re using.”
CTO,  Away4


“I don’t have any metrics, but I can say that Aimprosoft’s quality has been very high. I’m a technical person myself, and had been involved directly in the project initially. We’ve come to use Aimprosoft exclusively. They have a very high knowledge of best practices, and provide excellent quality. Aimprosoft provided both backend and frontend development for our company. I have worked with Aimprosoft on-and-off for other companies, over the last 10 years. I knew that they could provide high-quality work, with top-notch developers. When we came to need some resources, I approached Aimprosoft.”
Director,  Marketing Company

Marketing Company

“When we reached out to Aimprosoft, we were looking for a savvy team with a multitude of skill sets, one which wouldn’t simply do what we said, but would also come up with smarter, better ways to do what we were asking for. As a customer, we’re always looking for the teams to meet deadlines and provide quality work. Aimprosoft has been exceptional at communicating in time and providing an explanation for the reason behind an issue, as well as solutions for it. This has made my job a lot easier.”
Head of Software Development,  Virtual1

Head of Software Development,

“We have a very good working relationship with Aimprosoft. Aimprosoft is a very reliable group. Aimprosoft has provided backend web development for our portal, as well as development for APIs used for our interactions with suppliers. Aimprosoft was also used for CRM work. We have an ongoing relationship with Aimprosoft. Our portal was developed 5-6 years ago. I can come to my job every day with full confidence knowing that they will be there.”
Managing Director,  Software Development Company

Managing Director,
Software Development Company

“Project management is a key strength of Aimprosoft. Our work with Aimprosoft extended beyond web development. There have been two sides to our portals, including a backend which handles the actual workflow, billing elements, and so on. Aimprosoft only needed the requirements to work through, after which they managed the development. This was unique, compared to what we’d seen from previous partners. Aimprosoft was effectively an offshore development team, and they became a part of our own company.”
Co Founder,  Automotive Software Company

Co Founder,
Automotive Software Company

“We chose the Liferay platform and started looking for outsourced developers with the right experience. We interviewed a variety of companies, some in the US, able to work with us locally, but ultimately selected Aimprosoft. We’ve been working with Aimprosoft since 2009. There have been ups and downs in our relationship, but generally speaking, Aimprosoft has built the product that we wanted. Aimprosoft is reliable. If there is an urgent situation, I can get my contact on the phone and have Aimprosoft’s team work all night.”