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About Aimprosoft

Founded in 2005, Aimprosoft went all the way from a promising small-sized firm to a full-cycle development company with more than 350 experienced professionals. More than 200 organizations of all shapes, sizes, and domains chose us as a trusted software vendor to deliver their products. We aspire to help our clients eliminate possible challenges on their way to achieving the set goals with the help of reliable and feature-rich software solutions developed by our specialists.



One of the most crucial milestones in the company's history: the day it was established. The same year we started exploring the great potential of the Liferay platform, by virtue of which the first pillar was set.


Motive Retail, one of the most extensive Aimprosoft projects, has begun.


The second pillar is set. We widened our horizons and gathered a team of like-minded people to create Alfresco products.


We started working on the Virtual1 telecommunication project, which lasted for 11 successive years, expanding its rich functionality and area of operation.


The first project with Optima Italia SpA, a leader in energy and telecommunications supply, commenced. 32 successful projects have been completed for the company to this date, and some are still on the go.


Aimprosoft is heading to a new league: the creation of Android and iOS mobile apps has officially begun.


The third pillar is set. We finally established our third main department to develop efficient enterprise solutions with the help of the SAP Hybris platform.


Having delivered dozens of Hybris-based products, we gained the status of SAP Silver, becoming a trusted software development vendor with official SAP certification. The same year the pool of our employees rose to 100 professionals.


A professional UI/UX team was gathered to transfer their creativity into design creation for web, mobile, and desktop applications.


We significantly expanded the geography of our clients and managed to cover more than 24 countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the UAE, Italy, the USA, Canada, Norway, and many others.


We have celebrated a truly momentous landmark. The company has managed to unify 200 talented employees whose main aim is to contribute to the software community. The same year, the Data Science division was established.


The company has shown striking results: we have completed our 500th project and were acknowledged by Clutch as one of the leaders in the segment of custom software development.


We successfully launched our in-house developed product called Cloud Backup and Migration for SAP® Commerce that makes the media migration among existing cloud accounts significantly faster compared to the OOTB methods.


The year has been notable for pleasant events. The pool of our specialists rose to 300 people. Aimprosoft has been named one of the top development companies by various independent platforms, including Techreviewer, TopDevelopers, Clutch, and others. We celebrated Aimprosoft's 16th birthday and planned our further development.


The year of challenges and efficient solutions. Despite the war, we managed to sign new contracts, maintain and continue growing our business, relocate to a safer area, and prove in all possible ways that Aim stands with Ukraine.

Aimprosoft in numbers

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Through the focus on values for customers

Our values are the core principles that guide us in our work as a software development company, helping us deliver cutting-edge solutions and results that exceed expectations.

Mutual assistance

The AIM people are not indifferent to the difficulties that teammates may face. We are always helpful in solving work challenges and can offer a shoulder to lean on to a colleague in times of personal trouble. By helping each other and letting everyone be heard, we always maintain the atmosphere of trust so needed to achieve the goals that we set.


Our employees are passionate about what they do. Each understands their role in the company and enjoys fulfilling it. We are motivated enough to do our best by applying our knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Even in case of unforeseen circumstances, everyone goes at maximum capacity, demonstrating outstanding results.


Free expression and openness at all levels prevail in our company. Honesty and ethics are the fundamental principles of Aimprosoft, which are the guardians of a healthy work environment. Being the key to the company's success, all team members have free access to information about the company's affairs.


Aimprosoft employees can always count on the company's support and encouragement of professional development. We are driving progress and must be prepared to battle new challenges. We always support the professional and personal growth of our teammates. They are our most valuable asset. They are the company.

Why choose us to solve
your business challenges

Expertise in different domains

More than 16 years of software development allowed us to obtain profound knowledge in creating products for our clients from various domains, including Telecom, IoT, eCommerce, Education, Healthcare, and others. The implementation of corporate LMS and e-learning apps, Liferay portals, SAP Hybris-powered eCommerce stores, IoT-enabled applications, and many other products helped us learn how to implement solutions considering industry-specific nuances and avoiding possible pitfalls that differ depending on the industry.

Long-term business partnership

Our dedication to work, seamless functioning of all processes, and willingness to go beyond the standard approach to development helped us achieve the loyalty of numerous clients. Various businesses have been continuing to cooperate with us for many years in a row, entrusting their ideas to our implementation. The goal that we always aim to achieve with every client is to establish a long-term, trusted cooperation and provide stability throughout all development stages, including product maintenance and possible functionality expansion.

Latest IT advancements

If you want to leverage modern technology, apply an efficient software development approach or follow a booming trend, be sure our team will be able to do it since we always keep abreast of time. Our continuously expanding pool of Data Science, Business Intelligence, DevOps, and other top-notch specialists allows us to deliver solutions built with cutting-edge tools so that your business can stay ahead of competition easily.

Leadership team

Management team

Maxim Ivanov
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Maxim is the CEO of Aimprosoft, a Ukrainian software development company, one of the leading technology providers according to Clutch rating for 2020.

Igor Zaporozhets
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Igor is the CTO of Aimprosoft. Being focused on technology-driven philosophy, he directed his passion for software development towards the creation of Aimprosoft company.

Andrii Voronov
Head of PM Department

Andrii has been facilitating the growth of Aimprosoft for more than 5 years. He has 8 years of practical experience in project management. His intense enthusiasm, extensive skill set, and ability to always apply appropriate project management methodology and approach helped him grow from a PM to a Head of the Project Management Department at Aimposoft. As of today, Andrii has successfully delivered within budget and strict timelines projects for a vast spectrum of domains, including healthcare, clinical trial, eCommerce, business management, and many others. Andrii holds a Master’s degree in Economics from The National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute'.

Yuliia Kurganova
Head of Sales Department

Yuliia started her career as a sales manager back in 2007. More than 14 years of experience, astonishing skills, and profound domain knowledge helped her become Head of Sales Department at Aimprosoft. Yuliia leads the team of lead generation specialists and sales managers, and she also helps promising newcomers to transform into highly qualified professionals. Mrs. Kurganova is extremely passionate about her job, which helps her always find the key to every client delivering a valuable solution to suit their needs. As for her educational background, Yuliia holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Iryna Obydonkina
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A striking experience of more than 17 years in economics and finance allowed Iryna to become a CFO at Aimprosoft and start leading our finance team. Mrs. Obydonkina holds a Master's degree in Economics from the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics. On top of that, she has CAP certification. Iryna is responsible for planning, monitoring, and managing all financial-related activities and implementation of strategies for the improvement of financial performance, facilitating the company’s overall growth and success.

Dmytro Zaporozhets
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

For more than 12 years, Dmytro has been sharpening his skills in the legal field. Mr. Zaporozhets has an impressive educational background. He holds several Master’s degrees, including a degree in Psychology from Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, Law from the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, and Public Administration from Kharkiv Regional Institute of Public Administration. As a Chief Legal Officer, Dmytro is always on guard of Aimporosoft compliance and adherence to legal regulations.

Dmytro Luzanov
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Qualities of a natural leader, impressive organizational skills, and constant drive for perfection have always helped Dmytro get promoted to leadership roles fast. For more than 6 years, he has been supervising inter- and intradepartmental operations within Aimprosoft, ensuring that the company’s objectives are met, managing daily administrative activities, and providing guidance to subordinate personnel. As for his educational background, Dmytro holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.

Development team

Mykola Martynenko
Head of Development Department

Mykola’s professional software journey started with C++ and Java and has led him to the current destination as a JavaScript and Scala specialist. Mykola's business acumen was revealed in high school when he sold his first commercial project in the form of an exam preparation app. His technological arsenal encompasses knowledge in several scripting programming languages, but it was Scala that became his pure passion. Mykola’s genuine nature of a programming languages polyglot allowed him to grow to a highly qualified Systems Architect who delivers software designs on numerous projects.

Vitalii Riabenko
Head of Development Department

For more than 17 years, Vitaliy has been exploring the IT arena, constantly expanding his skill base. Java, Python, and JavaScript are just a few examples showing his multidimensional nature. Studying DevOps on his own, Vitaliy has reached such a high level of mastership that enabled him to provide consultation and mentorship to others. He also wrote a browser chat in his leisure time that has grown from MVP into a fully functioning product. Currently, Vitaliy is deeply focused on the Security and Penetration testing phenomenons and is preparing to obtain OSCP certification.

Igor Sushko
Head of Development Department

Alfresco, Liferay, IoT, Docker, JavaScript, Java open the list of technologies Igor has mastered during his 15-year career in IT. The list may go on, but Igor sticks to the opinion it’s hard to impress anyone with the knowledge of multiple technologies. However, they enable developers to approach problem-solving from different angles and create new solutions. Igor’s approach to the new project implementation is compatible with a work of art. He follows the principle that architecture should be designed and code written in such a comprehensive and beautiful way that it’s understandable to anyone. Constant self-education, new skills acquisition, and improvement accompanied by the new challenges lead him along the path of masterpiece creation.

Maksim Tulik
Head of Development Department

Having demonstrated extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies with problem-solving abilities, Maxim has quickly climbed the career ladder from Junior Java Developer to Software Solution Architect. More than 10 years of expertise in full-cycle development and database architecture, along with solid Java and JavaScript background, allows him to implement large-scale and distributed software systems. Holding the leadership of the projects, he performs varied activities like code and design reviews while bringing inspiration and mentoring to others.

Yevheniia Marchenko
Head of UX/UI Department

Yevheniia has more than 10 years of practical experience in design. She has gone all the way from graphic designer to a Head of UX/UI Department at Aimprosoft. The combination of creativity, analytical thinking, empathy, and a never-ending thirst for knowledge helped her become a highly qualified specialist with a 95% client satisfaction score. Her extensive skill set encompasses skills in web and material design, wireframing and UI prototyping, UX strategy creation, design for iOS and Android platforms, and much more. As for her educational background, Yevheniia holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from National Aerospace University 'Kharkiv Aviation Institute'.

Partners & Achievements

Nothing speaks louder than the actual custom software development agency’s accomplishments proving its expertise. We proudly share this list of notable achievements that we earned for the quality of the provided services and our approach to software development.

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