Our In-House Products and Solutions



A SaaS e-Commerce platform absorbed the best practices of our e-Commerce delivering for many years. A platform's killer feature — full-fledged native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices — is available on terms of SaaS. It is a turnkey e-store you get ready to disrupt the market in 8 working days. 'Look and feel' of your brand new store will answer the ultimate requirements of the sales workflow.

portlet theme

Portlet Themes Switcher

A Liferay portlet which allows a single user to preview themes and color schemes in runtime and apply to the current site. Due to it, an admin is able to set up permissions for actions: users who have permissions to review portlet in the "edit" mode (by default User Administrator Role) are able to set permissions on themes actions as well. Also, 'Guest' is permitted to set up themes for his personal interface. All bindings are stored in the database until the user or admin delete it. To start working with it, you should just deploy it.

50 shades of Liferay

50 Shades of Liferay

An informative and easy reading Liferay guide for end users and new developers written by our Liferay lead developer Vitaliy Koshelenko to give explanations on how to use a platform. This book gives a quick start for new developers and explains main concepts of Liferay structure. You are offered to get acquainted with the Liferay client's account, settings, capabilities of the system and tips first hand acquiring hands-on practices of Aimprosoft leading experts.

aimprosoft chat

Aim Chat

Aim Chat is an in-house design of a cloud-based team collaboration tool powered by Aimprosoft. Similar to Slack it is represented as a corporate messenger available in web and mobile versions. In its turn, it surpasses Slack on three key points: it is developed on modern ReactJS, has an unlimited messaging history, can be modified according to company needs, and can be integrated with several corporate services such as LDAP. The chat was made for Aimprosoft's internal use. It is an open source software released for the IT community for free.