Benefits For Your Business With Our Alfresco Solutions

It may be no compromises when it comes to feeding your business with feasible document management solutions. An Alfresco-based enterprise suite of services is perfect for businessmen who hunger for a smart and modern software authorized to arrange multi-level corporate content.

Aimprosoft will undertake it. You will harvest a top-level restructured and organized content ready to accelerate your critical key points of collaboration extremely.

ECM and BPM symbiosis powered by Alfresco is an excellent chance to kick into gear the internal collaboration of distributed teams improving the business tremendously.


Community and enterprise level

solutions with Alfresco savvy developers from Aimprosoft


Mobile content management:

do everything on the go as in a browser


Alfresco full-stack developers

highly experienced in any Alfresco solution


Assured security

of the code efficiency


Workflow support

to form the complex, flexible, and custom system



community Edition – vertical, Community Edition, Enterprise Edition – horizontal


Rewarding support services

with prompt response


Wide range of Alfresco services:

accurate estimates, fast delivery, solving any issues

Our Alfresco Development Services

Alfresco UI customization

  • Dashlets development;
  • Web pages development;
  • Themes development to fit the company's needs sufficiently;
  • Info websites development (e.g., for particular departments of a firm).

Alfresco implementation

  • Workflow development for unique e-Commerce needs;
  • Alfresco intranet applications;
  • Custom tagging action for uploaded (downloaded) documents to preview without opening;
  • Custom previewer supported a lazy loading to have a quicker page opening;
  • Barcode recognizing in Alfresco documents;
  • Extended email processing, parsing metadata from emails and applying to documents;
  • Custom faceted search to find content with advanced search;
  • Dynamic permission management system;
  • User account switcher implemented by Aimprosoft;
  • Z-sign (e-sign module).

Alfresco integration

  • Alfresco email client integration (received/sent);
  • Access protocols integration (HTTP / WebDAV / FTP / CIFS / SPP / AOS / CMIS / IMAP / SMTP);
  • Integration with Liferay;
  • SAP integration;
  • Portal integration;
  • E-Сommerce integration.

Alfresco migration

  • Migration from legacy systems or other EMC;
  • Migration to Enterprise Edition from Community;
  • Migration to Alfresco Enterprise/Community from any ECM system.

Alfresco сonsulting

  • Alfresco architectural consulting;
  • Alfresco platform reviewing;
  • Alfresco setting up help and hints;
  • Full-cycle development consulting to predict investments.

Reasons To Partner With Us

Implemented 100+ projects

7+ years of Alfresco development

Our services are easy of access

Alfresco projects on a turnkey basis

Hands-on Alfresco knowledge only

Flexible hiring and delivery models

Our Projects

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We transformed a way of digital invoice processing for one of the EU leaders of online communication and security & infrastructure solutions. The ...

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ISSA Migration Project


When it comes to a project for ISSA, where a social security dominates, it turns human-centered. We’ve faced the project based on two well-known for us ...

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Workflow Dashlet


Workflow Dashlet shows all main information connected with workflows in the most convenient way. This Alfresco Project aims at linking Packing Slips with ...

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