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Senior Java Developer

Dmytro started his career path as Java and JS developer when he was a computer science student. Soon he mastered Java frameworks and tools needed for monolith architecture and microservices, including Spring stack and AWS. Dmytro strives to consider all factors to make the right decision to build a product successfully. He believes that the choice of system architecture should be driven by business requirements to profit rather than the desire to follow modern trends. Although Dmytro admits MSA is profitable, he advises refraining from implementing it in MVP to take more benefit. After a company ensures that the chosen monetization and business models are the fittest, MVP can be effectively migrated to microservices. Creating a solution from scratch or updating existing software is a big difference. Dmytro has enough experience to choose the best-fit architecture patterns and technologies according to product vision and business model.

3 Best Java Frameworks for Microservices in 2024 cover image
January 3, 2023 Articles

3 Best Java Frameworks for Microservices in 2024

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