General project description is a digital platform for PR and marketing agencies oriented on the B2B sector (newly found and multi-business organizations). Its goal is to monitor online business reputation on reviews. was considered as a service to process reviews as the most powerful tool of influence online. To cope with it the platform has to:

  • to aggregate reviews from a net of search engines and social networks in one place;
  • to make a set of features for paid subscription (synchronization and actualization of data in one place);
  • to receive status reports and updates from a net of search engines and social networks in one place.

Due to migration to AWS and refactoring a speed of search on the website reached 1-3 sec instead of 9-10. It caused a faster browsing of web pages from 5-9 sec to 2-5 sec a critical ratio that impacts search ranking. AWS Auto Scaling Group enables to maintain a normal performance of website 24/7 and sustain peak server loads not losing the required level of performance.

To breathe a new life into there we rewrote unstable and poor code, made documentation for the whole platform in general. The platform consists of a public website, dashboard, review aggregation application and a number of support tools. They serve for managing and collecting business reviews, checking a rating and fixing online listings (similar to Yelp or Foursquare).


Marketing & Public Relations.


  • Frontend Development;
  • Backend Development;
  • DevOps.

Key Features

  • Responsive design;
  • Pinterest like grid;
  • Display pins on map;
  • Canvas for animation;
  • Lazy loading;
  • Social sharing;
  • Image gallery;
  • Video preview;
  • Review summary;
  • Google advertisement;
  • Animated layout;
  • Modal windows;
  • Migration of previously input data;
  • Responsive design;
  • Payment integration via Braintree;
  • Full-text search with PostgreSQL.

Project resources

Team size:

  • 1 Tech Lead;
  • 1 Team Lead;
  • 3 – 5 Backend Developers;
  • 5 Frontend Developers;
  • 1 DevOps Engineer.

Implementation period:

  • Backend: In progress since April 2015;
  • Frontend: In progress since May 2015.

Project technical description




  • AngualarJS;
  • EJS;
  • jQuery;
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3;
  • Scss;
  • React (jsx);
  • Reflux.


  • PostgreSQL;
  • Redis;
  • Braintree Payment Gateway Integration;
  • Hapi.js;
  • Sequelize ORM;
  • Bluebird;
  • React.js (Reflux);
  • Bootstrap;
  • NPM;
  • JSPM;
  • Gulp;
  • Prerender.IO.

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