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Shopify-based online store
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  • Industry


  • Provided services

    Frontend development

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  • Duration

    In progress since April 2015

About the project

Aroma360 is a website devoted to scents and scent marketing consulting services. It combines elements of eCommerce and a promotional website. The company sells scents for hotels, SPAs, fitness and wellness centers, offices, retail stores, medical and dental offices, etc., creating an unforgettable ambiance for engaging and attracting new customers. The client opted for our services to fix major inconveniences that were found in the design of the already-existing Shopify-based store and create a beautiful and aesthetic view of the storefront. 

By using Shopify themes, we implemented Zoho online forms, video review, advanced product search and filters, live chat, promo features, blog, content adding forms in the backoffice, and tailored views. We helped this project to get equipped with tools for the perfect display of products and services, transmit the philosophy of aromas, and drive sales. As a result, Google ranking was up, and targeted traffic grew 4 times once the first updates have been implemented and it continues growing.


  • — Frontend
  • Shopify
  • Liquid
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Key features

1 Video preview
2 Sliders
3 Advanced product search
4 Implementation of Shopify sections
5 Checkout page
6 Integration with Zoho forms
7 Integration with Recharge Subscriptions
8 Custom filters
9 SVG animation
10 Lazy images loading
11 Custom Shopify theme
12 Integration with Cratejoy
13 Parallax effect
14 Responsive design
Aroma360 project screenshot 1
Aroma360 project screenshot 2
Aroma360 project screenshot 3
Aroma360 project screenshot 4
Aroma360 project screenshot 5

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