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Online booking service for long rentals
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  • Industry

    Real Estate

  • Provided services

    Frontend & Backend development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Business Analysis, DevOps

  • Type of the project

    Web platform

  • Duration

    In progress since September 2018

About the project

HomeLike is a corporate housing platform that allows companies and tenants to take advantage of the functionality of real estate services fully. The client’s requirement was to transform an already-existing outdated rental marketplace, redesign its business logic, and expand its feature set. Our developers turned the solution into a full-fledged rental platform that provides a variety of tools for landlords to place their offers and manage them efficiently and vast functionality for tenants to search for apartments and book them. 

We also created an admin panel for the platform’s managers, implemented tools for agreement signing and apartment creation, and enabled integration with multiple third-party services and other booking platforms. As a result, we created a robust solution with a dual nature. Namely, the platform is rather helpful for tenants as it takes care of all issues related to the search for appropriate apartments during business trips and relocation. Landlords, in turn, obtained a highly functioning, reliable platform where they can safely place their options.


  • — Frontend
  • — Backend
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • CSS-in-JS
  • Google Maps API
  • Google Calendar API
  • Apple Calendar API
  • Outlook Calendar API
  • Airbnb Calendar API
  • Feathers.js
  • GraphQL
  • AWS
  • MongoDB
  • BigQuery
  • Sentry
  • CircleCI

Key features

1 Admin panel
2 Dynamically generated agreements
3 Internal analytics
4 Role-based access control
5 Integration with booking services
6 Feed & channel managers
7 Integration with Google Maps
8 Integration with 3rd-party calendars
9 Responsive design
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HomeLike project screenshot 2
HomeLike project screenshot 3
HomeLike project screenshot 4

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