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Mobile solution for data collection
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  • Industry


  • Provided services

    iOS & Android development, Project Management

  • Type of the project

    Mobile app

  • Duration

    April 2018 — October 2020

About the project

InContact is a non-commercial native mobile app that is designed to help municipal authorities reach out to young city inhabitants. At the time of the development, there wasn’t an efficient tool that would serve as a media channel for communication between municipalities of the Netherlands and the younger inhabitants of the cities. We were required to develop two native apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Our mobile developers created two native apps that provide interviewers with tools to create survey templates with questions to interview users, send out surveys only to specific ZIP Code ranges, and also define a range of year and family members count. 

They also made sure that the app allows interviewers to set different configuration parameters to customize surveys (multiple-choice, scale, add an option for comments) for the respondents’ answers to further analysis and reports. Moreover, the app supports push notifications for the convenience of the users, which contributes to their involvement in communication. Eventually, we have managed to build a virtual bridge between two groups of users and help representatives of local municipalities communicate with their target audience, conduct researches, and retrieve valuable insights from them for further improvements of city life.


  • — Platform
  • — Related technologies
  • iOS
  • Android
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Android support library
  • Android architecture components
  • Dagger 2.11
  • Retrofit
  • SQLite
  • Firebase
  • ObjectMapper
  • Alamofire
  • CoreData

Key features

1 Survey templates
2 Tools for survey customization
3 Results export
4 Data analysis
5 Reporting
6 Push notifications
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