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Web-based solution for simplified personnel management

Developing a user-friendly business management tool
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Web-based solution for simplified personnel management project image


  • Industry

    Human Resource Management

  • Provided services

    Frontend & Backend development, Quality Assurance

  • Type of the project

    SaaS solution

  • Duration

    February 2016 — December 2017

About the project

A web-based platform is a SaaS solution that is sold to businesses that require a robust tool for personnel management. Initially, it was a simple and habitual system used by over 600 companies to track the working time of their employees. The client’s request was to upgrade an outdated system using modern technology stack and expand its functionality due to the changes evoked by the dynamics of the business environment and the necessity to meet the growing needs of the existing users. .Net was chosen as a key technology to implement the functionality, while the product’s architecture was implemented using SOA and microservices approach. 

Our developers ensured that the service provides employees with tools to apply for vacation or absence and managers with functionality to approve or reject the applications. Also, this service quickly gives an overview of the employees’ vacation and absence using reports. Scheduled reports are sent with the bulk of .xls data to the admin’s email. Given the Microsoft software used at the company, the data of hours worked, overtime leaves, sick leaves, or vacations are synchronized with the created system. 

The enhancement of the initial product made it possible for hundreds of active clients to get a more ultimate shape of the same system rather than switch between different ones. And a number of benefits accompanied the bargain: it resulted in considerable cost savings, reducing technical staff, remote running and access from everywhere.


  • — Frontend
  • — Backend
  • Angular.js
  • Gulp
  • .Net
  • SOA
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Entity Framework 6
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • SignalR
  • Web API
  • Ninject
  • AutoMapper
  • Apache log4net
  • OWIN
  • ASP.NET Identity

Key features

1 Robust dashboard
2 Event management
3 Localization
4 Report generation
5 User and department management
6 Helpdesk
7 Integration with Microsoft Office 365
8 Exchange server integrations
9 Integration with Paylike
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Web-based solution for simplified personnel management project screenshot 2
Web-based solution for simplified personnel management project screenshot 3

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