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.NET Software Development Company

Being a choice of many financial and governmental entities on the way to their digital transformation, .NET framework owes a range of advantages for building various software products for telecom, IoT, eLearning, automotive, healthcare, gaming, and other domains. Aimprosoft can help you crystallize the direction of your tech strategy on product development with .NET application development services.

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Today we work for the result that works for you tomorrow, influencing ROI and value in the market. Application architecture, server-side core for standalone or cloud-based solutions, business logic for mobile apps, and platform-based software in Java for specific types of industry needs are a choice of many. Outsourcing some of your tasks to the Java software development company, you get full-cycle product development done in parallel with your core business goals.


.NET software development services

Microsoft .NET development services are a choice when businesses have a need for web-based application development, desktop software, and cloud infrastructure. Years of experience allow Aimprosoft to be quick on the uptake while creating .NET projects that actually work.

.NET application architecture

The development of web and mobile business apps always starts with an architecture of the system, where .NET has got a good handle on things. As a .NET app development company, Aimprosoft is a reliable partner in building high-performance web products for domains where stability and an influential patron like Microsoft are behind.

.NET cloud applications

Cloud-based software can save companies costs on exploitation when it comes to scalability, high load, and security. .NET apps can be deployed to all cloud platforms. Our .NET developers have field experience with most of the services provided by main cloud vendors, including data storages, functions, queues, etc.

Client web applications

Blazor is a new, shiny framework that should change Razor Pages and Web Forms. It was designed to become the SPA framework built on Web Assembly that is promising to become an alternative to JavaScript in the browser. Our engineers can migrate their existing apps to a new stack or develop software from scratch.

.NET server-side development

The high performance of the backend, based on the .NET technology stack, optimizes the development process and provides access to the system’s functionality. These tasks can be successfully completed by a .NET application development company like Aimprosoft.

Migration to .NET

No matter how well your app was implemented, experts claim that every 7—10 years, an app needs to be migrated to modern architectural approaches and stacks. If you choose the .NET framework, we can become your development partner for the app’s migration from one language to another and migration to the cloud.

Distributed application development

Developing scale-out applications brings flexibility and cost-efficiency while implementing future-proof business solutions. Microservice-based applications are among the most common requests we get as a dot NET development company from enterprise clients willing to achieve serverless independence.

of our .NET projects meet customer expectations
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What we build in .NET

Our custom development capabilities mean that we know how to create first-class products that can give businesses a guarantee that end users will be retained forever.

Custom .NET-based solutions

By opting for Aimprosoft custom .NET development company, our clients can access a pull of our services apart from full-cycle website development in .NET and meet their business needs to a full extent.

Cloud services

Data storage applications

Portals based on a massive amount of data

.NET software solutions’ maintenance and support

Umbraco CMS customizations

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Why us

Why choose us as a .NET development partner

Both the way companies work and their digital enablement state defines the way they serve their customers. A .NET web development company applying agile engineering practices like Aimprosoft is the very partner to collaborate with to get to the point of advancing business optimization.

We know how to be in the tech shoes, both of startups and mature companies.
Aimprosoft developers design and modify software systems using a modern development stack.
Our specialists can harness .NET as an alternative to any other programming language.
We love to take the initiative to deliver workable solutions.
Our professionals deliver high-available web applications meeting a deadline and budget terms.
Our clients

Our best .NET cases

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umbraco screenshot
aipowered screenshot

Workforce and crop management software for greenhouse

Challenge: The product is a company that simplifies business operations in greenhouse horticulture. Our client from the very heart of the European agro center, the Netherlands, was looking for a reliable partner to engage in the development of the web system for personnel and productivity registration. Our software developers had to create a system that provides full support to the greenhouse owner providing a wide range of statistics for performance review and data analysis.

Solution: The system allows setting up a personal scheduled harvest plan, assigning tasks to all workers, tracking the status of fields, collecting statistics to estimate the performance of every worker, tracking check-ins and outs, making real-time registration of activity paths, gathering results in an analytical digest, and doing tax audit-ready reports. Building business applications as a .NET development firm, we updated software with the newest technologies, heavily increased the system's performance, and delivered a solution with a seamless user experience.

Umbraco-based website for state provider of electricity

Challenge: A state-owned electrical company providing electric power services needed a .NET app development company that offers web services to develop a platform for communication of different user roles from scratch. It had to enable customers to register, apply to the company's different services, pay their bills for services, etc.

Solution: Aimprosoft, with its backend and frontend tech stack, turned out to be a good fit as a .NET development agency the customer was looking for. Our .NET coders delivered a web system where users could see their accounts and pay bills for electricity via third-party payment providers. Thanks to .NET Framework 4.8, Azure Blob Storage, Umbraco CMS, and other compatible technologies, the interaction between users and the company is set up to flow without a hitch.

AI-powered digital communications protection software

Challenge: Communication is a pillar of reputation. Our client from the US wanted to fill the market need in business solutions that help avoid harmful communications across the enterprise and care about the company's credibility. Aimprosoft joined the project as a dedicated development team for product development with a .NET stack experience to make ethics a natural thing in any conversation.

Solution: The initial scope of the .NET programmers’ work was supposed to deliver the desktop client to monitor risk cases, detect composing high-risk communications, protect from violation of the company’s policy. Moreover, it was supposed to help train staff with the help of simulations based on real use cases, followed by a web application that manages risks, configurations, roles, collection, and statistics analysis. Then we got growth in responsibilities in the next stage and received a request to develop a serverless solution in place of a monolith system. The outcome impressed all of us: a high-quality real-time detection of non-compliant language saved (and continues) thousands of careers of employees and retained millions of customers.


Technologies we use

  • .NET Core 1.0-3.1
  • .NET Framework 3.5 - 4.7
  • Mono
  • .NET 5
Frameworks (technologies)
  • .NET MVC
  • Razor Pages
  • Blazor
  • Asp.NET Framework
  • Asp.NET Core
  • SIgnalR
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure DataTable
  • Elasticsearch
  • Azure cache for Redis
Persistence/ORM tools
  • Entity Framework 5-6
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Dapper
  • .NET Web API 2.0
Frameworks for testing
  • NUnit
  • XUnit
  • FakeItEasy
  • MSTest
  • NSubstitute
  • Moq
  • gRPC
  • WCF
  • Apache Kafka
  • Azure Service Bus

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