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Head of QA Department

Anton has been into computers for over 30 years since he was a schoolboy. His interest in games quickly turned into studying computer systems, networks, databases, and architecture. Anton graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. He became a part of Aimprosoft about 9 years ago. He started as a manual tester and was shortly immersed in QA automation, plunging into programming. Soon enough, his expertise, dedication, and impressive skillset helped him establish a QA direction at Aimprosoft based on Java and JavaScript. Anton strives for continuous development and believes a qualified QA engineer should have even broader knowledge than a developer. As a Head of the QA Department, he provides personal care for the professional growth of every teammate and always ensures that a product meets customers' requirements precisely.

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July 1, 2022 Articles

Tips on Hiring an Offshore Quality Assurance Team

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