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Statement on COVID-19 Situation as of 04.22.20

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Statement on COVID-19 Situation as of 04.22.20 article image

As we keep you informed on our working schedule concerning the quarantine regime, the current situation is as follows:

The latest announcement on quarantine extension

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine stated today that the quarantine will be extended until 05.11.2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The strict quarantine measures such as wearing face masks, ban on visiting public places, gatherings, and restrictions on public transportation are still in force. The restrictions are planned to be softened gradually, depending on the situation at hand. Meanwhile, the 5-stage plan has been already developed by the Government to quit the quarantine with minimal loss possible.

Aimprosoft quarantine policy

We strictly comply with the precautionary measures, so keep working remotely till 05.11.2020, making no any difference to our usual in-office schedule and delivery on projects.

Hope to start working in our usual regime pretty soon and see everyone safe and sound!

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