Updated Statement on COVID-19 Situation as of 03.25.2020

Updated Statement on COVID-19 Situation as of 03.25.2020

Due to the latest news related to COVID-19, we are providing you with one more update on the current situation:

Situation in the world

The worldwide situation is still unstable because of the increasing speed of COVID-19 spreading. The number of registered cases in the world has exceeded 445,854 as of 03.25.2020 and keeps growing. The majority of the borders are shut down, and the governments are tightening the measures to fight the virus.

Situation in Ukraine

Having taken into account both internal and external state of affairs, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers imposed a nationwide state of emergency and decided to prolong the period of quarantine in all regions till 04.24.2020.

Precautions taken at Aimprosoft

We at Aimprosoft are constantly monitoring the news regarding this topic and decided to respond to the situations with the following precautions:

  1. All our specialists will stay on self-quarantine till 04.24.2020 and continue working remotely.
  2. All development processes are perfectly tuned; communication both within the company members and our customers is well-managed.

Despite the ongoing events, we are keeping our heads up and complying with all precautionary measures. Follow our updates and stay healthy!