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AWS Consulting Partner Services

The shift to cloud computing can bring numerous benefits to business owners, such as increased scalability, cost-efficiency, and reliability. However, the process of moving to the cloud may be rather challenging since it requires a comprehensive approach, planning, and careful analysis of your current infrastructure. We help you to reach the full potential of your business with AWS technologies, ensuring cloud adoption is completed in a secure and risk-free way.

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The shift to cloud computing can bring numerous benefits to business owners, such as increased scalability, cost-efficiency, and reliability. However, the process of moving to the cloud may be rather challenging since it requires a comprehensive approach, planning, and careful analysis of your current infrastructure. We help you to reach the full potential of your business with AWS technologies, ensuring cloud adoption is completed in a secure and risk-free way.

When to hire

When you need to hire AWS specialists

  • You need to conduct complex AWS migration securely
  • There are intricate technical challenges that require in-depth AWS expertise
  • You experience business growth and lack infrastructure scalability
  • Your goal is to enhance product performance, but you lack tech experts
  • You need to design a comprehensive AWS cloud adoption strategy
  • Your goal is to reduce AWS costs and maximize the efficiency of cloud resources

AWS consulting & development services we offer

Audit & Consulting

Our experts can perform an in-depth analysis of your existing infrastructure using AWS tools such as AWS Config, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and Security Hub, ensuring that your infrastructure and workflows are optimized. We provide accurate recommendations to improve system efficiency and ensure alignment with your business goals while adhering to AWS's best practices for performance, security, and compliance.

Process automation

We will assist you in automating key operations by creating, designing, and maintaining CI/CD pipelines using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy. We also offer automation of infrastructure tasks through AWS CloudFormation and scripting in AWS Lambda, alongside server cluster management and deployment acceleration.

Network & Storage management

We can help your business thrive by making network and storage management high-performing, dependable, and scalable within AWS. We help you overcome limitations and enhance your business using robust AWS networking services like Amazon VPC and storage solutions like Amazon EFS, FSx, and S3.

Containerization & Orchestration

Our engineers specialize in creating highly distributed systems using AWS services. Leveraging AWS microservices, Amazon EKS for Kubernetes management, and Amazon ECS, we ensure seamless operation of your business applications and services. Our holistic approach integrates orchestration to provide a robust foundation for your cloud infrastructure.

Monitoring & Logging

Our specialists offer services in setting up comprehensive monitoring solutions to ensure the optimal performance, security, and reliability of your cloud infrastructure. We deploy cutting-edge tools like Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail to track key performance metrics, identify potential issues, and proactively respond to incidents, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing overall system efficiency.

System interaction

Our experts have profound expertise in ensuring the configuration of interaction between modules of the microservice architecture, their management in K8s clusters, modules logging, metrics, and tracing. They can help you obtain containerized applications running across multiple machines and environments: virtual, physical, cloud-based, and on-premises.

Continuous feedback

Aimprosoft engineers can create a complete chronology of events in development and administration using AWS tools, enabling prompt issue resolution. We focus on using AWS services for self-service and information radiators to control system behavior and facilitate easy access to production server issue analysis.

Migration to AWS

Our commitment to optimizing your cloud journey includes specialized services for seamless migration to AWS. We assist in transitioning to AWS for improved scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Our experts use AWS Application Migration Service for smooth infrastructure provisioning and migration. With the incorporation of AWS CodePipeline, we automate deployment pipelines, ensuring a swift and secure migration process.


At Aimprosoft, we help integrate security practices into the DevOps pipeline, ensuring that security measures are embedded throughout the software development lifecycle. Our specialists can use security-focused tools like OWASP ZAP, SonarQube, or Snyk for vulnerability scanning and code analysis and identity management tools like HashiCorp Vault for secrets management.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

By hiring our AWS experts, rest assured that your system’s reliability is maintained through automation, monitoring, incident response, and continuous improvement. Our AWS engineers can apply monitoring and alerting tools such as Prometheus or Grafana for real-time visibility into system performance.

Cloud security & Compliance

We can empower your business with top-tier security by seamlessly incorporating best practices into the DevOps pipeline using AWS services. This includes using tools for vulnerability scanning and code analysis, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS Shield for identity management, and AWS Inspector and AWS Security Hub for security audit.

Platform engineering

We help design, build, and maintain robust platforms and infrastructure using AWS technologies. We focus on managing and deploying containerized applications using Amazon ECS and EKS and defining and managing IT infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation and AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

Cost optimization & Management

We use AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets for cost management and provide consulting on efficient resource usage. We can optimize storage solutions, implement cost-effective architectural changes, and use auto-scaling for demand-based resource allocation. We ensure you can maximize your AWS investment, paying only for the resources you need.

Our focus

Industries we work with

Default image


Our AWS experts can facilitate the smooth operation of a range of eCommerce systems, including e-catalogs, online stores, marketplaces, etc. We help you build a scalable cloud infrastructure, enabling the handling of changing workloads and ensuring great CX.



Regardless of the purpose of your medical product — automation, streamlined document operations, or anything else, our AWS specialists will ensure secure data storage, high performance, and fault tolerance, facilitating streamlined digital healthcare operations.



Our AWS specialists strive to help businesses with strong data management, flawless device orchestration, and improved security within the environment of interconnected devices. We ensure AWS adoption contributes to the creation of innovative IoT-powered solutions.


Real Estate

Unleashing the power of the AWS platform, we facilitate the development of rental marketplaces, DMS and property management systems, and other real estate solutions that simplify and automate the operations of landlords, managers, and tenants.

Real Estate


Using a tried-and-true AWS stack, we can help you optimize the functioning of LMS systems, knowledge portals, recruiting platforms, and other products. Engage our experts to obtain seamless content delivery and provision of personalized learning experiences.



Whether it's a self-service platform, corporate portal, BI solution, or any other telecom digital product, our AWS expertise can help facilitate rapid innovation cycles, swift launch of new services, and efficient data processing.



Our specialists can assist in developing reliable retail products, which are essential for providing outstanding digital experiences. We can help you build customer-focused retail solutions, including inventory management software, ERP systems, e-stores, and others.


Your industry

If your domain isn't among the ones listed, don't worry — we have the necessary AWS expertise to help you with seamless cloud adoption. With nearly two decades of experience in the IT industry, we possess extensive knowledge in over sixteen domains.

Your industry
Ready to maximize the potential of your operations with AWS? Talk to us

Why consider AWS consulting services

A growing number of companies claim a drastic positive impact of adopting AWS technologies. Automation, efficient infrastructure scalability, cost-efficiency, and access to a diverse array of tools are only a few of the many benefits that you can get by opting for AWS consulting and development services from a trusted IT vendor.

80% of our AWS specialists are of the senior and middle level of experience.
Avoid excessive in-house development costs by hiring AWS specialists from an IT vendor.
We have expertise in supporting deployments for long-term projects.
80% of our first-time clients want to partner with us for another project development.
We help speed up time-to-market and avoid budget overruns by applying modern AWS technologies and practices.
We can ensure secure cloud adoption and migration of your infrastructure without any interruption.
There are more than 50 technologies in our arsenal that can be applied to projects of any complexity.
We need 1-3 weeks to allocate a team of AWS experts for your project.
You can unlock higher product performance and system scalability by adopting AWS with the help of our experts.
We help you obtain maximum flexibility since our experts know how to tailor AWS technologies to specific business needs.
Key steps

AWS consulting and
implementation with Aimprosoft

Explore the scheme below to see how we approach providing AWS consulting and development services. While every business request we receive is different and needs the adjustment of these stages, we still offer you to look at an end-to-end flow to get a general idea of our potential cooperation.

Discovery phase

We start by gathering all your requirements to understand objectives and determine needs, current pain points, and the condition of the existing infrastructure. We assess your request comprehensively to analyze how to integrate AWS technologies in a way that will help you meet your business goals.

Strategy & planning

Next, we develop a clear strategy, setting achievable goals and designing a roadmap with AWS-specific tools and technologies. We select services and approaches that best suit the specifics of your product, ensuring the development of an AWS-centric solution.

Implementation & integration

In this stage, we execute the strategy by integrating chosen AWS services into your existing infrastructure. This step involves configuring, deploying, and adapting tools and processes.

Ongoing maintenance

In the final stage, we provide continuous support tailored to AWS environments. This includes troubleshooting, regular updates, and proactive maintenance using AWS management tools to maintain seamless system functionality.

Deployment & release management

We focus on streamlining the deployment process within the AWS ecosystem. This stage involves automation and orchestration while maintaining consistent and error-free delivery with minimal downtime.

Continuous monitoring & improvement

Our AWS experts will establish robust monitoring systems. It will allow us to track performance, identify anomalies, and continuously refine processes for improved efficiency, reliability, scalability, and security of your solution.

Our clients

Developed products powered by AWS technologies

Explore our expertise in providing AWS consulting and development services.

saas app screenshot
sectoreedge screenshot
complexiotpowered screenshot
iotaggregator app screenshot

SaaS solution for service inventory planning

Challenge: The client chose us as an AWS cloud consulting partner to upgrade a legacy Java-based software. The product is a B2B web platform created to help companies from different industries with inventory planning, supply chain operations, etc. During the development, it became clear that the client requires not only the product’s upgrade but the acceleration of an ongoing cloud adoption process as well. It was decided to engage our AWS specialists in the project to achieve this objective.

Solution: At the beginning, our experts were engaged as AWS cloud engineers whose key tasks were to integrate new approaches, analyze cloud costs, and optimize current configurations. Over time, the responsibilities extended, and the objectives were to assist the development team with the support of internal processes, which they successfully completed, ultimately speeding up the SDLC. As a result, the following goals were achieved: migration of on-premise infrastructure into AWS and continuous support of existing production environments. As a result, our AWS engineers have contributed to the improvement of the cloud adoption process, which facilitated the optimization of the company’s infrastructure and product performance boost. The client's product is currently used by more than 2,500 companies from over 120 countries, successfully dealing with industry competition.

Sector Edge: analytics platform for the do-it-yourself investors

Challenge: The client turned to Aimprosoft AWS consulting partner to transform a web-based platform designed for do-it-yourself investors that needed to be redesigned. Additionally, our client requested to engage DevOps engineers with AWS specialization since there was a cyberattack on the company’s infrastructure. Hence, the client wanted to conduct an audit, find all the gaps, and enhance security. On top of that, there was a request to set up new infrastructure in another region for future applications.

Solution: Our AWS engineers conducted an in-depth analysis and found the security breaches. It allowed for identifying approaches to enhancing the security of the infrastructure. After that, they set up a new infrastructure with the help of Terraform in the other region and, together with the development team, deployed several apps in it. Other AWS activities included CI/CD configuration, load balancing, and reconfiguration of legacy infrastructure. Overall, using AWS stack capabilities, we helped the client transform an underperforming product into a secure and fault-tolerant solution that provides its users with tools to manage investments conveniently.

A complex IoT-powered smart home solution

Challenge: This time, we received a request to develop a web platform consisting of embedded software and cloud architecture for the client’s in-house manufactured devices, a web solution for users, and an admin panel. Our dedicated team was tasked with creating a solution to integrate and manage IoT devices with smart meters, allowing customers to optimize energy consumption in their homes.

Solution: We used Python to create a centralized ecosystem of integrated IoT devices. A wide range of AWS technologies was used during the development and support of the project. CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline were used as a part of the CI/CD flow to ensure simple interaction with other AWS services and store everything in one place. TimeStream was utilized for IoT data, while RDS is the backbone for microservices databases. The heart of microservice architecture is the combination of ECS, ECR, EC2, and TaskDefinition services; each has its own role and impact on the entire AWS back-end ecosystem. We ensured that the developed platform connected user smart devices via 3rd-party APIs into one ecosystem and covered various tools so that users could view in the form of graphics, manage their devices, monitor changes, etc. As a result, our client received a feature-rich solution that easily gained a competitive edge and attracted thousands of users thanks to its cutting-edge design, high performance, and user-friendliness.

IoT aggregator powered by ML capabilities

Challenge: The product is a system to control IoT devices that consist of a smart hub, smart sensors, mobile applications, and cloud services. The product uses the cloud solution that leverages AWS services, as well as supports wireless accessories configuration (WAC) for iOS and Android devices. The client chose us as an AWS consulting partner to develop an IoT aggregator that would provide an easy way to integrate multiple smart services into one platform.

Solution: A team of various Aimprosoft specialists, including developers, AWS experts, a PM, and a BA, was hired to breathe life into this idea. The participation of our AWS engineers was highly necessary since the goal was to set up the cloud infrastructure for the project that was about to be developed from scratch. The completed tasks included: infrastructure setup in AWS, its description in CloudFormation, applications containerization, and CI/CD configuration. As a result, we helped the client develop an IoT aggregator from scratch in a cost-efficient way that provides tools to integrate multiple smart services into one platform, manage them, and view data conveniently.


Technologies we use

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Version Control
  • AWS CodeCommit
Container Orchestration
  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon ECS
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • AWS OpsWorks
Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • AWS CloudFormation
Monitoring and Logging
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • AWS X-Ray
  • AWS CloudTrail
Code Quality and Code Security
  • AWS CodeGuru
  • Amazon Inspector
  • Amazon CodeWhisperer
Database Services
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift
Serverless Computing
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon EBS
  • Amazon EFS
  • Amazon FSx
  • Amazon VPC
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • Amazon Route 53
Cooperation with us

Engagement models we offer

The choice of the engagement model is one of the key aspects to consider when you plan your cooperation with an AWS consulting partner. The cooperation approach can affect project flexibility, cost, quality of deliverables, and other aspects if chosen incorrectly. At Aimprosoft, we help you choose the model that meets your request and resources best.

Dedicated team
Time & Materials
Fixed price
Hybrid approach

This method of collaboration presupposes that our AWS specialists will exclusively work on a particular scope of your project and can be managed by either our PM or you. We guarantee that all scheduled work is completed by the deadlines. Companies that choose the dedicated team model have total control over the team, including the ability to select, manage, and alter the project's specs and requirements as needed. This model allows you access to a large pool of our specialists, increases team member efficiency in communication, and facilitates transparency throughout the whole software development life cycle.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Large-scale products

  • You expect requirements changes

  • Flexible team scaling is required

  • Product maintenance

The development cost is determined by this flexible cooperation strategy based on the resources needed to finish your project. If you choose this engagement approach with a consulting partner specializing in AWS services, you will have greater control and transparency over the project's scope, budget, and timeline. You can adjust the project's requirements and give certain tasks a greater priority using the time and materials method to meet the changing needs of your company. With this strategy, you may avoid making significant upfront commitments, scale the project up or down as needed, and only pay for the resources you really use.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Lack of clear project specifications

  • Workload may potentially change

  • Your project is expected to be long-term

  • You need a prompt SDLC start

With a set fee approach, our AWS professionals follow the predetermined development plan and provide the agreed set of deliverables upon the completed work. When businesses decide to collaborate according to this approach, they have great control over the project's budget and schedule, especially if they are willing to make an upfront payment. This collaborative method also helps to reduce the risks of exceeding the budget because you only pay for the results that are agreed upon, regardless of the actual resources and time used.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Project specifications are strictly defined

  • Project requirements won’t change

  • Small-scale and short-term projects

  • You intend to create an MVP first

Using a hybrid approach to collaboration with an AWS service provider is desirable in some cases, especially when no other engagement model can meet your goals, even if all of the cooperation models we described have substantial advantages in the contexts in which they are employed. This kind of partnership with an AWS consulting firm offers chances to lower development risks while achieving cost-effectiveness, and it also speeds up market launch.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Projects with a great scope of work

  • Feature set may possibly change

  • Lack of clearly defined requirements

  • Medium or large-scale projects


Key reasons to choose Aimprosoft
as your AWS services company

  1. Profound expertise

    We've been using AWS technologies on a variety of projects for almost ten years. Both our AWS developers and DevOps experts are adept in handling projects for numerous industries, such as eCommerce, cybersecurity, IoT, healthcare, fintech, and many others. We guarantee that you can obtain a competitive edge through enhanced security, cost optimization, scalable infrastructure, and other business-boosting benefits.

  2. A wide spectrum of AWS services

    Thanks to the extensive range of tasks we can complete, we can provide any kind of AWS services your project needs, helping you reach your goals. Our specialists can handle a wide range of tasks, from cloud adoption and migration to AWS, containerization, automation of repetitive development processes, and cloud infrastructure configuration, guaranteeing consistency of work throughout the entire SDLC.

  3. Timely project delivery

    Having executed over 600 projects with success, we have honed a perfect formula for timely product delivery. Our AWS specialists use their extensive knowledge of development difficulties to apply preventive steps to reduce potential delays proactively. In addition, our project management approach guarantees appropriate resource distribution, offering our customers timely product delivery without budget overruns.

  4. Large pool of specialists

    By having access to over 350 of our experts, you can assemble a dedicated team that will cover other tech gaps that you have apart from cloud-related ones. It relieves from costly and time-consuming assembly of the team from several software providers. Rather, it provides an opportunity to assemble a team in one location, enhance team productivity, and reduce miscommunication risks.


Clients about Aimprosoft

Aciety client image
Krabu Group client image
Motive Retail client image
Home Like client image
Procc client image
ThinkNexT client image
Dalia Grakulskytė Head of Marketing, Aciety

The Aimprosoft team knows what the client asks. In terms of response time availability and meeting schedule, they are always on time, they are always responsive, available for meetings, work quickly, and of course, deliver high-quality products successfully.

Kirill Krabu CEO & Finance Manager, Krabu Group

We have over a year of cooperation, and it’s very successful. We continue to develop our relationships, and we are starting more and more projects. We are happy that one day that meeting led to such a perfect and great friendship between our companies.

Holly Vezina Head of Product, Motive Retail

I am so impressed by the work that everyone at APS (short for Aimprosoft) does. I've never worked with a better outsourcing partner. APS showed amazing qualities, caring about our customer experience and coming up with the right solutions while partnering with us.

Demchenko Yevhen Head of Engineering, The Home Like

We’d had some negative experiences with companies in the past misrepresenting the seniority of their team members. Aimprosoft, on the other hand, gave us a list of engineers based on price, with a description of their experience levels. Those levels have been exactly as depicted.

Jeffrey van Uunen Owner, ProCC

The ProCC project is a software product that simplifies business operations within greenhouse horticulture and increases employee productivity in an easy way that can be understood by every employee. The Aimprosoft team was exactly the ones who helped us integrate our ideas and put the project on a technological track. When we had to take on a challenge, they approached it with the innovative know-how and skillfully built the functions against the clock. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have taken the product to a new level of quality thanks to the qualifications of the team and transparent, almost limitless communication. Thanks to the best technical services we have acquired, we have become one of the best solutions in the greenhouse market all over the world. The success of our customers and their results from optimized work processes, improved crop yields and increased profit are the best indicators that speak for themselves.

Thomas Van Durme Co-founder and Owner, ThinkNexT

We engaged Aimprosoft for the outsourced maintenance activities of some of our Java and Microsoft SQL applications, and our 12-month collaboration was marked by efficiency, responsiveness, and clear communication. Throughout the partnership, Aimprosoft demonstrated a high level of professionalism, and their technical team, led by Project Manager Mykola, was notably responsive to our needs. Mykolas commitment to effective internal communication played a pivotal role in ensuring that the collaboration ran smoothly. We appreciated the teams ability to grasp the intricacies of our application and address any concerns. The decision to conclude our contract with Aimprosoft was not a reflection of any shortcomings on their part. Instead, external factors played a role, as the applications stability was consistently met, resulting in fewer issues that required attention within the maintenance contract. This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of Aimprosoft in delivering quality services and adapting to the evolving needs of our software. In summary, our experience with Aimprosoft was characterized by professionalism, responsiveness, and a proactive approach to maintenance. We would recommend Aimprosoft to other companies seeking reliable and capable partners for their software development and maintenance needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Aimprosoft stand out as an AWS consulting partner?

    There are several reasons that make us a favorable AWS consulting partner to cooperate with. Firstly, we provide a wide range of AWS services, having the necessary expertise and resources to complete requests of any type and complexity. Secondly, thanks to a vast pool of specialists, you get an opportunity to assemble a dedicated team of 350+ experts, save time on management scattered specialists, and concentrate on core business tasks instead. Finally, all our AWS specialists have profound cross-industry expertise, which allows them to apply gained expertise and knowledge from one domain to another, ensuring a holistic approach and ability to deliver results that meet your expectations.

  2. What is the typical process for AWS support and maintenance by Aimprosoft?

    The typical AWS support and maintenance process involves an initial assessment of your environment, establishing a tailored support plan, and setting up proactive monitoring. Regular updates, security management, and backups ensure optimal performance and security. This is complemented by fast incident response, thorough documentation, and ongoing optimization to leverage the latest features and maintain system health.

  3. How does Aimprosoft ensure the security and compliance of AWS solutions?

    Aimprosoft ensures AWS security and compliance by adhering to best security practices, controlling access, conducting regular audits, and responding swiftly to threats. We protect data through encryption and backups, secure the network, and continuously train staff. Regular external audits also verify compliance with regulatory standards, and we constantly update our security practices to meet new challenges.


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