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Real Estate Software Development Services

Since we have been delivering real estate software solutions for more than 10 years, we know how important it is for businesses in this sector to go digital in order to thrive. We help companies develop solutions that can streamline communication between real estate owners and tenants and help both parties deal with property-related processes in a simplified, automated, and convenient way.

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Since we have been delivering real estate software solutions for more than 10 years, we know how important it is for businesses in this sector to go digital in order to thrive. We help companies develop solutions that can streamline communication between real estate owners and tenants and help both parties deal with property-related processes in a simplified, automated, and convenient way.


Real estate software development services we provide

We are skilled in software development for real estate businesses that can help our clients of all sizes boost a customer retention rate, streamline property management, improve the quality of the provided services, and enhance employee productivity.

Property management systems

Being able to monitor and manage all aspects related to your facility in one centralized place, such as transactions, tenant portfolios, property performance, request processing, and many others, is vital for real estate businesses. Our specialists implement real estate asset management systems for residential and commercial property managers, operators, and landlords so that they can automate repetitive tasks and transform inefficient processes.

Real estate mobile applications

We know how important it is to go mobile in order to boost sales, simplify property management processes, attract more customers, and gain a competitive edge. Our mobile developers help businesses create highly functional native, cross-platform, and hybrid mobile applications avoiding all traps and pitfalls related to real estate mobile app development.

Real estate document management software

By providing real estate management software development services, we make sure real estate representatives have all the necessary tools to deal with a constant flow of contracts, reports, loan agreements, rental and tenant information and can digitize all paper-based processes easily.

Rental marketplaces

We build robust rental marketplaces both for long and short-term staying that are embedded with all the necessary features for convenient apartment rental, such as listings, advanced search, booking management, funds holding, and many others. Aimprosoft software engineers make sure that the developed marketplaces are convenient, secure, and scalable enough to help our clients achieve a high retention rate and increased revenue.

Commercial real estate platforms

We develop commercial real estate platforms for businesses of different sizes that can help our clients administer various processes related to leased property. Advanced office search, embedded map, tools to add all the necessary information about the property, property listings, and many other useful features can be easily implemented according to the set requirements.

BI solutions for real estate businesses

We help our clients get the most out of their data with robust BI solutions. Our real property software developers can help with the development of predictive analytics tools and their integration with the already existing solutions and implementation of standalone analytics platforms. We make sure that the developed software can help our clients generate useful data-driven insights, find new ways to increase the property’s profitability, and obtain tools to gather, visualize, and analyze data conveniently.

Integration with third-party services

To make sure our clients can enhance the capabilities of their real estate businesses, our real estate software developers can easily customize and integrate any third-party service with their products, including secure payment gateway integration, integration with ERP and CRM systems, social media channels, tools for marketing automation, and many others.

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Key reasons to develop a real estate
solution with Aimprosoft

  1. Full-cycle development

    A large talent pool that encompasses a variety of skilled professionals, including UI/UX designers, software engineers, BA specialists, DevOps engineers, and many others, allows us to cover our clients on all stages of product development. From mere idea validation up to after-launch support, we know how to deliver products avoiding possible development-related challenges that may occur.

  2. Flexible approach

    We advocate flexibility in all aspects related to the products we create, such as allocation of project resources, selection of the best-suited technology stack, team scalability, and others. Our profound software development expertise also allowed us to establish an efficient formula of successful product delivery, despite possible time and location differences with our clients.

  3. Security & regulatory compliance

    Our developers always follow a security and compliance-first approach when dealing with real property software development. To ensure that real estate solutions are strictly compliant with the industry’s standards and regulations, such as GDPR, ADA, CFPB, and others, our developers go through training and compliance testing that proves their knowledge of the subject.

  4. Proven expertise and a solid portfolio

    Our customer-centricity and out-of-the-box approach towards development allowed us to gain positive feedback from our clients and recognition by unbiased review platforms, such as Clutch, TopDevelopers, Techreviewer, and others. Moreover, a wide range of implemented real estate products, including rental marketplaces, commercial platforms, mobile apps, and many others, serve as proof of our profound expertise in real estate software development.


Real estate software we developed

Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.
Real estate platforms
Real estate management systems
Mobile real estate apps
BI solutions
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Real estate platforms
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Real estate management systems
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Mobile real estate apps
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BI solutions
Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.
case 01 / 04

HomeLike: online booking service for long rentals

Challenge: The client came to our real estate software development company to transform a legacy rental marketplace and redesign its business logic.

Solution: We developed tools for landlords to place their real estate options and manage them and functionality for tenants to book apartments. We also developed an admin panel, tools for agreement signing, and integrated the product with third-party services and other booking platforms. The platform is helpful for tenants as it takes care of all issues related to the search for apartments during business trips. Landlords obtain a reliable platform where they can safely place their options.

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case 02 / 04

Rental platform for real estate businesses of all sizes

Challenge: The client opted for our services to upgrade the existing real estate platform and develop an additional one.

Solution: Our developers performed a significant redesign of the existing solution, including its architecture and business logic, and implemented several missing features. They also built an additional real estate platform from scratch that encompassed tools for advanced property search enriched with multiple filters, image gallery, embedded map for a more convenient real estate search, add to favorites feature, admin panel, and many others.

case 03 / 04

Solution for real estate agents and potential property buyers

Challenge: The client came to us to develop a web-based application adapted to mobile devices that would provide real estate agents and potential buyers with tools to upload and view 360-degree images of the property using VR headsets.

Solution: Our developers created a web application that had functionality for real estate agents to purchase an account to use the service, upload property images, add and edit property descriptions. Potential buyers were provided with tools to search for property, view 360-degree images via VR headsets conveniently, and get familiar with all the details regarding the property. To ensure a seamless payment process, our specialists integrated the application with the Stripe payment processing platform. In turn, a virtual tour feature was implemented with the help of Three.js.

case 04 / 04

Search website that allows renting and buying real estate objects

Challenge: The client came to us with the mere idea to develop a real estate search website to provide users with the robust functionality to find the necessary real estate object and either buy or rent it.

Solution: Our developers implemented a robust website using the capabilities of the Liferay platform that encompassed all the necessary tools to provide users with a seamless customer experience, such as advanced property search enriched with numerous filters, localization, blog, ability to view property description with all amenities and add it to the shortlist, embedded map, and many others. They also implemented an admin panel for the website’s managers and custom layouts and themes for an engaging experience for users.

Platform for hotel and apartment complexes management

Challenge: Our client came to us with an intent to make a platform for efficient hotel and apartment complex management and seamless communication among property managers.

Solution: Our software engineers implemented the system from scratch, ensuring that managers had robust functionality to complete their tasks, such as tools for user management, user and event management, real-time chat, smart alerts, permissions management, and many others. They also made numerous integrations with third-party services to enhance the capabilities of the system and implemented functionality for digital asset management.

Mobile solution for real estate owners and residents

Challenge: This time, we provided custom software development services for the real estate industry for the client who wanted to develop two native mobile apps for iOS and Android that would offer real estate owners and residents functionality for convenient communication.

Solution: Based on the client’s concept and functional requirements, our developers implemented two robust mobile apps with functionality for real-time communication via chat, newsfeed, tools to create and configure personal profiles, embedded surveys, and push notifications. They also integrated apps with food delivery services and payment gateway.

Analytics platform to monitor property performance

Challenge: Our client turned to us with the request to develop a platform that would help businesses extract different types of data (e.g., load, property, market data) from various disparate systems, transform, and visualize them with the help of different reporting tools.

Solution: Our developers ensured the product’s flexibility with the help of microservices architecture. They also made sure that all the data retrieved from the reports could seamlessly go through report ingestion, translation, standardization, and validation stages and then successfully loaded to ETL for further processing. Also, our team implemented a multifaceted dashboard that encompasses all the necessary tools to display data conveniently in the form of graphics, receive notifications, assign tasks, and attach files.


Key reasons to develop real estate software

  1. Automation of tiresome activities

    Landlords, property managers, real estate owners constantly deal with numerous time-consuming, repetitive tasks. Such activities may include reminder email sending, manual creation of reports, filling out forms, and many others. A properly developed real estate software can automate the majority of tedious tasks so that you can devote the time saved on meeting with potential customers and improving the quality of the provided services. Our specialists can assist you with the implementation of automated reminders and notifications, customized templates, robust workflows, and other vital features to ensure you can easily streamline your routine.

  2. Enhanced performance

    Property maintenance, billing processing, status updates, request handling, and many other tasks related to real estate management can be a significant burden if the company lacks efficient digital tools to perform these activities. The development of robust real estate software that encompasses all the necessary tools to complete management-related tasks is the key to better productivity. Our specialists assist with the development of real estate solutions that offer its users seamless document management, convenient handling of all customer-related processes, finances tracking, and much more.

  3. Improved conversion rate and customer retention

    Modern real estate software allows businesses to expand their presence, attract more customers, convert them into potential buyers, and obtain useful data-driven insights to sustain their loyalty. We specialize in the development of various digital solutions that can help achieve such goals, including real estate platforms enriched with a personalized recommendations feature, data analytics tools to understand customers and their behavior better, mobile solutions for enhanced customer experience, and many others.

  4. Strengthened document safety and compliance

    Document loss, compliance challenges, data breaches, etc., are those threats that can easily affect the reputation of real estate companies, cause customer churn and regulatory fines. By investing in the development of secure and compliant real estate software, real estate owners can protect their businesses from such negative consequences and guarantee their customers high security of their sensitive information. We help real estate businesses craft cybersecurity strategies, ensure that the developed solutions are protected against security risks outlined by OWASP, build multi-factor authentication, and take other vital compliance and security measures.

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