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eCommerce Development Services

We know for sure that in order to provide a better customer experience, generate valuable data-driven insights, and stay competitive, every eCommerce business needs a robust software solution. With great attention to our clients’ requirements and needs, our software engineers design products that transform underperforming businesses into top e-commerce players.

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We know for sure that in order to provide a better customer experience, generate valuable data-driven insights, and stay competitive, every eCommerce business needs a robust software solution. With great attention to our clients’ requirements and needs, our software engineers design products that transform underperforming businesses into top e-commerce players.


E-commerce development services we provide

We are skilled in the development of e-commerce software solutions that can help businesses of all sizes leverage the advantages of digital transformation.

E-commerce online stores

Our developers help build affordable and scalable both B2B eCommerce platforms and B2C online stores that can help our clients boost the retention rate, provide an excellent customer experience, and increase revenue. Our custom eСommerce store developers can use the capabilities of popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, Salesforce, Magento, SAP Hybris, implement a multi-site feature, and much more.

E-commerce mobile apps

We know how important it is for retail businesses to go mobile in order to stay competitive, boost sales, and spread brand awareness. Our specialists help businesses create mobile cross-platform, hybrid, and native app applications avoiding all traps and pitfalls related to eCommerce mobile app development. We ensure that our clients can leverage the advantages of m-commerce for their businesses.

Integration with third-party systems

Depending on the size and type of your business, our software engineers can use the OOTB functionality of popular solutions, such as ERP, CMS, CRM, etc., and tailor them to your needs. We have expertise with tools for efficient storing and supply management, content management, etc., ensuring our clients can transform complicated operations and make their eCommerce businesses run like clockwork.

Custom enterprise portals

At Aimprosoft, we make sure that the management of your enterprise-level processes is smooth and efficient. Our professional eCommerce development services include the development of self-service, internal service, social collaboration, and partner portals, development of functionality for content management, accounting, etc. Our experts can ensure that management-related activities can be conducted effortlessly.

Custom marketplaces

Our eCommerce marketplace developers are skilled in developing reliable, multilingual, and multi-currency marketplaces that ensure seamless experiences for both buyers and sellers. We can implement an onboarding process for sellers, easy-to-use tools for product management, and integration with popular third-party services that can help businesses boost their revenue and improve the quality of the provided services.

Legacy apps reengineering services

We can help not only breathe life into new projects but also reanimate underperforming and inefficient e-Commerce products. Our dedicated developers can conduct the design of outdated user interfaces, optimization of the product’s architecture and existing product’s functionality, improvement of product’s scalability and resilience, and other vital services for the solution upgrade.

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Key reasons to develop an eCommerce software
solution with Aimprosoft

  1. SAP Silver Partner

    For more than 10 years, our custom eCommerce development company has been developing solutions for eCommerce businesses that can help overcome main industry challenges. We gathered an impressive team of 45+ Hybris specialists who are skilled in product creation for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies. Our expertise in eCommerce software development allowed us to become SAP Silver Partner, who knows how to use SAP Commerce Cloud (former SAP Hybris) to ensure our clients can thrive.

  2. Security & regulatory compliance

    Our developers always follow a security-first approach when dealing with e-commerce software development. They always make sure that by using the developed solution, buyers don’t have to worry about the security of their data and payment processes while our clients obtain products that are compliant with the industry standards, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA, and others.

  3. Customer-centric approach

    More than 600 completed projects allowed us to establish an ideal formula for successful and timely product delivery despite possible time, location, and cultural compatibility differences with our clients. Dozens of satisfied clients and positive feedback on the Clutch independent reviews platform makes Aimprosoft a trusted software vendor capable of developing software with a profound understanding of business challenges and needs.

  4. Flexibility

    For us, being flexible means being efficient in terms of product delivery. We know that the key to a successful project lies in an agile approach in various aspects, including choice of the technology stack and architectural approach based on functional, technical, and business requirements, project execution approach tailored to the set budget, business size, production volume, etc. We ensure businesses obtain top-notch e-Commerce solutions by making optimal use of our clients’ resources and our capabilities.


E-commerce software we developed

Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.
B2C & B2B e‑Commerce websites
Online marketplaces
Customized CMS
E-catalogs for online stores
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B2C & B2B e‑Commerce websites
ecommerce background image 2
Online marketplaces
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Customized CMS
ecommerce background image 4
E-catalogs for online stores
Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.
case 01 / 07

Two B2C-oriented accessories websites

Challenge: The client hired our eCommerce development agency to transform two outdated websites by migrating them into SAP Hybris and ensuring the entire concept redesign.

Solution: Our developers made a unified logic, common components, and models for both websites. Since the client’s online store sells and ships the orders worldwide, our team also set up a multilingual interface and content (coupons, best deals, etc.) on both websites. As a result, the successful migration into the SAP Hybris platform, integration with payment systems, and the expansion of the websites’ functionality led to a significant increase in sales.

case 02 / 07

Magento-based eCommerce website

Challenge: Our client opted for our services with an intent to outsource the creation of a robust e-Commerce website built with the help of Magento to our company.

Solution: To provide users with all the necessary tools for seamless online shopping, our developers implemented advanced product search, product recommendation option, returns and rebates, social media integration, product attributes categorization by brand and the specified characteristics, and many others. Besides, our team composed various content templates and set up an interface binding for real-time updates.

case 03 / 07

Redesign of both internal and external components of the B2B website

Challenge: The client turned to our eCommerce store development company with the request to make a complete redesign of both internal and external structures of the e-Commerce website and migrate to a more efficient and customized solution.

Solution: Our developers solved such a task with the SAP Hybris business suite. They migrated the existing site into the SAP Hybris Commerce platform and developed the necessary tools for users to create orders, check shipment tracking, receive custom-branded proposals and perform other actions easily. Besides, they provided a successful integration with the SAP ERP business suite to enhance the productivity of the website and simplify the process of internal workflow configuration.

case 04 / 07

A complete transformation for two B2B websites

Challenge: Our client was aiming to find eCommerce software developers who would be skilled enough to upgrade two existing Hybris-based websites that sell agricultural equipment and expand their functionality. Having explored our expertise and portfolio, the client opted for our services.

Solution: To transform the websites, our developers customized default functionality and backoffice, configured Solr, adjusted workflows, and implemented new business logic. Besides, our team developed advanced product search, selection of delivery options, tools for order management, role-based access control, and ensured integration with several payment systems.

case 05 / 07

Website for a B2B & B2C-oriented business that sells sports goods

Challenge: The client’s requirements were to expand the business by covering not only B2C but also B2B market share and transfer the existing e-Commerce website from the Magento platform to SAP Commerce Cloud.

Solution: To make the website a coordinated whole that provided superior services for customers and ensured a 360° view of their activities, our developers integrated numerous third-party services. Besides, they implemented a complex hierarchical product catalog system. As a result, our team not only achieved a successful website migration but also empowered it with various integrations.

case 06 / 07

B2B website that sells machinery and equipment

Challenge: A client came to our development firm with a mere idea to create a highly customized store built on the SAP Hybris platform. The aim was to breathe life into it with the development of a scalable and user-friendly B2B website that sells machinery and equipment.

Solution: Our developers implemented a full-fledged website and enabled efficient integration with multiple third-party services. Besides, our team integrated invoice payment and configured the entire workflow of internal business processes from product selection up to the checkout processes customization. They also applied the add-on approach to building a storefront of the website.

case 07 / 07

Ramtool: Magento-based website that sells construction supplies

Challenge: The client wanted to sell their goods via a Magento-based eCommerce website and make it a full-cycle sales website.

Solution: Our Magento software engineers developed this B2B store from scratch and ensured the created websites had all the necessary tools for a seamless shopping experience, such as product search enriched with numerous filters, product categories, ability to add the product to a wishlist, integration with payment system, email newsletters, and many others. Moreover, our team developed an admin panel for convenient user and order management.

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case 01 / 02

Chattlez: marketplace with unique for such a product features

Challenge: The client came to our eCommerce software development company with an unusual idea, namely, to create a marketplace that would have social media website and product aggregator features.

Solution: Our developers made sure that the developed product included the following features: subscription, a news feed, content publishing and sharing, product search enriched with various filters, integration with several payment systems, cart, and many others. As a result, they combined product aggregator and social media websites features and converted them into a marketplace, enabling people to communicate and make purchases at the same time.

case 02 / 02

B2B-oriented marketplace

Challenge: The client came to us with a mere idea to develop an MVP version of a B2B marketplace to check the feasibility of the idea. The main requirement was to create a marketplace with limited access that could only be used by customers with a special invitation.

Solution: Our developers created a marketplace for wholesalers that encompassed all the necessary tools for a seamless shopping experience and convenient selling of spare car parts. They configured the access via invitation, implemented advanced product search embedded with various filters, set up FedEx shipping integration and integration with several payment systems. The developed product allowed our client to validate the business idea and gain motivation for further development of a full-fledged product version.

Content management system for the company that provides translation services

Challenge: The client came to our outsourcing company with the request to create an online hub that would provide employees from disparate facilities with access to a centralized place with all the company’s content and tools for its management.

Solution: Our developers organized the workflow between the company’s numerous offices by developing a CMS intranet that encompassed the following functionality: wiki, forum, blog, message board, calendar, tools for document sharing and content management, employee profile settings, and many other features. Besides creating a consolidated ecosystem, our team implemented role-based access control so that the system’s home page view could change depending on their employee role, team, and location.

case 01 / 02

A supplementary product for our client’s B2B website

Challenge: The client opted for our e-commerce software development services previously to develop a robust B2B website. Once the website was developed, the client came to us with an idea to develop an electronic catalog of all products that the company offers. The greatest challenge was to migrate millions of products into a unified list page.

Solution: To complete the set task, our team used the capabilities SAP Commerce Cloud platform. Having migrated products with all the corresponding facets and technical specifications, our developers implemented a full-text search that was based on the popular enterprise platform, advanced product images gallery, and responsive design.

case 02 / 02

E-catalog for B2B website

Challenge: This client hired our eCommerce developers with a mere project prototype and intention to create a thoroughly detailed e-catalog that would offer users a great variety of construction equipment and machinery.

Solution: Our developers created an e-catalog that contained thousands of images and tables. They also ensured that all the equipment parts depicted on the images of various schemes were clickable. Besides, our team developed a centralized data architecture that perfectly met the data-driven business demands of our client.


Major challenges of eCommerce software development

  1. Scalability issue

    Without a well-crafted scalability strategy, the company’s software solution may be simply unable to handle unexpected growth of potential users and sales volume. As a result, poor scalability may often lead to a slowly working website, mobile app crashes, and other negative consequences, eventually leading to user churn.

    Aimprosoft certified agency chooses not to deal with aftermaths but instead take efficient preventive measures. Our developers build a scalable product architecture, carefully choose a load balancing approach based on the system’s requirements, and perform scalability testing to ensure the developed product can maintain high scalability at all times.

  2. Security & compliance challenges

    Transaction fraud, password assaults, inability to stop DDoS attacks, e-skimming, and other security threats are those negative factors that may cause irreparable financial damage to eCommerce companies if the right security measures are not taken during the product development. Our developers strictly follow security best practices during the product development, including the protection of the solution against security risks outlined by OWASP, usage of either multi-factor or two-factor authentication, implementation of data encryption, etc. We also ensure product’s compliance with main industry regulations, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and CCPA.

  3. Software integration pitfalls

    The integration of systems that can potentially boost the capabilities of eCommerce businesses, such as CMS, CRM, ERP systems, and others, is often challenging. Our developers help businesses overcome problems with data migration, prevent incompatibility of the integrated software with already existing solutions, avoid excessive maintenance costs due to incorrectly chosen software solutions, and avoid other integration-related challenges.

    Before the start of the project, our specialists will consult on the choice of the solution that best meets functional, technical, and business requirements, evaluate the interoperability of the chosen software with other systems, and design a thorough software integration strategy that will help make the entire process seamless.

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