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IoT Development Company

With more than 10 years of experience in IoT-powered solutions development, we know how to help companies of various sizes and domains use the full potential of smart technologies and enhance the capabilities of their businesses. We can assist with the creation of web and mobile applications powered by IoT technology, design, and implementation of secure, scalable, and resilient product architecture, improved asset and connectivity management, and so much more.

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With more than 10 years of experience in IoT-powered solutions development, we know how to help companies of various sizes and domains use the full potential of smart technologies and enhance the capabilities of their businesses. We can assist with the creation of web and mobile applications powered by IoT technology, design, and implementation of secure, scalable, and resilient product architecture, improved asset and connectivity management, and so much more.


IoT software development services we provide

We are skilled in the development of IoT-powered software solutions that can help businesses of all sizes boost a customer retention rate, streamline operation management, enhance workplace safety, and improve employee productivity.

IoT-based mobile app development

Aimprosoft offers mobile application development services for businesses of various sizes and areas of specialization, assisting companies with the creation of top-notch native applications for iOS and Android platforms, hybrid, and cross-platform apps. Our IoT app developers help create IoT-powered mobile applications for wearables, smart vehicles and homes, self-health monitoring, storage conditions tracking, etc., making sure that the developed solutions guarantee secure data transmission, automation, and convenience.

Web-based IoT solutions implementation

Our specialists provide IoT web development services, including multifaceted interactive dashboards, admin panels, platforms for data visualization, tools for IoT analytics, and many others. We make sure that our clients obtain digital web solutions that help them configure and manage their IoT devices remotely, perform asset monitoring, generate reports based on the obtained data, and much more.

Software refactoring and functionality expansion

We provide software reengineering and redesign services. We make sure our clients can forget about poor product performance, lack of necessary tools to complete tasks, and other arduous challenges. Our specialists can identify the state of the solution’s architectural decay, implement new features not causing already-existing functionality failure, and rewrite code using the capabilities of the modern technology stack.

Connected products development

We create a connected infrastructure that helps unite IoT devices and disparate software solutions. We develop connected networks controllable via digital tools for different areas of application, including energy consumption tracking, computer park maintenance, and others. Our goal is to deliver products for seamless data gathering, visualization, and management of smart devices from several access points.

Design services for IoT-powered solutions

At Aimprosoft, we provide services not only for the development of the device, data management, and gateway layers, but we also ensure businesses can obtain easy-to-navigate interfaces of their applications. We assist our clients with the creation of a thoroughly crafted UI/UX design of IoT-powered mobile and web applications and usability design testing to ensure the product’s interface is flawless and user-friendly.

IoT gateway development

Our developers are skilled in the implementation of IoT gateway solutions that enable secure data capture and transmission from the devices to the cloud. We help our clients develop the core of their IoT solutions that bonds all the disparate parts, such as IoT devices and their constituents (sensors, actuators, etc.), on one side, cloud and data centers, on the other side, providing connectivity and IoT data security.

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Reasons to consider Aimprosoft
for your IoT product development

  1. Expertise in IoT software development

    More than 10 years of IoT-powered software development allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of this industry and obtain expertise in the implementation of solutions that actually work. From smart products for environmental conditions monitoring to connected solutions for patient health tracking, our specialists can develop efficient tools, avoiding possible challenges that our clients may face during the development of such software.

  2. Vast technology stack

    Since more than 50 technologies are leveraged in Aimprosoft, we can easily choose any modern tool that will be relevant for the development of our clients’ products. Depending on the device type and the required IoT-powered software solution, we will choose the best-suited programming languages & frameworks (e.g., Java, Python, Node.js, etc.). Our IoT arsenal also includes tools for big data processing and analysis (e.g., Grafana, Spark ML, Apache Hadoop, etc.), beacon technology, IoT cloud platforms (e.g., AWS IoT), and many others.

  3. Machine learning expertise

    We help our clients enhance their IoT products with machine learning capabilities. We have an established team of data science specialists who make sure that the developed ML-powered products provide businesses with all the necessary tools to generate valuable data-driven insights from the processed data sets, detect anomalies more accurately, improve machinery maintenance and predict its failure, reduce excessive costs, and much more.

  4. Wide range of IoT complementary services

    Thanks to a wide range of skilled professionals, including Business Analysts, Software Architects, backend developers, QA engineers, DevOps experts, and many others, we can provide full-cycle IoT application development services and easily breathe life into your IoT project from a mere concept. We cover the entire set of stages that are necessary for a successful product delivery starting from business analysis and UX research up to the after-launch support.


IoT-powered software we developed

Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.
IoT smart home solutions
Mobile and web healthcare solutions
Solutions for environmental monitoring
IoT solutions for technology maintenance
IoT-powered marketing tools
Robust solutions for smart vehicles
background IoT 1
IoT smart home solutions
background IoT 2
Mobile and web healthcare solutions
background IoT 3
Solutions for environmental monitoring
background IoT 4
IoT solutions for technology maintenance
background IoT 5
IoT-powered marketing tools
background IoT 6
Robust solutions for smart vehicles
Certain described cases are anonymized according to the signed NDA.

A complex IoT-powered smart home solution

Challenge: The client came to our Internet of Things app development agency with a mere idea to develop a web-based platform where users could manage their IoT devices and an admin panel where the client’s employees could conduct user management and configure necessary settings.

Solution: Our IoT specialists ensured that the developed platform connected different user devices via third-party APIs into one ecosystem and encompassed all the necessary tools so that users could view visualized data in the form of the graphics, manage their devices, monitor changes in data, set timer for devices, and many others. In turn, the created admin panel provided the company’s employees with tools to manage user accounts, configure them, and provide users with tech support if necessary.

IoT-powered solution for wireless health monitoring

Challenge: The customer opted for our services to hire IoT developers in order to build a complex solution that would unite a mobile application and IoT devices. The main requirement was to ensure seamless health data gathering and transmission of data from health monitoring devices to the mobile application and provide users with a convenient self-monitoring tool.

Solution: Our developers made sure that the application could be easily connected via Bluetooth to a variety of medical devices that were designed for the measurement of various health parameters. All the gathered data was visually displayed in the form of graphics so that users could easily track the changes and compare them. Also, our team implemented activity calendar displaying, push notifications, reminders setting, and other vital features for effortless health monitoring.

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Web-based platform to monitor changes in the food storages

Challenge: The client chose our IoT app development company to modernize the existing solution and extend the functionality of the product. The goal was to implement convenient tools for monitoring environmental conditions in end users’ food storages.

Solution: Our developers implemented tools to track real-time temperature, humidity, and brightness changes in the food storages, ensured that the gathered data from IoT devices were displayed in the form of graphics, and integrated the platform with Google Maps so that users could monitor environmental conditions during food transportation. Besides, our developers ensured that every time some change that could affect the food happens, the user receives an alert that is sent to their email.

case 02 / 02

A cross-platform mobile app to track changes in the food storage conditions

Challenge: The client opted for our custom IoT development services to significantly upgrade both the design and functionality of the mobile application and to develop a supplementary solution, namely, the admin panel, from scratch.

Solution: Our developers made sure that the application encompassed tools to receive and view data collected from IoT devices installed in the food storages, freezers, and containers and transmit the obtained data to the admin panel. The developed admin panel allowed users to track the changes in food storage conditions, generate reports based on the obtained data, and filter them by various parameters.

An efficient solution for enhanced technology maintenance

Challenge: The client chose our Internet of Things development company to create a B2B solution that would have all the necessary tools for companies with computer parks and organizations that provide technology maintenance services to monitor the condition of the computers.

Solution: To meet the client’s requirements, our team implemented software agents that were installed on the computers to automatically monitor the condition of the servers and an additional solution to control the real-time condition of the computer park. Besides, we ensured automated ticketing so that every time the agent identified the malfunction, it notified the servers so that the users received corresponding messages regarding the problem (e.g., computer breakdown, agent malfunctioning, etc.).

Mobile solution to draw visitors’ attention

Challenge: The client opted for our Internet of Things application development services to develop two native mobile applications that would deliver museum visitors informational content depending on their location and a web-based portal to create such content.

Solution: To complete the set task, our developers integrated both applications with iBeacon technology that enabled identification of the exact visitors’ location to send relevant information regarding the exhibit further. Besides, our developers implemented the ‘add to favorites’ feature, the ability to view attachments, and push notifications. The web portal covered all tools necessary to create and manage the content, attach files, and add banners to the articles. As a result, the implemented solutions allowed our client to increase visitor engagement significantly.

EVhub: native mobile apps for remote charging of smart vehicles

Challenge: The client came to our IoT software development company with a request to create a full-fledged IoT system that would consist of 3 components: 2 native mobile apps and an IoT device.

Solution: The developed apps encompass tools for two types of users (owners and additional users), including simplified sharing of access to the charger, opportunity to reconfigure the access point, configure the power of the charger, switch between available ones, and many others. As a result, our team created a full-fledged IoT solution that had all the necessary features to help users charge their cars remotely in a convenient way.

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Most common challenges during custom IoT software development

  1. Security can be at stake

    In terms of security, IoT-powered technologies are still associated with data leaks, ransomware, and other types of security threats. Thus, if the solution’s security architecture isn’t developed properly, connected devices don’t get constant updates, and employees don’t follow security guidelines, such security gaps and vulnerabilities are inevitable.

    At Aimprosoft, we thoroughly approach IoT security and strictly follow security best practices during the development, including the protection of the solution against security risks outlined by OWASP, usage of encrypted protocols to protect communication among devices, implementation of robust device authentication mechanisms, and many others. We believe that timely and thoughtful implementation of security measures is the key to a highly secure product.

  2. Poor resilience and recovery

    The creation of resilient and recoverable IoT architecture is a top priority during such solutions development. Our IoT specialists will ensure that the developed technology can seamlessly function even despite unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. They will conduct unit and integration tests, use application sandboxing, and make sure that the solution will properly recover in case of a power outage, slow Internet connection, excessive requests, and other undesired factors.

  3. Issues with scalability

    System overload, increased number of improperly controlled connected devices, poor data storage, and management are some of the main factors that can significantly affect the scalability of the IoT infrastructure. To make sure such a challenge doesn’t cause significant inconvenience to our clients, Aimprosoft specialists build interoperable and scalable IoT-enabled system architecture paying attention to possible technical issues related to IoT scaling, and create well-designed scalability strategies considering business, network, software, and hardware factors.

  4. Staffing for IoT-powered software development

    Poor staffing for the development of IoT-level products often causes a variety of devastating consequences, including failure to deliver the solution within the set deadline and budget, low quality of the developed product, miscommunication among team members and stakeholders, and many others. Thus, the efficient selection of an experienced development firm plays a crucial role in such projects. With more than 15 years of experience in software development, we obtained all the necessary knowledge and tools to go through all development-related processes and stages smoothly, avoiding possible risks. All our IoT app developers are certified and completed training and compliance testing to deliver our clients secure, compliant, and reliable solutions.

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