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Kotlin Software Development Company

The world has accelerated dreadfully, and companies are trying to reposition themselves there at their own pace on new terms. Startups need reliable drama-free technologies to go to market faster and keep a long-term run, while enterprises don’t mind reviving as well. Aimprosoft Kotlin development team can be in handy for both, helping achieve expected results in pursuit of the corporate world.

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Today we work for the result that works for you tomorrow, influencing ROI and value in the market. Application architecture, server-side core for standalone or cloud-based solutions, business logic for mobile apps, and platform-based software in Java for specific types of industry needs are a choice of many. Outsourcing some of your tasks to the Java software development company, you get full-cycle product development done in parallel with your core business goals.


Kotlin application development services

Our practitioners express a reasoned perspective that Kotlin is as natural as human language is. If you want a product without any overhead, explore our Kotlin development services and choose the one that will help on your native app development journey.

Mobile development

Scalable mobile applications can be powerful, modern, and go live fast. We harness an object-oriented Kotlin language for mainstream Android app development when our clients are eager to keep business performance under control and be one step ahead of the competitors.

Kotlin server-side development

Kotlin applications are more concise and easily readable than their Java-based equivalents. We offer software development of server-side solutions targeting the Java Virtual Machine, sticking to the company’s perspective vision.

Kotlin multiplatform mobile development

A new wave of optimization brought a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to use a single codebase for the business logic of mobile apps. Using Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, our development team can create a codebase for iOS and Android apps, enabling them to complete apps with a platform-dependent code.

Android app optimization

If you come to us with a Kotlin codebase you’re not comfortable with for some reason, we will help you out with a code review, bug fixing, and compiling an application. Thus, it will be a strong foundation both for the development process and expected deliverables.

Migration to Kotlin

Kotlin is a modern language, fully compatible and interoperable with its stacks, demonstrating an aptitude for real-time services. Companies, we partner with, choose it with the expectation of faster time-to-value of their Android apps. We migrate, and they get it.

IoT mobile application development

Keeping security at the top, this programming language comes forward over alternatives and accomplishes two goals at once: mobile app interface (by using Jetpack Compose) and logic core that can be in Kotlin. Our team is ready to help with Kotlin-based IoT app development for prevalent and specific use cases.

patients got in-time aid with our Kotlin-based medical app
industries we cover to develop modern Kotlin-based apps
faster Android app development with Kotlin than Java

What we build in Kotlin

The Kotlin programming language, developed by JetBrains, is reasonably considered a sight-after Android development technology of tomorrow. We are skilled in the development of Kotlin-based projects for a wide range of areas.

Custom Kotlin-based solutions

Kotlin, a statically-typed programming language, makes custom mobile app development of high quality with a user-friendly platform delivered. As an IT agency specializing in Kotlin app development, we can help with that.

Web applications for SMBs and giants

IoT mobile applications

Healthcare mobile applications

Corporate communication messengers

Live streaming solutions

High-performed million-users systems

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Why us

Why choose us as a Kotlin development partner

The fit is when the chosen software development firm can harness newfangled solutions to disrupt traditional business for better navigation in the world. It is pretty conceivable with a like-minded Kotlin application development company.

We’ve been in commercial mobile development for more than nine years.
Always on the wave of market demand from a technological perspective.
9+ years in Android development allows us to adapt fast to the changes related to evolving Kotlin.
Our Kotlin-based leading mobile app gains a 97% positive user rating.
Experienced in mixing existing Java codes with new Kotlin elements.
Our clients

Our best Kotlin cases

evhub app screenshot
iot powered screenshot

EVhub: native mobile apps for remote charging of smart vehicles

Challenge: Our EU client was looking to hire Kotlin app developers who can build mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms based on a single programming core to control a charger of an electric vehicle. An open-source programming language and Android developers would come in handy there.

Solution: We tackled designing two user roles: owner and end-user, developed architecture, and connected all three elements into one system: server-app-charger; made shareable access to the charger, and configurable power settings. As a result, the team from our Kotlin app development company managed to create a robust IoT system for remote charger control that delivers high performance.

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IoT-powered solution for wireless health monitoring

Challenge: We’ve been partnering with a client for many years and have managed to create several medical solutions. This time the client opted for our Kotlin app development services once again to develop an IoT health monitoring complex by which users can take under control their personal health indicators. Our work was built around seamless data collection and transmission from IoT devices to mobile apps.

Solution: The role of Aimprosoft’s Kotlin application developers was to add new features, tune interconnection with thermometer, oximeter, glucometer, and tonometer via Bluetooth with Kotlin Coroutines, import/export of Google Fit data. Using Kotlin code, in this case, helped us highly streamline the codebase and decrease bugs.


Technologies we use

Mobile platforms
  • Android SDK
  • SQLite
  • Realm
Persistance/ ORM tools
  • Room (part of Android Jetpack)
  • ORMLite
Build tools
  • Gradle
Unit testing frameworks
  • JUnit
  • Mockito
  • Espresso
  • Robolectric
Push notifications frameworks
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging
Dependency injection
  • Dagger2
  • Hilt
Reactive programming
  • RxJava2
  • RxAndroid

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