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Hire Frontend Developers

Looking for ways to improve your business digital presence and attract customers with great CX and visually appealing product interface? Then, hiring Aimprosoft front-end developers can be the right choice to achieve these goals. With the help of our specialists, you can build a modern and feature-rich interface in a cost-saving way, knowing that strong security and high performance of your solution are guaranteed as well.

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Looking for ways to improve your business digital presence and attract customers with great CX and visually appealing product interface? Then, hiring Aimprosoft front-end developers can be the right choice to achieve these goals. With the help of our specialists, you can build a modern and feature-rich interface in a cost-saving way, knowing that strong security and high performance of your solution are guaranteed as well.

When to hire

When you need to hire dedicated frontend developers

  • You’re lacking in-house front-end specialists
  • You need to delegate the development of the client-side constituent
  • There is a need to scale the frontend team easily
  • You lack experience in frontend development
  • The guarantee of an on-time release within allocated resources is needed
  • You want to cut expended related to in-house development

Technical expertise of our frontend developers

Web platform development

In addition to crafting interfaces of websites and promotional landing pages, you can hire front-end developer at Aimprosoft to build scalable web platforms with modern functionality. Using Angular, Vue.js, React.js, Next.js, and other top-notch technologies, we develop engaging user interfaces with a seamless CX, ultimately bringing you closer to achieving business objectives.

Corporate web solutions

You can hire a front-end web developer at our company to strengthen your product’s convenience with a user-friendly and practical interface. We develop internal solutions from scratch and utilize the built-in features of popular platforms like Alfresco and Liferay. We build systems in a way so that they can provide high performance and smooth interaction among users.

Progressive web app (PWA) creation

Using our knowledge of the newest frontend technologies and ability to build web apps with a mobile-like experience, we can help you create a PWA that can provide great customer experiences for your users. Our PWAs can lead to higher user engagement and conversion rates by offering users offline access, push notifications, ease of installation, and other app-like interactions.

Single-page app (SPA) development

If you need to build a dynamic web app that will provide quick loading, seamless UX, and saved bandwidth, our front-end experts are here to help. Making use of cutting-edge technologies, we help create SPAs that can allow you to provide your customers with engaging and dynamic digital experiences, enhanced speed that can increase sales, and flexibility in making changes to your web product.

Migration & modernization services

We can help you optimize your product and restore its performance. Instead of building the solution from scratch, our developers can transfer your product from outdated libraries like jQuery. We carry out Angular.js to the most recent Angular versions and use frameworks like React and Vue to build a top-notch client side of your product. We can also expand its functionality to enhance the solution’s potential.

Development from scratch

Our most frequent frontend development requests involve building a product’s interface from scratch. Because of our comprehensive frontend development experience, vast talent pool, and diverse frontend portfolio, a project of any complexity can be built from a mere concept. We help with a project feasibility review, tech stack consultation, interface design, etc., to deliver a flawless solution.

Consulting & code audit

Uncertain of the best frontend stack for your product? Our tech professionals may help you by doing a thorough request evaluation and selecting the right tech stack based on the conducted assessment. Additionally, you can choose our code audit services if you are experiencing issues with the performance, page load time, or other aspects of your present application.

Real-time app development

We offer front-end development services for the creation of real-time apps, resulting in building responsive apps with flawless user interfaces. Hire front-end developer at Aimprosoft to ensure that your app will be dynamic and have modern features like live chat, instant notifications, and real-time messaging. Upon request, we can also integrate ML into your product to enhance its functionality.

UX/UI design services

Apart from frontend development, we also provide UI/UX design services. Our designers conduct research, analyze your TA, build interactive prototypes to test the feasibility of your idea, and much more. We create eye-catching user interfaces and convenient user experiences for businesses in various industries, including eCommerce, healthcare, education, real estate, and other sectors.

Cross-browser development

Regardless of the users' chosen browser, we firmly believe every website must be easy to navigate. With the help of our expertise, we make sure that your web product works flawlessly across a range of browsers and devices, offers a smooth UX to all website visitors, and does so without creating any compatibility problems.

Our focus

Industries we work with

Default image


We can create interfaces for online shops, B2B and B2C platforms, and marketplaces that can help businesses boost sales, draw in new clients, and keep existing ones loyal, using our considerable experience in frontend development.



Our front end developer for hire can assist medical companies in digitizing their activities by building a wide range of solutions for the automation of manual tasks, patient self-monitoring, improvement of work with documentation, etc.



We assist in the development of user-friendly interfaces for IoT-powered web platforms that can help companies across a range of industries with efficient data processing, real-time analytics, operations improvement, data integration, and more.


Real Estate

We develop the client-side constituent of real estate solutions, such as property management systems, rental markets, real estate platforms, analytics tools, and other real estate solutions that simplify activities for property managers, tenants, and landlords.

Real Estate


In order to help digitize educational processes, streamline time-consuming operations, and make learning materials accessible from anywhere, we design the front-end of LMS systems, course marketplaces, corporate portals, and other e-learning solutions.



The interfaces of BI solutions, CRM platforms, DMS systems, and other digital products can be built by our front-end developers to assist telecom firms in improving operational efficiency, streamlining workflows, and enhancing their services.



We can develop retail platforms, store and inventory management systems, retail analytics tools, and other cutting-edge digital retail solutions that make it easier to stand out in a competitive market and provide outstanding customer experiences.


Your industry

Even if the list doesn't include your domain, we can still complete your request despite the degree of its complexity. We have provided frontend development services for about 20 years, which allows us to build software for companies from more than 16 industries.

Your industry
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Key steps

Our hiring process

Learn about Aimprosoft's step-by-step procedure that you will need to follow to hire front-end developer. We'll briefly outline the steps we'll take in order to select the specialists who can successfully implement your project.

Starting point

We evaluate your resources, goals, and project specifications before beginning our candidate selection. We'll take into account the project's scope, the skill sets you need our frontend developers to have, and other key factors. The gathered requirements will help us better understand your request and find the specialists who can complete it.

Selecting the collaboration strategy

Then, we will help you choose the most relevant collaboration strategy based on your needs and the available resources. The partnership models we offer are dedicated development teams, team augmentation, and outstaffing.

Shortlisting the best-fit experts

The most relevant front-end web developer for hire from our talent pool will be selected at this stage. In order to choose the experts who can handle the development of your product’s client side, we carefully evaluate each expert's skills, expertise, and previously completed projects.

Development process

When we have agreed upon everything, we then proceed to the development phase. We will promptly address any problems you may have during the SDLC, provide you with regular updates, and make changes based on your feedback.

Contract signing

As soon as the team is assembled, we can start with the contract signing procedure. At this point, it will be discussed and decided upon what terms, deliverables, deadlines, payment, intellectual property rights, and other crucial factors. We’ll cover all the nuances of our cooperation to guarantee its successful outcome.

CV review and interviews

Once we shortlist candidates, we will send you each front end web developer for hire resume for review. Before choosing to hire the frontend developers that you consider the most appropriate ones, take your time to thoroughly review their knowledge and skill set by conducting interviews to evaluate both their soft and hard skills.

Our clients

Our top cases built by Aimprosoft frontend developers

Explore our best solutions with a robust client side of the product.

selfcare app screenshot
aroma360 screenshot
ramtool screenshot
remps app screenshot

SelfCare: solution for a facility and telecom services provider

Challenge: The client decided to use our front-end development services to update an outdated system and turn it into a modern account management solution that would make it easier for the company's customers to manage and pay their invoices.

Solution: Our developers ensured that users could use the system to manage their utility services, check the status of their bills, download PDF copies of their payment receipts, and modify their existing mobile packages. Our team added a payment link so that customers could pay their utility bills simply. They also implemented data visualization to show how much gas, light, and energy were being used in the form of graphics. Additionally, the developed features include an internal chat with customer service agents, a FAQ, a discount program, the option to upload and send photographs of meter readings, and much more. We were able to completely modernize an old PHP-based solution that was underperforming with the help of Angular 5 and add all the necessary functionality to make it simpler for the company's customers to manage and pay their bills.


Challenge: The client opted for our services to fix serious design issues in the current Shopify-based site and create a user-friendly and aesthetically acceptable storefront to increase sales. The web store offers consultation services on scents and scent marketing. The online store combines elements of an e-commerce platform and an advertisement website. Our objective was to assist the company that distributes scents for use in hotels, SPAs, fitness centers, workspaces, and offices in developing a cutting-edge solution with an improved user experience that would be able to attract new customers.

Solution: Using Shopify themes, we created Zoho online forms, video reviews, improved product search and filtering, live chat, promotion features, forms for uploading files to the backoffice, and specialized views. We helped this project get equipped with tools for the ideal presentation of goods and services, transmit the philosophy of aromas, and drive sales. As a result, when all the enhancements were made, Google's ranking improved, and targeted traffic increased four times.

Ramtool: Magento-based website that sells construction supplies

Challenge: Our client, who owns a wide range of e-commerce websites, hired our frontend developers to create another B2C online tool store that sells tools, this time a large-scale and Magneto-based one, and make it a full-cycle sales website.

Solution: Using Magento capabilities, our team implemented a large-scale B2C store from the ground up, ensuring that it had all of the features required for a hassle-free shopping experience, including a product search enriched with a variety of filters, product categories, the ability to add the product to a wishlist, payment system integration, email newsletters, and so on. Our team has also developed an admin panel for simple user and order management. Overall, we were successful in creating an online store that offers seamless CX and helped our client increase revenue by adding another online store to the chain.

REMPS: efficient solution for projects and contracts management

Challenge: Due to our prior fruitful cooperation, the client chose to use our frontend development services for the development of another product. Since there was no software on the market at the time with capabilities that could suit all of a company's needs, the aim was to design the solution from the mere idea. We had to create a solution from scratch that organizes and stores information about businesses as well as the data about the business cards of each organization's workers.

Solution: Our tech lead chose the combination of Angular, TypeScript, and Java since the technologies enabled the creation of an easily maintainable product with great performance and sufficient security. The built product enables users to specify a schedule for reporting and payments. It aids in viewing the status of payments, generates reports, and shows alerts when their terms are about to expire. The solution turned out to be a reliable tool that helps benefit from automated and easily executed business processes. Since contract and project management time increased by at least three times, it greatly streamlined staff performance for our client.


Technologies we use

Programming languages
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
Frontend frameworks & libraries
  • React.js
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • Ember.js
  • Java Portlets
  • Native.js
  • jQuery
Backend platforms, frameworks & libraries
  • Node.js
  • Laravel
  • Express
  • Tornado
  • Flask
  • Django
  • Spring
  • Nest.js
  • Next.js
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Materialize
UI component libraries
  • Material-UI
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Ant design
Build tools and task runners
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Gulp
State management
  • Redux-Saga
  • Redux-thunk
  • MobX
  • Angular services+RxJS
  • NgRx
  • NGXS
  • Vuex
Testing tools
  • JUnit
  • Spring Tests
  • Mockito
  • Jest
  • Jasmine
  • Cucumber
  • Selenium
Cloud services
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
Cooperation with us

Engagement models we offer

It’s highly important to choose the right collaboration approach with the software vendor to increase the success of the developed product. Prior to embarking on our software development journey, we’ll assist you in selecting a strategy tailored to your requirements, objectives, resources, and needs.

Dedicated team
Time & Materials
Fixed price
Hybrid approach

In the dedicated team model, Aimprosoft's frontend developer for hire will closely interact with your team and devote all of their time to your project, unlike during outsourcing. The scheduled tasks are all accomplished by the predefined milestones, and regular updates are given. You will have all control over the team, including the flexibility to scale it up or down, keep track of its progress, and change the project's scope and specifications as necessary. With increased control over the development process, transparency across the SDLC, and access to our diversified talent pool, this collaboration approach allows you to release your product more quickly and with higher-quality results.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • The project is planned to be long-term

  • There is a need to cut development expenses

  • Flexible team scaling is highly required

  • You expect changes in project requirementss

This model is predicated on the idea that the resources used to implement your project have a direct connection to the development cost. The scope, budget, and schedule of the project can be more transparently managed and controlled under this methodology. The time & materials strategy gives you the flexibility to adjust the project's requirements and prioritize individual tasks in response to operational changes. By using this model, you may simply alter the project's scope as needed, avoid making big upfront commitments, and only pay for the resources you really utilize. The advantage of this method is that it provides significant flexibility.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Project requirements are vague or shifting

  • Changing project workloads are expected

  • The project is either complex or long-term

  • You need a rapid product development start

This strategy entails that our frontend team adheres to the established development plan and offers regular updates on the status of the work. Only the agreed-upon amount is paid for a certain set of deliverables. The strategy offers exceptional control over the project's expenses and timeline, making it ideal in those cases when you have a defined budget with strict limitations. This collaborative model also reduces risks because you just pay for the agreed-upon results, regardless of the actual resources and time employed.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Project specifications are strictly defined

  • The scope of the project varies from small to medium

  • Your participation in SDLC is minimal

  • There are significant budget limitations

While each outsourcing approach has benefits, there are instances in which a hybrid collaboration strategy with an IT firm where you plan to hire front end web developer is preferable, especially when no other choice will be adequate to satisfy your requirements. Market research and analysis could be completed more rapidly and cheaply by adopting this collaborative approach. It also provides opportunities to lessen the risks associated with project development that are brought on by changing requirements and unclear scope.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • The projects with shifting requirements

  • Workloads are likely to be variable

  • There is no defined project scope

  • You’re looking for effective risk management


Key reasons to hire Aimprosoft
frontend developers

  1. Vast pool of frontend specialists

    Both the solutions we can create and the variety and quantity of JS and TypeScript developers we have are the aspects that make us versatile. We compose a team of front-end developers skilled in React, Angular, Vue, and other modern client-side technologies that are keys to designing appealing and practical user interfaces. Additionally, we can help you embrace time- and cost-effective product creation thanks to our team of over 90 full-stack developers.

  2. Diverse frontend portfolio

    We have built up a sizable and diverse front-end portfolio over the years that includes digital products created of varying complexity, such as enterprise-scale solutions, online platforms, dynamic websites, small-scale startup solutions, and many others. We obtained a thorough understanding of each high-end frontend technology's capabilities and how to apply them to support you in achieving your business goals.

  3. Timely project delivery

    We developed the optimal recipe for on-time product delivery thanks to the more than 600 projects that we successfully completed. And since we are familiar with all development-related obstacles and nuances, we regularly adopt effective preventive measures that reduce their possibilities. Additionally, we are able to provide our clients with proper resource allocation thanks to our project management approaches.

  4. Covering all stages of product development

    One of the beneficial things about cooperating with Aimprosoft is that we provide full-cycle development services that cover every phase of the SDLC cycle, from idea evaluation to project delivery success. Apart from hiring solely frontend developers, you get access to a wide range of experts that can empower your software, remove the need for collaboration with other IT providers, speed up time to market, and cut development expenses.


Clients about Aimprosoft

Aciety client image
Krabu Group client image
Motive Retail client image
Home Like client image
Procc client image
ThinkNexT client image
ThinkNexT client image
Dalia Grakulskytė Head of Marketing, Aciety

The Aimprosoft team knows what the client asks. In terms of response time availability and meeting schedule, they are always on time, they are always responsive, available for meetings, work quickly, and of course, deliver high-quality products successfully.

Kirill Krabu CEO & Finance Manager, Krabu Group

We have over a year of cooperation, and it’s very successful. We continue to develop our relationships, and we are starting more and more projects. We are happy that one day that meeting led to such a perfect and great friendship between our companies.

Holly Vezina Head of Product, Motive Retail

I am so impressed by the work that everyone at APS (short for Aimprosoft) does. I've never worked with a better outsourcing partner. APS showed amazing qualities, caring about our customer experience and coming up with the right solutions while partnering with us.

Demchenko Yevhen Head of Engineering, The Home Like

We’d had some negative experiences with companies in the past misrepresenting the seniority of their team members. Aimprosoft, on the other hand, gave us a list of engineers based on price, with a description of their experience levels. Those levels have been exactly as depicted.

Jeffrey van Uunen Owner, ProCC

The ProCC project is a software product that simplifies business operations within greenhouse horticulture and increases employee productivity in an easy way that can be understood by every employee. The Aimprosoft team was exactly the ones who helped us integrate our ideas and put the project on a technological track. When we had to take on a challenge, they approached it with the innovative know-how and skillfully built the functions against the clock. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have taken the product to a new level of quality thanks to the qualifications of the team and transparent, almost limitless communication. Thanks to the best technical services we have acquired, we have become one of the best solutions in the greenhouse market all over the world. The success of our customers and their results from optimized work processes, improved crop yields and increased profit are the best indicators that speak for themselves.

Thomas Van Durme Co-founder and Owner, ThinkNexT

We engaged Aimprosoft for the outsourced maintenance activities of some of our Java and Microsoft SQL applications, and our 12-month collaboration was marked by efficiency, responsiveness, and clear communication. Throughout the partnership, Aimprosoft demonstrated a high level of professionalism, and their technical team, led by Project Manager Mykola, was notably responsive to our needs. Mykolas commitment to effective internal communication played a pivotal role in ensuring that the collaboration ran smoothly. We appreciated the teams ability to grasp the intricacies of our application and address any concerns. The decision to conclude our contract with Aimprosoft was not a reflection of any shortcomings on their part. Instead, external factors played a role, as the applications stability was consistently met, resulting in fewer issues that required attention within the maintenance contract. This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of Aimprosoft in delivering quality services and adapting to the evolving needs of our software. In summary, our experience with Aimprosoft was characterized by professionalism, responsiveness, and a proactive approach to maintenance. We would recommend Aimprosoft to other companies seeking reliable and capable partners for their software development and maintenance needs.

Knut Nygård CEO, Surfact

We engaged Aimprosoft to create special B2B solutions in ecology, logistics, and IoT domains, and we are pleased with our partnership. Their deep tech expertise, outstanding performance, and effective communication are remarkable. Even challenging circumstances in their country did not stop Aimprosoft's team from consistently delivering high-quality output on time. Clear process and transparent communication, involvement of the team, and proposed solutions for any case became pillars for seamless collaboration. If you need to rely on a software vendor with a proactive and responsive approach to providing robust solutions, we recommend Aimprosoft.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are frontend developers?

    Frontend developers are software engineers specialized in creating the user interface of websites and web applications. When you hire a front-end web developer, you get a specialist who is skilled in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which enable them to translate design concepts into functional, interactive interfaces that users interact with directly. Frontend developers collaborate closely with designers and backend developers to ensure seamless navigation, responsive design, and optimal performance across various devices and browsers.

  2. Why should I hire expert front-end developers from Aimprosoft?

    One of the primary reasons to select Aimprosoft to hire frontend developer is the fact that our developers continually work to create high-quality code while taking into account all best practices to reach this aim. Other important factors for working with us include our large talent pool of more than 350 tech specialists, which enables us to cover all phases of product creation, a diverse front-end portfolio, extensive experience in creating products of various complexity levels, and a flexible approach to cooperation. Finally, by hiring our frontend experts, you can be sure that your product will meet the best standards of present-day development.

  3. What are the advantages of using front-end development?

    By investing in frontend development you can improve user UX and user satisfaction with the help of intuitive interfaces and responsive design. It also improves website performance and loading speed of the page, which is crucial for retaining user interest. Front-end technologies enable cross-browser compatibility, ensuring the site functions seamlessly on different browsers, which as a result, increases your competitive advantage and helps meet the needs of modern users. Finally, a proper development of the website’s frontend can improve SEO ansd attract more organic traffic.

  4. How can I hire a frontend expert?

    Before you hire front end developer, the first thing to do is to clearly define your project requirements and the specific skills you're looking for in such a specialist. Next, decide what hiring model is more relevant for your project: in-house employment, cooperation with an IT vendor, or hiring a freelancer. The choice will affect which platforms you will use next to search for candidates (e.g., LinkedIn, specialized tech job boards, independent review platforms, etc.). If you choose to hire a frontend developer from an IT company, evaluate the CVs of selected candidates and their experience to ensure they align with your project needs. Finally, to hire frontend developer that will meet your project needs precisely, conduct technical and HR interviews or assessments to gauge their hard and soft skills.

  5. What are the key skills to look for in a frontend developer?

    Knowledge of core web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is fundamental. Experience with JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, or Vue.js is also crucial for building interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Familiarity with responsive design and cross-browser compatibility is necessary to ensure seamless experiences across devices and platforms. Finally, when you aim to hire front end developer, make sure such a specialist is keeping up with the latest industry trends and technologies since it demonstrates a developer's commitment to continuous learning and innovation.

  6. How much does it cost to hire frontend developers?

    The cost to hire a front end developer can vary based on developer’s experience, location, and the hiring model. In regions with a higher cost of living, such as North America and Western Europe, hourly rates can range from $30 to $150 or more. In Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, rates are generally lower, ranging from $20 to $80 per hour. In turn, hiring a freelance frontend developer might be cost-effective for short-term projects, while long-term or complex projects might benefit from hiring developers through IT companies like Aimprosoft, where rates could be higher but often come with added expertise and project management. Finally, if you need to hire a front end developer that will be an in-house employee, such an option is the most expensive option that is relevant in cases when you need continuous enhancement and maintenance of your product.


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