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Node.js Development Services

The choice of the right platform that will help build scalable and highly performant applications is quite a challenge that numerous businesses have to face nowadays. Luckily, with Node.js and the right dev team, this is no longer an obstacle that can hold you back from achieving the business goals you have set. Armed with various Node.js capabilities, we strive to build applications that can withstand competition and deliver the results you expect.

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The choice of the right platform that will help build scalable and highly performant applications is quite a challenge that numerous businesses have to face nowadays. Luckily, with Node.js and the right dev team, this is no longer an obstacle that can hold you back from achieving the business goals you have set. Armed with various Node.js capabilities, we strive to build applications that can withstand competition and deliver the results you expect.


Node.js development services we offer

Node.js is famous for being beneficial both for large-scale companies and small but very promising, rapidly growing startups. Whichever type of business you have, you need technology that will help your product grow and scale it in a smart way. At our Node.js development company, we provide a variety of Node.js services, assisting our clients in achieving their business objectives while leaving all challenges behind.

Server-side development for web & mobile apps

Node.js is a powerful platform that enables the creation of flexible, lightweight, and highly performant web and mobile applications. Armed with a full spectrum of Node.js capabilities, including event-driven architecture, scalability, fast data processing, and others, we help build solutions that can handle a large amount of traffic and lots of data.

Custom Node.js product development

As a full-cycle Node.js development company, we can create applications from a mere concept. We can begin by evaluating your business idea, developing a requirements specification, conducting research, and going through all stages of SDLC before bringing the product to a bug-free, release-ready state.

Product functionality extension & modernization

Everything, including software, becomes outdated. But that doesn't mean it can't be optimized with the right approach. We assist you in restoring the previous robustness of your solutions by examining the state of their decay, finding flaws, providing an optimization plan, implementing modern features, and updating your tech stack.

SPAs creation

If your goal is to build a great SPA like Gmail, Medium, or Trello, Node.js is a surefire solution for you. It’s perfect for apps that dynamically render and update content in the browser without requiring a full page refresh. We use Node.js features like asynchronous architecture and a non-blocking model to ensure the handling of input & output workloads, deliver apps with great UX, fast response to user actions, and quick loading time.

Real-time app building

Assistance in building real-time apps is one of the best Node.js features. Whether you need an instant messaging chat with modern communication protocols like IRC, WebSocket, XMPP, etc., or create any other real-time app, we can use Node.js to achieve this goal. It helps create server-side events and notifications and facilitates fast two-way communication between the server and the client.

Microservices development with Node.js

Node.js has excellent support for microservice architecture and encourages splitting complex apps into smaller modules that run unique processes and exchange information with each other. It provides easy-to-use APIs to connect these modules, which we use to reduce development time and improve the app’s resilience, maintainability, and scalability.

Node.js consulting & audit

Not sure whether Node.js is the best option for your future project? By completing an in-depth request evaluation and analyzing your product needs, project specifications, business domain, and potential growth, our tech experts can find the best fit for you based on the obtained results. We also conduct audits of existing products, identifying their flaws and designing the product’s upgrade plan.

Node.js migration

Node.js migration helps reduce costs, improve the app’s performance, and streamline business operations. We help migrate products written in PHP, .NET, Java, or any other technology to Node.js. Our developers know how to handle the migration of complex projects, ensuring a smooth transition to a Node.js stack and making the migrated apps secure and optimized for high performance.

Enterprise-grade app development

Using Node.js for enterprise development offers several advantages. Node.js is a fast, powerful, and adaptable platform thanks to its scalability, high performance and optimization, caching for faster loads, and ability to handle the stream of persistent requests. It also offers great support for third-party modules and tools, making it easier to build complex applications using proven solutions.

Node.js API development & integration

Node.js is the ideal middleware for complex API integrations. It provides easy-to-write API and interaction code, wide authentication support, broad monitoring possibilities, etc. We build REST and GraphQL APIs to enable a more lightweight process and smoother UX. Moreover, we always apply security best practices to ensure your data is protected and your business reputation can’t be jeopardized.

Serverless solution development

With serverless architecture, businesses can deploy solutions to the cloud without having to manage infrastructure and only pay for the computing resources they use. Node.js help write functions that can be executed in response to events or triggers, making it easy to build serverless apps. With Node.js, we help reduce costs, improve apps’ performance and scalability.

Node.js team extension

Expand your team faster without sacrificing performance and product quality. Leverage our scalable development resources to add experienced Node.js engineers with the skill set required for your project. We quickly adapt to your process and tools and offer maximum flexibility with minimum constraints.

Functionality expansion & support

If your collaboration with the prior vendor has ended, you want to expand existing functionality, or you need ongoing product support, we offer services to complete these requests. We can assist by analyzing the current codebase and business needs, resolving bugs and different issues, identifying and sustaining critical functionality, and guaranteeing the results will meet your expectations.


Advantages of Node.js
development services for businesses

Rich ecosystem, accelerated time to market, cost-efficiency, and many other Node.js advantages may make you wonder if there is even more that this technology can offer. Figure out all the benefits that make this runtime environment such a compelling solution for the majority of Fortune 500 companies and millions of websites.

Fast performance

Node.js is based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine, which converts JavaScript code into low-level machine code. This makes Node.js extremely fast and efficient. The event-driven architecture of this runtime environment enables great performance, which is so needed for high-traffic applications.


Node.js is designed to be highly scalable and to handle a large number of concurrent requests without putting too much strain on the server. With Node.js, you’ll have no problems scaling the application horizontally across multiple servers or vertically to increase its performance on a single server.

Large community & ecosystem

Node.js has a large and active dev community who are constantly contributing to the ecosystem by creating new modules and libraries. For businesses, it means that their apps can be built in a time and cost-saving way since the developers can always find the solution to the emerged problem and use existing tools to accelerate development without delaying the product creation process.

Smooth learning curve

Arguably, the biggest benefit of Node.js development is the possibility of writing the whole infrastructure of a web application in JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages. This means that businesses can easily find and hire developers who are already familiar with JavaScript, which can streamline the development process and make it easier to maintain the codebase.


Node.js is open-source software, which means that businesses can use it without having to pay any licensing fees. Furthermore, full-stack development with Node.js necessitates fewer developers because a single team can quickly navigate through the JavaScript environment, managing the code and growing it as needed for the project. As a result, personnel expenses are drastically reduced.

Strong corporate support

In 2019, the Node.js Foundation merged with the JS one to form the new OpenJS Foundation with a mission to foster the healthy growth of JavaScript. Founding members included Google, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, and others. Such strong corporate support makes the technology future-proof, guaranteeing businesses their product’s stability in the long run and giving plenty of time to transition smoothly into its new releases.

Accelerated MVP development

Tight budgets and timelines mean that a startup should test the product’s viability with the least amount of investment to ensure it’s worth paying more for further development. Node.js helps quickly turn a concept into a prototype. Regardless of the project you plan to build, it won’t take long. Developers can rapidly develop an MVP with Node.js, helping startups attract the right audience, gather useful feedback, and save time.


While other runtime environments may require you to make changes as far back as possible, Node.js ensures that the amendments will affect only a single node when you roll out an improvement. Such flexibility can accelerate time-to-market since developers can modify apps quickly, lower development costs, improve the system’s stability, and increase the agility of the entire development process.

Multi-platform development

Among the advantages of using Node.js is its multi-platform support. Solutions built with Node.js can seamlessly target all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS — all with one code base. For business, it brings various key advantages, including expanded digital presence and ability to reach more users, cost-effective development, and simplified app configuration and deployment.

Node.js developers on board
of our JS developers are full-stack ones
business domains we cover

What we build in Node.js

The knowledge of all Node.js nuances, advantages, and limitations helps us build a wide range of applications for companies of different domains and sizes, coping with even the most challenging requests.

Custom Node.js

Custom development is the perfect option for businesses that want to go beyond the capabilities of platform-based apps, offering users the unique experiences they deserve.

Digital platforms for PR and marketing

E-commerce websites

Large-scale real estate platforms

E-learning systems

Streaming ML-powered software

Banking systems

Web platforms for non-profit companies

Apps for review aggregation

Corporate portals

Document management systems

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Key steps

Our Node.js development process

Being a full-cycle Node.js development company makes us capable of providing end-to-end software development services, covering all stages of the SDLC. We approach each stage of product creation, starting from idea evaluation and up to the release of a flawless product, with full-scale mindfulness and caution.

Discovery phase

We take a comprehensive approach to software development that begins with requirements elicitation and request analysis. Our team then designs a project strategy, estimates the timeline, and identifies potential risks to ensure on-time and within-budget delivery that meets your business goals.

Business analysis

Following that, our business analyst will document the requirements in detail, prepare the project scope, document specifications, identify core business goals, and provide estimates for development costs.

UI/UX design

Once the necessary info is gathered from the previous stages, our designers will proceed to the market, competitor, and user research, and prepare a modern design of your product that can meet even the most demanding users’ needs.

Deployment and after-launch support

When your software is available for release, we move the tested application to production. We can assist you with post-production assistance and feature set expansion if you have such a request.

Iterative development

In the course of the entire app’s implementation process, we provide project management and quality assurance services to make sure the outcome meets the defined deadline and budget estimation.

Software architecture design

At this stage, our software architect will identify and recommend the best architectural approach and technology stack based on your needs, figure out whether Node.js is the right technology, and our developers proceed to the creation of the app's core.

Our clients

Our best Node.js cases

Saas screenshot
homelike screenshot
kafka supply screenshot
realisme screenshot

Waste collection B2B platform

Challenge: The client had a mere concept at first and was looking for a Node.js application development company with expertise in the development of Node.js projects from scratch. The key requirement was to assemble a team of experienced specialists who knew how to build software from just an idea. The intent was to create a B2B platform designed for two types of businesses: those who search for waste collection services either on a one-off basis or an ongoing basis, and those that provide such services.

Solution: JS was used both for the creation of the frontend and backend parts, while Node.js — for the backend side due to its asynchronous nature and fast code execution, which helps to speed up user request processing. The usage of the same technology, both for frontend and backend, helped decrease development time and reuse existing code. We built features for businesses that require waste disposal services that included the ability to place the offer on the garbage disposal. The following tools were built for the businesses that provide such services: the ability to send the bid on the completion of the offer, suggest beneficial rates, sign the contract, etc. We helped the client to build a full-fledged solution turning the concept into a fully competitive product.

Homelike: online booking service for long rentals

Challenge: The client opted for our Node.js web development services to transform an outdated rental marketplace, called HomeLike, that failed to meet initial business requirements, didn’t attract new users, and implement new features. The solution is a corporate housing platform that allows companies and tenants to take advantage of the functionality of real estate services fully.

Solution: Thanks to Node.js capabilities, such as scalability and ability to handle a large number of requests, it was chosen as a core technology for backend. During the solution’s upgrade, we managed to turn it into a full-fledged rental platform that provides a variety of tools for landlords to place their offers and manage them efficiently and functionality for tenants to search for apartments and book them. Eventually, we created a robust solution, meeting the needs of both groups of users. The platform helps tenants take care of all issues related to the search for apartments during business trips and relocation. In turn, landlords can safely place their options and find new customers. Currently, the product is one of the most popular rental platforms in the market that covers 500+ cities.

KubKaf: IaaS platform for automation of Kafka deployment

Challenge: The client came to our Node.js app development company with the intent to create a SaaS platform called KubKaf that would help its users, despite their technical skills, with Kafka deployment and maintenance processes, and enable a simplified way of cluster creation without any deep configuration. The client wanted to build a product that would give the possibility to deploy Kafka on the cloud in 1 click. The goal of this product is to provide Kafka as a Service in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner.

Solution: Node.js was chosen as a robust technology to develop one of the core microservices called profile microservice. It acts as a single source of truth for user data. It stores information about Kubkaf users. Our team managed to create a fault-tolerant solution that simplifies the development process of streaming reactive and message-driven applications. Moreover, the capabilities of Node.js technologies helped us create a highly resilient product and implement a set of microservices. The developed product helps businesses save money significantly since the creation of the Kafka clusters doesn’t require hiring DevOps specialists.

RealiseMe: recruiting platform for schools and teachers

Challenge: The customer chose our Node.js web development company to upgrade an outdated PHP website and transform it into an efficient solution using a contemporary tech stack. The project’s essence is to connect schools, recruitment agencies, and supply teachers across the United Kingdom. Our developers’ goal was to build a functionality that allows schools to post job ads with all the necessary information, attach files, and request video interviews, as well as ensure that teachers can easily look for a suitable position in the specified area.

Solution: Progressive Vue.js turned out to be the face of the website, with Node.js at its heart. Our team also implemented numerous features to enable seamless matching of teachers and schools, including the ability to upload documents to reuse them in future applications, an anonymization feature that allows hiding personal data except for working experience, and many others. Our specialists also integrated the platform with multiple third-party services to implement certain key features. Overall, we helped create a highly functional solution that streamlines the recruiting process for agencies and schools and the job search for supply teachers. The solution is currently an award-winning platform that helps schools achieve a 30% reduction in recruitment costs.


Technologies we use

Languages & Platforms
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
Frameworks/ Libraries
  • Express
  • NestJS
  • Hapi
  • Serverless
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite
  • Redis
  • DynamoDB
  • Firebase
  • Elasticsearch
  • Sequelize
  • TypeORM
  • Prisma
  • Mongoose
Data management tools
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • RPC
  • Axios
  • Jest
  • Cucumber
  • Mocha
  • Karma
  • Puppeteer
  • Postman
Build tools
  • Webpack
  • Parcel
  • Rollup
  • Gulp
Package managers
  • npm
  • Yarn
  • Swagger
  • Open API
  • JSDoc
Development tools
  • PM2
  • Nodemon
  • Forever
  • Docker
  • NVM
Cloud platforms & DevOps tools
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Heroku
  • Netlify
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • Kubernetes
  • GitHub Actions
Cooperation with us

Engagement models we offer

A proper cooperation model with the software vendor ensures clear communication, efficient problem-solving, and alignment of goals, which are all essential for the successful implementation of the project. We offer different options and help our clients pick the best one for them based on their requirements.

Dedicated team
Time & Materials
Fixed price
Hybrid approach

The dedicated team technique implies that the dev team of a Node.js software development company performs the major development activities iteratively as planned, reporting progress on a regular basis. We designate a skilled team of product development specialists responsible for finishing all changes, fixes, and updates on time and within budget. The main benefits of this model for you are complete control over the project, flexibility and transparency of all development processes, and access to a large talent pool.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Long-term and complex projects

  • Сhanging project requirements

  • You need a fast team scaling

  • Lack of local/in-house talents

As a Node.js development agency, we recommend using this engagement model to take advantage of the approach's distinguishing features, which include flexibility in project scope and requirements, a focus on delivering value rather than sticking to a strict timeline or budget. Flexibility, transparency, the ability to adapt to changing project requirements, and accurate billing for the actual work completed are all benefits of this strategy.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Specifications are badly defined

  • Project scope is vague

  • The project will be long-term

  • Quick project start is needed

This approach assumes a clearly defined scope of work with a fixed budget and timeline, less flexibility in adapting to changing project requirements, a focus on delivering the project within the agreed-upon budget, and limited risk for you, as the client, as any additional costs are the responsibility of Aimprosoft Node.js software development agency. The primary advantages of this model are clear budget and timeline expectations, Aimprosoft is fully accountable for meeting deadlines and achieving expected development results, and a focus on delivering value within the agreed-upon budget.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • Quick project start is needed

  • Detailed project specifications

  • The project is small and short-term

  • You need to build an MVP

In some cases, when you plan to hire a vendor that provides Node.js app development services, a hybrid cooperation approach that efficiently combines the advantages of multiple models is a better choice than choosing a single one. It is used when none of the specific approaches meet your needs. Its pros include increased flexibility in adapting to changing project requirements, a customized approach to project delivery, more efficient use of resources, and improved project outcomes.

When to choose this cooperation model
  • There is an extensive scope of work

  • The project has ever-evolving functionality

  • There are no defined specifications

  • Perfect for medium or large projects


Why choose us as a Node.js
development partner

  1. 4.7 client satisfaction score

    Our client-centric approach helped us gain a high client satisfaction score on the Clutch independent review platform and lots of positive feedback. We have worked with clients from over 27 countries, and we’re always responsive to their requirements, challenges, and goals, offering high-quality software development services precisely tailored to different budget ranges, time constraints, and product complexity.

  2. Flexibility in everything we do

    We adapt our product development approach to each unique case, tailoring our processes to our clients' time zones, request, and needs by assembling the best-fit team and developing a strategy that meets the requirements of each project. If your business needs change during the course of the project, we are able to adjust the project plan accordingly to meet those changing needs. We always work collaboratively with our clients, being able to identify any necessary changes and make adjustments as needed.

  3. Stability above all

    When we provide our Node.js web application development services, we guarantee to our clients the reliable and trustworthy partnership they expect from us. You get stability and data safety by choosing our Node.js development services. Moreover, we can stay afloat even in the most challenging of circumstances. The numbers speak for themselves: we managed to keep 100% of our clients in turbulent 2022.

  4. Profound expertise and diverse skill set

    By choosing Aimprosoft for Node.js-based software development, you instantly unlock access to not only JS experts with a diverse skill set but also to all other experienced specialists on board. Assemble an efficient team choosing from more than 350 experts, including designers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, business analysts, and others, to build a product that meets modern standards and is ready to battle the competition easily.


Clients about Aimprosoft

Aciety client image
Krabu Group client image
Motive Retail client image
Home Like client image
Procc client image
ThinkNexT client image
ThinkNexT client image
Dalia Grakulskytė Head of Marketing, Aciety

The Aimprosoft team knows what the client asks. In terms of response time availability and meeting schedule, they are always on time, they are always responsive, available for meetings, work quickly, and of course, deliver high-quality products successfully.

Kirill Krabu CEO & Finance Manager, Krabu Group

We have over a year of cooperation, and it’s very successful. We continue to develop our relationships, and we are starting more and more projects. We are happy that one day that meeting led to such a perfect and great friendship between our companies.

Holly Vezina Head of Product, Motive Retail

I am so impressed by the work that everyone at APS (short for Aimprosoft) does. I've never worked with a better outsourcing partner. APS showed amazing qualities, caring about our customer experience and coming up with the right solutions while partnering with us.

Demchenko Yevhen Head of Engineering, The Home Like

We’d had some negative experiences with companies in the past misrepresenting the seniority of their team members. Aimprosoft, on the other hand, gave us a list of engineers based on price, with a description of their experience levels. Those levels have been exactly as depicted.

Jeffrey van Uunen Owner, ProCC

The ProCC project is a software product that simplifies business operations within greenhouse horticulture and increases employee productivity in an easy way that can be understood by every employee. The Aimprosoft team was exactly the ones who helped us integrate our ideas and put the project on a technological track. When we had to take on a challenge, they approached it with the innovative know-how and skillfully built the functions against the clock. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have taken the product to a new level of quality thanks to the qualifications of the team and transparent, almost limitless communication. Thanks to the best technical services we have acquired, we have become one of the best solutions in the greenhouse market all over the world. The success of our customers and their results from optimized work processes, improved crop yields and increased profit are the best indicators that speak for themselves.

Thomas Van Durme Co-founder and Owner, ThinkNexT

We engaged Aimprosoft for the outsourced maintenance activities of some of our Java and Microsoft SQL applications, and our 12-month collaboration was marked by efficiency, responsiveness, and clear communication. Throughout the partnership, Aimprosoft demonstrated a high level of professionalism, and their technical team, led by Project Manager Mykola, was notably responsive to our needs. Mykolas commitment to effective internal communication played a pivotal role in ensuring that the collaboration ran smoothly. We appreciated the teams ability to grasp the intricacies of our application and address any concerns. The decision to conclude our contract with Aimprosoft was not a reflection of any shortcomings on their part. Instead, external factors played a role, as the applications stability was consistently met, resulting in fewer issues that required attention within the maintenance contract. This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of Aimprosoft in delivering quality services and adapting to the evolving needs of our software. In summary, our experience with Aimprosoft was characterized by professionalism, responsiveness, and a proactive approach to maintenance. We would recommend Aimprosoft to other companies seeking reliable and capable partners for their software development and maintenance needs.

Knut Nygård CEO, Surfact

We engaged Aimprosoft to create special B2B solutions in ecology, logistics, and IoT domains, and we are pleased with our partnership. Their deep tech expertise, outstanding performance, and effective communication are remarkable. Even challenging circumstances in their country did not stop Aimprosoft's team from consistently delivering high-quality output on time. Clear process and transparent communication, involvement of the team, and proposed solutions for any case became pillars for seamless collaboration. If you need to rely on a software vendor with a proactive and responsive approach to providing robust solutions, we recommend Aimprosoft.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Node.js suitable for enterprise applications?

    Node.js is indeed suitable for large-scale applications. Node.js has become increasingly popular for building enterprise applications due to its lightweight and scalable architecture, non-blocking asynchronous I/O model that makes it fast and efficient, large and active community of contributors that makes finding resources and solutions easier, and its support of a wide range of platforms and databases, which makes it easy to integrate with other enterprise technologies.

  2. What can you build with Node JS?

    Node.js is a JavaScript environment that lets you develop performant and scalable web and mobile applications. It’s a perfect match for applications such as real-time collaboration tools, chats, streaming apps, highly scalable apps, eCommerce transaction software, online gaming apps, server-side applications, or other applications that deal with multiple I/O operations.

  3. Is Node.js good for prototyping and MVPs?

    Node.js comes with a vast repository of modules in npm (Node Package Manager) with a large and active community of experts that contribute to its development. The development process becomes streamlined so that the hired team can prototype and build MVPs relatively fast. Moreover, developers can use Node's scalability and performance bonuses later on when scaling up or expanding the product once you decide to create its full-fledged version.

  4. What are the challenges associated with maintaining Node.js apps?

    Learning where you can find the biggest problems and knowing the right solutions is crucial to the success of your app. Firstly, Node.js doesn’t provide any specific convention for developing a web or mobile app. That’s why every web and mobile application requires an individual approach and, as a result, more experienced programmers who have worked out robust processes for developing and maintaining code internally. Secondly, many problems with Node.js stem from a lack of good practices. The open-source community is very active and offers plenty of ways to build superb web and mobile applications.

    Having too many options, however, could be a problem for inexperienced developers and could lead to app structure incongruency. Finally, Node.js is a single-threaded process, which makes developing more complex applications with CPU/MEM-heavy computations a little bit more complicated. It might require dividing them into smaller, stateless microservices that handle different operations.

  5. Is Node JS a language or framework?

    It is neither a language nor a framework. Node.js is a runtime environment that allows developers to run JavaScript code outside of a web browser. Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine, which is used by the Google Chrome web browser, and it allows developers to construct server-side JavaScript applications.

  6. Is Node JS relevant today?

    Yes, Node.js is still a very relevant JS technology today. In recent years, its popularity has only kept on growing. Various reports show an increase in Node.js usage in web development globally from 1.4% to 2.2%. Currently, over 30 million websites are run on Node.js. Furthermore, Node.js has a big and active developer community that continues to contribute to its growth and provide support to other developers.

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