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Web Summit: Web3, AI, Metaverse, Ukraine

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Web Summit: Web3, AI, Metaverse, Ukraine article image

November started the technological wave usually sweeping through the world in autumn. Web Summit 2022 took place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, gathering all those concerned about tech innovations. For the first time happening at a full scale since the pandemic, the conference welcomed over 70,000 attendees from a wide landscape of 160 countries.

Web Summit in figures

People from all around the world converged on Portugal’s capital city to join in parallel streams of live seminars, master classes, discussions, and reports from the stage in five huge pavilions. The atmosphere of the event was nothing short of magically imbued with the call to dream, build and transform. 

The main topics of the speakers’ attention were focused on Web3, metaverses, AI, crypto, fintech, 3D fashion, climate, and innovation in general. At the conference, a lot was said about new economic challenges, about the state of the technological market, which is changing under the influence of global processes.

The idea of a virtual world opens up various new opportunities for businesses and industries, many of which have already accepted the challenge and are settling into metaspace. Startups zealously entered the battle, trying to snatch the upper hand and take the best spots on the upcoming virtual platform. 

The crowd winner of this year’s PITCH competition became AI startup Theneo from Georgia, while another player Fashable has found a way to design clothes with AI augmenting advanced 3D printing of clothes. 

In contrast to the world’s enthusiasm for the possibilities of AI, the founder of modern linguistics Noam Chomsky and the scientist, writer, and entrepreneur Gary Marcus have voiced their fears about the development of this technology, stressing that the dangers are much greater than it is currently being talked about. 

“The natural evolution of things” in 2022 appeared as an Ethereum blockchain-based virtual environment, according to Sebastien Borget, founder of The Sandbox metaverse. Metaverse discussion was unfolding in terms of being the perfect modern way to allow consumers to create with their favorite brands.

Star speakers

This year’s star speakers were Rania Al Abdullah (Queen of Jordan), António Costa (Prime Minister Government of Portugal), Geoff Ralston (President, Y Combinator), Nik Storonsky (Founder & CEO Revolut), Meredith Whittaker (President, Signal), and many others. 

Ukrainians were not left out of the main stage. So Ukrainian professional boxer, heavyweight world champion Oleksandr Usyk and Parimatch Tech CEO Maksym Liashko went public with a message about their achievements in supporting Ukraine. Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister & Minister of Digital Transformation Government of Ukraine, and the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, spoke about the role of technology in our country in the fight against the invader. 

Ukrainian context on Web Summit

The Ukrainian context wasn’t the primary vector of the event, but nevertheless, a special note should be made of the scope and grandiosity of the Ukrainian startup pavilion. Ukraine was presented in one of the most influential events with the aim of drawing attention to the Ukrainian tech ecosystem and investment potential. 70 Ukrainian startups and companies had the opportunity to prove their capabilities to investors and prospects.

Agricultural and metal exports, lifestyle and recycling, as well as tech talent opportunities to close the demand of staff shortage for partners from Europe and the US, were the offering with national roots. The Ukrainian message had a loud declaration that there are more opportunities than ever in the darkest times. 

Technology firms like Microsoft have lent Ukraine their support in the areas of cybersecurity and defending citizens by extending their support package.

Aimprosoft: win-win partnerships

A whopping talent shortage on the first pace outpacing cost and security on the way of emerging technologies adoption in the US, rising salaries for software developers in the region, an increase in the inflation rate and in service prices in Europe – all that puts businesses before a big choice to freeze projects or find a smart solution.

It is high time to spend smartly, not tighten the belts. 

Aimprosoft participated in Web Summit with a mission to help entrepreneurs continue the evolution of their businesses. Being positive, our team of seven dressed in a life-affirming orange color presented a part of Ukrainian tech potential through the Aimprosoft company. 

On top of that, everyone was talking about digital transformation this year. This is a trend that continues to gain momentum. It is worth saying that “Your digital transformation partner” has been a constant slogan of Aimprosoft for many years in a row.

Aimprosoft's team attending Web Summit 2022

Being practically ready to help businesses overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their development, take their industry to new heights, and maintain a stable market position by doing what we do best, we presented a dedicated development team as the most workable and cost-efficient model for a basic digital transformation.

We are happy to confess that new partnerships have emerged. The interest shown has been directed toward software development services which are part of our service package. It was a pleasure to welcome attendees from 50 countries to our booth. Despite the continuous test of strength, getting so much support from the international community was great, which manifested in open opportunities for both. 

While Ukrainians fight for their independence, Aimprosoft stands for digital transformation. We are proud to be a part of the economic front for our country and the technological front for Europe.

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