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IoT-powered app

A marketing solution to draw visitors’ attention
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  • Industry

    IoT, Marketing

  • Provided services

    iOS & Android development

  • Type of the project

    Mobile app, Web portal

  • Duration

    November 2015 — April 2019

About the project

The client turned to us with the request to develop two native mobile applications that would deliver museum visitors informational content depending on their location and a web-based portal to create such content. The idea to create the product came up as a solution to attract more visitors and provide them with a modern and engaging way to interact with the exhibits of the museum.

To complete the set task, our developers integrated both applications with iBeacon technology that enabled the identification of the exact visitors’ location to send relevant information regarding the exhibit further. Besides, our developers implemented the ‘add to favorites’ feature, the ability to view attachments and push notifications. The web portal covered all tools necessary to create and manage the content, attach files, and add banners to the articles. The implemented solutions allowed our client to boost visitor engagement significantly that resulted in 2,000+ downloads of the app and an increased rate of museum attendance.


  • — Platform
  • — Related technologies
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • XML
  • Swift
  • Apple Push Notification Service
  • iBeacons
  • SQLite
  • Core Data
  • JSON
  • Liferay

Key features

1 Articles creation forms
2 Media files displaying
3 Media content adding to articles
4 Push notifications
5 Implementation of ACL
6 Detection of iBeacons
7 Creation of categories and lists
8 Subscription to any category
9 Creation of beacons
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IoT-powered app project screenshot 2
IoT-powered app project screenshot 3

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