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Search engine for Hybris

Enabling a full control over the product search
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  • Industry

    E-commerce, IT

  • Provided services

    Frontend & Backend development, UI/UX design

  • Type of the project


  • Duration

    August 2017 — November 2018

About the project

Our client, a software company that provides different extensions for e-commerce platforms, such as Hybris, Magento, etc., required a redesign of the backend environment, integration and customization of the addon, which would enable the switch between the default Hybris search engine (Solr) and the сustom one. Apart from the backend activities, as a dedicated team, we also provided UI/UX services to create the design of the back-office UI. In the course of the development, our specialists changed the OOTB functionality of Solr to a custom search engine features, customized product search (autocomplete/regular search), facet search, and category search, implemented a cron job to collect products from Hybris DB and send them to the side of a custom search engine.

In turn, our designers analyzed the initial UI design, conducted a work-process analysis, and made the conclusion that the styles used were different and not well blended together as well as the colors. They decided that the layout of the majority of the elements needed to be changed to improve UX and the working process. Also, they provided a few design concepts using different styles and color palettes, taking into account customer preferences, wishes, the specific character of users working with the backend environment, and the design of the client-side of the website. 

As a result, our team successfully performed the switch from Solr to a custom search engine, which gave the client more control over the product search, customized the search mechanism, and developed a modern design with improved UI and UX that enables users to process information simpler and faster compared to the old version of the design.


  • — Frontend
  • — Backend
  • JSP
  • jQuery
  • JSTL
  • Hybris 6.3.
  • MySQL
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC

Key features

1 Customized product search
2 Customized facet search
3 Customized category search
4 Customized autocomplete search
5 List of queries
6 Ability to add and monitor campaigns
7 Ability to view products
8 Cron job for product collection from Hybris DB
9 Switch from Solr to a custom search engine
Search engine for Hybris project screenshot 1
Search engine for Hybris project screenshot 2
Search engine for Hybris project screenshot 3
Search engine for Hybris project screenshot 4

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