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Timecheckers Drive

Mobile app for seamless goods delivery
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  • Industry


  • Provided services

    Android development, Frontend & Backend development

  • Type of the project

    Mobile app, Web portal

  • Duration

    January 2014 — January 2015

About the project

Timecheckers Drive is the app created for companies that provide delivery of goods. Many issues are constantly raised before delivery businesses: how to manage employees effectively and offer the best service to their clients while delivering on time? Aimprosoft team created Timecheckers Drive to kill two birds with one stone by building an Android-based app and a portal. 

The portal enables more effective management of employees (drivers, warehouse employees) within the delivering organization. In turn, the app enables GPS tracking that is integrated into it and allows detecting an employee’s location at any time. You can regulate intervals and distance parameters and set different modules for employee tracking according to your purposes. You can also allocate the tasks among the staff, not allowing openings in their schedule. 

The app supports sending SMS notifications with expected delivery time through integration with the SMS-gate of a local mobile operator. No lost time for the client waiting at home then! With Timecheckers Drive you optimize your employees’ work performance, cut costs, and win your clients’ loyalty.


  • — Platform
  • — Related technologies
  • Android
  • Java EE 7
  • Android SDK
  • Android Support Library
  • Google Location
  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • Spring
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Data JPA
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI

Key features

1 Real-time GPS tracking
2 Tracking schedule
3 Geolocation
4 Route planning
5 SMS and e-mail notifications
6 Manageable tracking parametres
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Timecheckers Drive project screenshot 2
Timecheckers Drive project screenshot 3
Timecheckers Drive project screenshot 4

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