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Vita Manager app

Solution for health monitoring
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  • Industry


  • Provided services

    Android development, Backend development, UI/UX design

  • Type of the project

    Mobile app

  • Duration

    May 2017 — October 2017

About the project

The Android-based app is a medical solution that functions as a health monitoring and statistics aggregation system. The task was to create a mobile app for patients to help them monitor their health by easily taking all necessary measurements. The main purpose was to ensure that all patients could be notified if some of the taken measurements entered possibly dangerous levels. Our developers enabled data gathering from wireless medical devices and its transmission to the app via Bluetooth Low Energy. The measurements that can be taken include ECG, EEG, blood pressure, and brain activity measurement.

All gathered data is displayed in the form of customizable flowcharts, making health condition monitoring simple. Also, our developers provided patients with the ability to communicate with doctors and obtain recommendations based on the collected measurements. Audio and video communication between doctors and patients is enabled with VSee technology. Overall, the developed app encompasses all the necessary features for a seamless health monitoring process.


  • — Platform
  • — Related technologies
  • Android
  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • AWS
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • VSee
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Key features

1 Data collection via Bluetooth
2 Real-time data collection and transfer
3 Integration with AWS
4 Smart Alert
5 Customizable flowcharts
6 Integration with VSee
Vita Manager app project screenshot 1
Vita Manager app project screenshot 2
Vita Manager app project screenshot 3

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