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Liferay DEVCON 2019

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Liferay DEVCON 2019 article image

This year meet our Liferay Development Team at DEVCON 2019 in Mainz, Germany.

Liferay DEVCON is a developer conference dedicated to the full overview of the released Liferay products, and emerging technologies. The event unites Liferay enthusiasts, IT experts, newbies, business partners, and Liferay technology consultants into one tight community.

The event is famous for being a hub of presentations, in-depth workshops and massive networking coupled with a busy and joyful atmosphere.

We expect this year conference to become a good starter for us as the core agenda topics are features observation of the three newly introduced products (Liferay Commerce, Analytics Cloud, and DXP Cloud), a new version of Liferay DXP, the latest technological trends and solutions, and their employment in business practices.

The evergreen topic that especially matters — customer experience will be given thorough attention as it is a principal constituent of competitiveness on the growing online e-commerce market.

We are happy to join the Liferay’s diverse community because it is a source of practical knowledge and insights, which are applied for real-time projects. And, of course, we are always happy to go a little crazy and have a high time with the fellow-thinkers.

If you want to join or have some fun, let’s meet on the 19-20 of November 2019 in Mainz at HALLE 45. We will be in Germany for full 3 days in a row (November, 19,20 & 21), so if you are there on business or just located in Mainz or its surroundings, don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting. It’s always fun to meet our colleagues and partners for a pint of good German beer.

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