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The Advantages of Building a Dedicated Software Development Team

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The Advantages of Building a Dedicated Software Development Team article image

Key takeaways

  • Discover the characteristics of the collaborative dedicated software development team model and find out when to choose it.
  • How does the dedicated team model work? Get a description of the dedicated team collaboration process. 
  • Cost efficiency, expertise, ease of recruitment, and scalability. Learn about these and other dedicated team advantages and figure out whether there are even more of them.
  • It may be hard to accept, but the dedicated team model has certain drawbacks. However, we’ve got you covered. Check the tips we’ve prepared on how to overcome them.

The ever-increasing demand for talented software developers and, at the same time shortage of qualified candidates in various regions with such a high demand present a major challenge for businesses. For instance, a lack of skilled workers prevents the filling of almost 40 million technical jobs. By 2030, the number is anticipated to reach 85.2 million. However, this is where the perfect combination of outsourcing IT services and a dedicated team model becomes a groundbreaking solution. 

By hiring a dedicated team from a software vendor located in the region with a vast talent pool, companies can bypass staffing shortages and assemble a team of dedicated professionals willing to take on their projects. The growing popularity of IT outsourcing can be seen from the research, showing that many companies outsourced their services in 2022, spending over $700 billion on an external labor force, and the numbers of the import of such services only keep increasing. 

Still, we understand that hiring an entire team from an outsourced partner can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a guide that covers all the basics, arming you with the knowledge and confidence to embrace this collaborative approach. We cover the dedicated software development team model nature, reveal its intricacies, and show you how its numerous benefits bit possible challenges.

What is a dedicated development team, and when do you need one? 

Let’s take a look at what dedicated teams are in a general sense to get a better picture of the concept and find out why businesses tend to hire outsourced dedicated teams. 

How does the dedicated development team model work?

How does the dedicated team model work?

Companies hire dedicated teams because they provide a cost-effective and efficient way of completing complex projects while guaranteeing quality and reliability. Before examining the process of working with such a team, let’s first explore criteria that will help you identify when you need one and when other options may work better for you.

Cases when you need to hire dedicated developers:

  • In terms of implementation, your project is large-scale and complex.
  • There are difficulties in assembling a team due to a lack of local resources. 
  • There is a need to control and manage all development processes easily.
  • You expect that during the development process, project requirements may change.
  • Flexibility is required when it comes to scaling up and down the team.
  • You should focus on business-related tasks while delegating a specific scope of work to a separate dev unit.

Hence, teams creating dedicated software for companies offer many advantages, including specialized expertise, flexibility in team scalability, etc. Using these dedicated team model advantages, companies can reach successful project results, optimizing their resources and achieving long-term collaboration. However, what are those scenarios when a dedicated team model isn’t the right fit?

Cases when you don’t need a dedicated team:

  • Your project is short in duration and has a well-defined scope that can be efficiently handled by your existing in-house resources.
  • The project requirements are clear and will unlikely undergo significant changes throughout the development cycle.
  • You have ample time and resources to manage the development processes and not neglect other business-related tasks.

As you can see, in specific scenarios, hiring a dedicated development team isn’t a win-win option. For example, when project requirements are stable, there is no immediate need for scaling, and you have sufficient time and resources to carry out development tasks and other business-related responsibilities. Thus, ensure you carefully examine your business needs and project requirements before embracing this cooperation model. Let’s now move on to a detailed examination of how the process of collaboration with dedicated teams works.

How the dedicated development team model works

We offer to dive into the internal functioning of the dedicated team for software development, examining its core and the way it promotes efficiency and synergy during product implementation. Let’s start with an overview of the most popular structure of such teams:

Structure of dedicated teams

Structure of dedicated teams 

Dedicated teams involve creating a cohesive group of software professionals who work entirely on a specific project. Unlike traditional project-based outsourcing, where team members can be engaged on several projects, teams that create dedicated software for companies remain focused solely on a particular one, which facilitates a deeper understanding of the product, the client’s requirements, goals, and vision.

5 key steps in the process of cooperating with a dedicated team

Understanding the main stages of collaboration with dedicated developers is essential for businesses starting a partnership according to this model. Let’s embark on this journey and discover the roadmap for fruitful collaboration with dedicated teams.

Project evaluation

Assessment of the project’s needs, goals, and scope by the vendor is the first step in the process. You and the outsourcing partner agree on the project’s technical and functional requirements, as well as its timeline and intended outcomes. Also, to make sure that all project needs are met and to avoid misunderstandings between the team and the company as a whole, it’s desirable to conduct a discovery stage. This is the stage that comes before the implementation of the solution and helps to define the key objectives of the project, gather all the vital requirements and document them, and ensure the successful delivery of the product.

Team formation

Based on the deliverables of the previous stage, you and the outsourcing partner can start forming a dedicated team. The team’s composition is chosen to match the knowledge, expertise, and skill sets needed to finish the project successfully.

Communication and cooperation

Be it an outsourced team or in-house one, effective communication is of paramount importance for successful cooperation. With the help of common project management tools,  regular meetings and updates on the project progress, and set KPIs, all team members are heading towards a clear goal and delivering better results thanks to the transparency of all processes. Without a defined communication strategy, misconceptions, errors, and miscommunications are likely to happen, delaying the project’s progress.

Iterative development

According to the defined plan, the team undergoes an iterative development process, ensuring the deadlines are met and the product corresponds to the set expectations. It’s highly important to include QA engineers and DevOps specialists as a part of the team. The former will help prevent possible defects and make sure that the product meets the required quality standards. In turn, DevOps specialists can contribute their expertise in infrastructure management, deployment automation, monitoring, and CI/CD processes. This helps ensure that the software can be deployed and maintained efficiently.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Upon the product’s release, dedicated employees can continue with after-launch product maintenance. This includes implementing updates or improvements based on user feedback or shifting business requirements, as well as identifying issues that require fixes.

Overall, the unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit of dedicated developers can ensure successful results and the ability to achieve business goals in the dynamic world of software development. In the next section, we will take a closer look at the benefits of dedicated development team for your business.

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Top 12 advantages of the dedicated software development team model

The growth of the global outsourcing market, expected to reach $92.5 billion by the end of 2023, highlights a powerful trend in the business world. Entrepreneurs and companies recognize the tremendous value of outsourcing and the benefits of dedicated team model. By leveraging this thriving market, companies can open up a world of opportunities, attract top talent, and innovate, which will ultimately contribute to the success of their software projects. 

Practically any business, large or small, start-up or a well-established company, can benefit from hiring a dedicated team from an outsourcing IT vendor. Let’s take a closer look at the dedicated project team advantages from which different types of businesses can only prosper.

Main benefits of dedicated development teams

Main benefits of dedicated development teams

1. Cost-efficiency

One of the key dedicated project team advantages is their cost-effectiveness. Businesses can save costs on internal hiring, training, infrastructure maintenance, and many other aspects by outsourcing software development to a dedicated team. Dedicated team advantages allow companies to optimize their budget by paying only for the specific resources and services they need. It may be especially beneficial for startup and SMB owners who may lack the resources or infrastructure to maintain an in-house development team.

2. Confidence in the work process

Dedicated project team advantages provide project execution with a sense of predictability. Companies may establish precise schedules, metrics, and deliverables with a committed workforce, ensuring accountability and transparency. This foreseeability enables businesses to plan effectively, manage resources wisely, and lower potential risks. 

3. Unlimited access to expertise

In order to have access to in-depth expertise, 18% of businesses said they opt to outsource. Outsourcing companies that provide a dedicated team service have a wealth of expertise and specialist skills. Companies gain access to profound knowledge and valuable insights relevant to the specifics of their projects by partnering with professionals who have in-depth expertise in their field. This expertise can prove invaluable in overcoming complex challenges, implementing best practices, and enhancing the project.

4. Recruitment issues vanish

Hiring qualified specialists can be a complex and cumbersome process for businesses. Due to a labor shortage, 84% of organizations had problems finding qualified candidates. The benefits of dedicated development team ease this burden, as outsourcing companies handle the recruitment for your project themselves. They already have a pool of talented professionals with different skill sets at their disposal, which saves companies from an unnecessary time and cost-consuming chore.

84% of organizations have problems finding qualified candidates due to a talent shortage which they expect to solve with outsourcing

5. Access to a larger talent pool 

A lack of highly qualified software specialists in North America, Western Europe, and Australasia is one of the key reasons for engaging outsourcing teams, according to Forbes. Outsourcing dedicated teams solves the problem of the lack of talent. Such teams are made up of professionals from various backgrounds who bring a suitable range of expertise to your project. This expands the talent pool available to businesses, allowing them to tap into diverse specialists if those are hard to find within their regions.

6. Scalable and extremely adaptable teams  

For almost any business, these criteria of flexibility and scalability are essential. If we refer to Deloitte’s research, outsourcing provides flexibility: operations can be scaled up or down depending on business needs. Dedicated teams can, therefore, adapt quickly to changing project requirements, increasing and decreasing team size as needed and accommodating changes in the business. Dedicated team advantages allow companies to react quickly to market dynamics, optimize resource allocation, and ensure that team size and composition are aligned with project needs.

7. The comprehensive team from the very beginning

Other advantages of hiring dedicated development team include the fact that businesses have access to a comprehensive team from the start of a project. Unlike traditional team formation processes, which may involve the gradual assembly of specialists, dedicated teams are already fully formed and ready to get to work. This means that businesses can leverage the collective experience and skills of the entire team from day one, ensuring a smooth and efficient start of the project.

8. Freedom in management

With the benefits of dedicated development team, businesses get the freedom and flexibility to manage the project according to their specific needs and preferences. They can set project objectives, define the scope, and establish a project management approach that fits their organizational culture and processes. This level of control allows companies to maintain transparency and ensure that their vision and objectives are met throughout the development process.

9. Effective information security management

Growing and more complex cyber security risks are one of the top reasons why 30% of companies choose to outsource. The benefits of dedicated team model are clearly defined security standards that they meet. Outsourced teams prioritize information security and adhere to industry best practices to protect confidential data and intellectual property because outsourced vendors are responsible for the bottom line, and their reputation in the IT market is vital to them. This level of professionalism and attention to security gives clients peace of mind, knowing their projects are handled with care and confidentiality.

10. Long-term business relationship

Building long-term business relationships is a valuable advantage of dedicated teams. By working with dedicated teams, companies can build a durable partnership based on trust, collaboration at the highest level, and shared goals. Such long-term cooperation allows for a better understanding of business objectives, closer communication, and a stronger connection between the dedicated team and the business.

11. Full-stack of services

Dedicated teams offer a full range of services covering the entire software development lifecycle. From initial planning and analysis to design, development, testing, and deployment, dedicated teams have the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of a project. The advantages of a dedicated team approach are seamless coordination, streamlining processes, and elimination of the need to hire specialists from several vendors. 

12. Focus on core business 

In Deloitte’s research on outsourcing, respondents were asked, “How does your organization perceive the benefits of outsourcing?” and 65% answered that outsourcing helps them to focus more on core business operations. 

65% of businesses said that outsourcing helped them to focus more on core business operations

By handing over specific projects to dedicated teams, companies can redirect their attention and internal resources to core business functions. Business owners can devote their time and energy to critical tasks such as marketing, sales, and strategic planning. This focused approach improves productivity and the organization’s overall effectiveness. Dedicated team advantages also allow businesses to build on their strengths and competitive advantages, improving profitability and market positioning.

So, we’ve covered key strengths of dedicated teams, such as cost efficiency, access to specialized expertise,  scalability, and others. The benefits allow organizations to focus on their core competencies, reduce development time, and save budget for essential business operations. In the next section, we’ll examine the potential disadvantages of dedicated teams, providing a complete understanding of the considerations and trade-offs. 

Do you want to get all these benefits for your business as well?

Get in touch with us, and we will assemble for you a team of experts who will be a perfect match for your project.


Disadvantages of the dedicated dev team

Just as every coin has two sides, we offer to explore the flip side of cooperation with dedicated teams. While dedicated teams offer many advantages, it is important to navigate through the potential problems and disadvantages that may arise along the way to be armed with preventive measures once you decide to assemble such a team. 

We will shed light on the shadows on disadvantages of dedicated team that may cast doubt on the effectiveness of this collaboration model and offer ideas that will enable you to make informed decisions and move confidently down this path.

Drawbacks to cooperation with dedicated teams

Drawbacks to cooperation with dedicated teams

1. Takes more time and effort to set up 

One of the disadvantages of dedicated teams is the initial time and effort required to assemble them. Creating a dedicated team involves a process of selecting, adapting, and integrating team members into the existing workflow. This can take time and require additional resources to ensure a smooth transition.

How can you minimize this problem?

By working with specialized suppliers, the recruitment and adaptation process is simplified in every case, and companies can integrate team members seamlessly. A clear project goal can always solve the problem of a lengthy implementation, and effective communication and collaboration tools further speed up the transition process, ensuring effective coordination and successful project results.

2. Less flexible compared to outstaffing

Compared to outstaffing models, dedicated teams may be perceived as less flexible. Dedicated teams are typically engaged for longer-term projects and have a fixed team structure, which may limit the ability to quickly adjust team composition or scale resources up or down based on project needs.

How can you minimize this problem?

Businesses should actively prepare for future changes in project requirements and negotiate flexibility options with the dedicated team provider to lessen this restriction. The dedicated team can remain aligned with changing business objectives and adjust to project dynamics with the help of regular communication and frequent review of project demands.

3. Loss of expertise after the end of the collaboration

Once the cooperation with the dedicated team has ended, there may be a loss of experience and knowledge that team members have gained during the project. This can create a problem where similar projects or future improvements require access to the same level of expertise.

How can you minimize this problem?

Companies can consider conducting knowledge transfer activities throughout the collaboration, encourage record-keeping, and hold periodic knowledge-sharing sessions. In addition, maintaining a good relationship with the service provider of the dedicated team can ensure that future collaboration or access to their knowledge and expertise is possible when needed.

Why should you hire dedicated developers at Aimprosoft?

By choosing Aimprosoft as your dedicated team service provider, you can count on seamless and efficient cooperation. We build dedicated software development teams to assist clients in implementing their projects with a team perfectly matched to their requirements. Cooperation with us gives you access to commitment, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and demonstrated proficiency.

Here are a few facts that can only confirm the advantages listed above:

  • This model was selected for further collaboration with us by 55% of all Aimprosoft clients
  • A dedicated team approach gives a 15% increase in team member productivity overall
  • It is used for 45% of our active projects
  • Only 1-3 weeks are required to assemble the Aimprosoft dedicated team
  • Your request will be processed within 24 hours
  • With our extensive talent base, we assist our clients in overcoming the absence of local resources
  • Our clients are free to focus on important business tasks rather than administrative ones

Our successful projects implemented using the dedicated team model

Motive Retail

Challenge: The client contacted our company to create an integration portal to facilitate communication between global car manufacturers and dealerships.

Solution: We developed a portal using Liferay with role-based access control and integrated Motive Integrator for a simplified documentation exchange. As a result, we have succeeded in creating a reliable and efficient system that has revolutionized communication and helped fill the gap in the lack of an integrated system for smooth interaction between manufacturers on the one hand and car dealers, spare parts suppliers, and insurance companies on the other.


Challenge: The client engaged our dedicated developers to create a centralized partner portal for controlling wholesale telecom services and facilitating the commercial growth of potential partners.

Solution: Leveraging the capabilities of the Liferay platform, we unified corporate content and gave partners controlled access. Our solutions included user account management, custom order workflows, package settings, real-time location-based quoting, online order tracking, price comparisons, and integration with Salesforce. This fruitful collaboration has increased inquiries, boosting Virtual1’s position as a prominent telecoms service provider in the UK.

Challenge: The client’s request for our dedicated team was to create a locally searchable directory that aggregates information from different platforms and manages digital ads from Foursquare, Yelp, Google My Business, and others.

Solution: The developers created a centralized platform to manage digital ads, receive status updates, and use the matching algorithm to prevent data mismatches. We also developed a user-friendly dashboard for businesses to monitor their online presence and a promotion toolbox for external brand promotion. The resulting product is a robust and scalable platform that empowers businesses to control their online information and enhance brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.

Over our 18+ years of experience in the IT industry, we have acquired vast experience in providing outsourcing services, which allows us to help our clients avoid major challenges and risks related to this type of collaboration. We value our reputation, so we always try to deliver the highest quality results.

If the above-mentioned benefits caught your attention and you are interested in hiring a dedicated development team from Aimprosoft, feel free to contact us.



Dedicated software development teams are a compelling solution for companies looking to streamline their software development processes and achieve better results. Offering cost efficiency, access to specialist knowledge, and scalability, dedicated teams allow companies to focus on core operations and drive business growth. To unlock the full potential of dedicated teams and embark on a path of transformation, it’s time to take the next step and turn to Aimprosoft. Your software development aspirations are waiting to be fulfilled with our extensive expertise and high commitment.


How does a dedicated team model work?

The dedicated team approach involves assembling a specialized group of experts who focus exclusively on one or more projects for a client. This team functions as an extension of the client’s organization, working closely together to successfully complete projects.

What are the key dedicated development team benefits?

The key benefits of dedicated development team include cost-effectiveness, access to specialized knowledge and skills, scalability, increased productivity, streamlined project management, and long-term collaboration opportunities.

How do we build dedicated software development teams?

Building dedicated teams involves carefully selecting highly qualified individuals who meet the project’s requirements. The provider begins by thoroughly studying the client’s needs and the project’s scope. The supplier then selects specialists from a talent pool with the necessary skills for the project. Once the team is in place, open lines of communication are established, and the required resources are provided to ensure seamless integration into the client’s workflow. 

Why get a dedicated team for your project?

Getting a dedicated team for software development offers numerous advantages. It allows you to access a larger talent pool, overcome resource constraints, save time and effort on recruitment, benefit from specialized expertise, and maintain full control and flexibility over the project’s direction. A dedicated team also fosters long-term collaboration, ensuring consistent quality and a deep understanding of your business goals and objectives.

What is a typical dedicated team structure?

Depending on the project’s needs, a dedicated team structure often consists of a project manager or team lead, developers with a range of skill sets, quality assurance engineers, and other responsibilities. The framework is customized to the project’s particular requirements and is flexible enough to change as the project progresses.

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