Updated Statement on COVID-19 Situation

Updated Statement on COVID-19 Situation

Providing you with an update on the current state of affairs with COVID-19 in Ukraine and our company in particular:

Current situation in Ukraine

Unfortunately, coronavirus is spreading all around the world at an unprecedented speed. Still, Ukraine is in the list of European countries with the smallest number of infected people. According to the latest news, the total number of registered COVID-19 cases equals seven in Ukraine. However, in order to prevent the rapid spreading of the virus, the Ukrainian government reinforced previously taken measures:

  • All public places, mass gatherings, and subway systems are shutting all over the country.
  • Significant limitations were imposed on transportation between the cities within the country.

Measures taken at Aimprosoft

At Aimprosoft, we have been thoroughly following all the latest news and government regulations on the ongoing situation and decided to take care of all our employees by taking such preventive actions:

  • Cancel all the upcoming business trips that we have.
  • Our specialists will work remotely from 03.18.2020 up to 04.03.2020 (the self-quarantine period may be prolonged according to the government regulations).

Despite all the inconvenience caused by the pandemic, we are not interrupting all development processes and continue functioning like clockwork in a particular remote regimen.

Thus, keep following our updates on a coronavirus situation and be safe!