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Explosive Business Scores with SAP Hybris Commerce

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Explosive Business Scores with SAP Hybris Commerce article image

Below, there are going to be considered non-commerce features which we have successfully implemented or which are on the air now for our clients on the most popular open source e-Commerce platform Hybris. Read the following, and you will know the non-standard hacks of using Hybris in non-commerce projects.

Hybris is well-known for its functionality meeting all e-Commerce requirements and providing an omnichannel approach to running a business.

Let’s go over the trivial issues. Firstly, think what the commerce project is. A customer comes, searches for goods, adds them to the cart, buys. Nothing extra. A classical B2C e-store is a home decor online store where sustainable goods in a big assortment are sold. Configurable faceted search, wish lists, abandoned carts, and broadened marketing capabilities.

Yes, for some e-stores Hybris could be unprofitable. It is as plain as the nose on a man’s face that you can try Hybris when there are minimum 5000 active items for sale, flexible pricing and discounts are put right, 1000+ active customers make purchases in your store.

B2B reseller

A classical B2B reseller has representative offices, affiliates, drop shipment and is reinforced with a hierarchical system. It could be a mixture of products and services; relationships are developed and ongoing with sales processes longer than in B2C sector.

The main purchasing feature – tight integration with SAP ECC – is an alluring feature for a company that uses SAP ECC to process orders and Hybris for a storefront. Hybris provides the first-citizen integration of all major entities (products, orders, prices and discounts, accounts, contact persons, shipping and billing addresses) via Data Hub. Real-time quotes for shipping and payment with Paymetric can be used to enhance the purchasing experience in B2B.

As you can see, to extend your e-Commerce horizon one may probe new achievements of the industry naturally. All structure of B2B reseller someday will face an explosive growth of network that will need the business management system to be altered with minimum changes to infrastructure. We highly recommend you to take up Hybris as your omnichannel mate.

Hybris turns into CRM

Given examples above have left nothing more to add to incontestable advantages of Hybris for e-commerce projects being a splendid user, organizations, roles, and permission management system. But in spite of that, the platform has a number of other non-commerce features which could be successfully applied in irregular challenges as well. Let’s see, support of several catalogs and adjusted full-text search by your own preferences are available; products, goods, items, staff, documents can be broadly classified into categories; adding new nonstandard fields for proper patterns are available upon a custom request powered by a qualified software provider experienced with SAP Hybris products; goods listing, creating/editing customer profiles and many more possibilities open in front of courageous pioneers who go ahead with time.

One of our clients had been already used several solutions based on Hybris which met his requirements as a retailer totally when we started partnering. As a consequence, it was expected that Hybris would take his important position in the experimental development process of creating the CRM.

In this case, we have practiced a migration of one catalog with an enormous quantity of data estimated in several millions of rich entities; any CRM could be considered as a similar system. Subscription of SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, is a costly thing, particularly for enterprises. In its turn, Hybris can be cast in a new role as a Customer Relationship Management platform due to its more loyal policy of payment and unlimited open source capabilities.

Hybris works well for P2P lending

First of all, let’s go deep into ‘peer-to-peer lending’ meaning. The case* in point is some sort of thing called social or crowd lending where the practice of lending money to individuals (or even businesses) is carried out through online services matching the borrowers and lenders without mediators.

There are two types of clients: lenders and borrowers. The level of cooperation is a classical B2B. Lenders want to grind out an income above the market rate. In its turn borrowers want to obtain credits at lower interest rates. Lending is run without banks participation between individuals.

For instance, a platform LendingClub, similar to that one under development, takes interest on money acting as an intermediary and partially has an obligation to guarantee the fulfillment. The system automatically estimates the rate of interest based on the borrower’s trust rating. The borrower and the lender can point only the sum and timeline. The rate of interest is determined grounding on the data analysis of the borrower: his income, credit history, ID, Social Security number, if any.

As it is clearly pointed above, the necessity of a great many of different capabilities is more than obvious. It has come a prime time for Hybris B2B accelerator. If these features are out of the box, then it saves a time approximately up to a half a year of hard working a full-fledged development team. That means faster launching for business and getting an earlier profit. In other words, the integration of Hybris out-of-the-box solution will take the total time less than a half a year. Summing up, we’d recommend Hybris as the best choice for the peer-to-peer online lending system.

*Given case is in progress now on the platform similar to Hybris. It could be realized on Hybris for any client on demand.

Final thoughts

All things are difficult before they are easy. Hybris is a perfect solution for any kind of projects. Everybody selects for oneself the best thing fitted. Business is a trial-and-error way. Today we have a possibility to be based on the experienced, see wide and get the first class product which skyrockets your business on a new wave.

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