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Statement to Customers on COVID-19 Situation

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Statement to Customers on COVID-19 Situation article image

As the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers is the most significant concern for us, we’d like to make things clear with the COVID-19 situation in Ukraine and tell you about the measures we have taken at Aimprosoft.

What is the current situation in Ukraine?

At the moment of 03.13.2020, three cases of COVID-19 were reported in Ukraine, which still is the lowest in Europe.

The Ukrainian government and local authorities applied immediate precautions against the possible spreading of COVID-19: all mass events were canceled, educational institutions are shut for three-week quarantine, passengers at the airports and borders are screened constantly, and the suspected patients are isolated immediately into specialized infectious disease wards.

What are Aimprosoft measures for combating COVID-19 current situation?

Since our specialists are our most valuable asset, we applied a range of preventive measures to protect them:

  • Strict hygiene at the workplace was intensified;
  • We developed a special communication strategy to inform everyone about the preventive measures, personal hygiene, and further actions if any health concern occurs;
  • We have responsible administrators whom every employee in the company can turn to in case of emergency;
  • If we detect any flu symptoms in our employees (actually it is highly unlikely because they are truly responsible and take care about their health), we urgently provide an employee with sick leave or at least isolate them to work remotely online;
  • We have taken measures to make every employee stay at home for a self-quarantine (minimum of 2 weeks) if they return home from abroad. Thus, we restrict any possibility of the infection.
  • Every staff member is ready to work remotely should such a necessity occur;
  • We comply with all Ukrainian and Global regulations on how to prevent and combat the spreading of the coronavirus.

What are our plans in light of COVID-19 current situation?

Overall, we keep up with the latest news regarding this topic and will act accordingly to the circumstances. We are “lock and loaded” to continue the cooperation with our customers, not interrupting the development processes. Take care of your health, and stay tuned with our updates!

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