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How to Hire Java Developers

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Key takeaways

  • Being present on the market for more than two decades, Java is still one of the top programming languages and a popular choice among different types of companies. Learn what advantages you obtain if you decide to hire Java programmers.
  • Check our wide range of Java services Aimprosoft offers and find out how we can fulfill your request.
  • Lost in terms of the number of software vendors on the market? Figure out the reasons why Aimprosoft is the right choice to collaborate with and build a robust Java-based product.

Key benefits you gain when hiring a Java developer

Since Java is one of the most popular programming languages globally, with many packages useful for data processing and computer science applications, the talent pool of Java developers is the richest in the world, with an enormous amount of experience.

This language is probably the popular choice for microservices, DevOps, Continuous Integration, AI, VR, Big Data, analytics systems, and more, according to Oracle. Thus, a wide range of services can be covered if you hire Java programmers.

Object-oriented Java programming is often used for cloudification. A software engineer with a specific stack can help enhance business processes for on-demand scale-up or down.

Services our Java developers provide

If you are not sure that Aimprosoft, as a vendor, can complete your request, then we recommend checking out the list of services we provide.

range of Java services provided by Aimprosoft developers
Jave services that are provided at Aimprosoft

Java architecture

Quite often, our clients hire a dedicated Java developer from Aimprosoft to extend their core facilities. Known profit from SOA (service-oriented architecture) lay in the core of benefits our clients appreciate besides the strong coordination of automation tools and cost-effectiveness in integration. Also, the business value of using Java as the tech stack core lies in the SOA’s high availability and data loss reduction.

Java server-side development

The efficiency of web and mobile applications stands on the frontier among entrepreneurs who hire Java developers to implement software solutions for common and atypical use cases. The whole gamut of JE technologies delivered by Aimprosoft allows getting web applications done for intensive usage in terms of high loads on the web and mobile.

Cloud-based Java applications

Cloudification is at the heart of most companies’ corporate objectives. Digital visioners prefer to find Java developers who will be the right fit for their implementation goals. Pre-vetted dedicated Java programmers with years of experience in Aimprosoft are ready to deliver web applications accessed from anywhere.

Migration to Java

Java programmers for hire help IT heads to make the migration efficient. Whatever programming codebase your existing enterprise applications have, our dedicated Java developers can migrate them to the Java-based core keeping the integrity of business logic. Aimprosoft helps you scale your business by reengineering or transferring legacy systems to be web-enabled.

Platform-based Java development

It is always better to hire a dedicated Java developer with niche expertise in the platform to get delivered solutions faster. At Aimprosoft, clients can find a Java developer with technical skills of solutions residing on Hybris, Alfresco, and Liferay platforms. We cover any challenges related to these products to help businesses respond to market-driven demand.

Java mobile development

Clients hire Java app developers to gain the power of mobile presence for projects where Kotlin is not acceptable. By unlocking the power of personal devices, startups and large businesses get additional value in market expansion, growth, and customer care strategies. Hire Java experts to make your mobile software development deliverables feasible.

Java development workflow

Depending on the initial inquiry, the first steps may vary. However, what’s never changed is our support from an idea to launch. Choosing a Java programmer for hire from Aimprosoft, after concept discussion, we move to the discovery stage to estimate the scope of the Java project after the in-depth research. Grounded on the estimate, we provide a proposal under a defined business model and sign a contract. Software development is ready to be started.

You get a senior professional from our tech pool for a web or mobile backend developer; the rest services, such as management and delivery, can be done by our efforts. Also, a number of related services are available as follows: UI/UX design, DevOps, QA, and User Acceptance Testing to complete the project. Usually, clients continue our partnership with after-launch support.

Why hire a Java developer at Aimprosoft?

When searching for a software vendor to hire Java developers from, we highly recommend paying attention to the following key factors to avoid major challenges on your way: domain knowledge, company’s portfolio with relevant cases, developers’ expertise, and previous client’s reviews. Explore the sections below to ensure that Aimprosoft meets all the mentioned requirements.

why you should hire Aimprosoft Java coders
Key reasons to hire Aimprosoft Java developers

Industries our Java developers serve

For almost two decades of being in the IT market, we have acquired solid expertise in more than 16 domains. The main areas we have the most Java knowledge in are:

industries Aimprosoft Java developers serve
Industries Aimprosoft Java software engineers serve

Hard and soft skills of our Java developers

Professional attitude and work ethic matter not only for management staff but also for those who deal with code developers, relatively speaking. When you hire a Java programmer online, it is equally important to try developers for soft skills during the interview as if you face them in the office room.

Hard skill basics of Java developers at Aimprosoft

The following hard skill basics are our custom at Aimprosoft when selecting remote developers for your project.

The perfect candidate is expected to deliver medium and large task-intensive features independently, be able to keep yourself productive, and demonstrate strong software engineering skills. Designing and writing well-structured code should be inherent in them as well as the ability to identify code in need of improvement. Every code improvement has to be better, subsequently including migration to new frameworks and additional tests.

Our Java coders for hire are able to bring projects to completion by working with other teams and comprehending how to organize things to launch various releases. Understanding and following FB standards in the field of design, development, documentation, reviews, tests, analysis, and deployment of code are skills of senior-level specialists. Development experts have to demonstrate mastery in data analysis, programming, and SWE to deliver high-level code covered by tests.

Tech skillset required for a Java developer

Category Technologies
Software design Object-oriented programming (OOP), Design and Development Principles (SOLID, KISS, DRY, etc), Architectural patterns (Microservices, SOA, CQRS, etc.)
Relational and NoSQL databases (several or all) PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, etc.
Java knowledge Java 8+, NIO, JPA, Lambda, Streams API, etc.
Spring framework Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, etc.
Testing JUnit, Mockito, TestNG, etc.
Web development HTML/CSS, JavaScript, HTTP API design principles, etc.
CI/CD tools (several or all) Jenkins, Circle CI, Gitlab CI/CD, Maven, Gradle, etc.
Containers Docker, K8S, Compose, Helm, etc.
Cloud computing (one of) AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Soft skill basics of Java developers at Aimprosoft

Teamwork is about a synergy that leads to positive outcomes. Selecting tech talents to join our team, we hire Java experts who can follow the team approach, both juniors and seniors.

Time management should be inherent in developers to estimate the scope of a project in hours for the team to deliver the complete project in time.

Communication is the third soft skill of high importance. Good messaging creates a better work environment, reduces errors, and improves credibility, which leads to time and money savings.

Creativity allows going beyond. This skill lies at the core of the ability to solve atypical tasks so regular in software development.

Questions to ask when hiring a Java developer

Theory without practice does not work. Practice is a very important part of being a skilled Java web developer. However, practice without theoretical knowledge also does not make a highly qualified developer a full-fledged one. Below is an indicative list of questions our tech leads address to candidates for developers.

There is no strict list of questions that we ask all candidates. We always let the conversation flow freely, touching on particular topics. Below we provide an illustrative list that helps us understand their tech base and analytical mind.

Java core questions cover:
  1. Difference between Java NIO та Java IO?
  2. Java Memory Model? Memory types in JVM?
  3. What are the Garbage Collectors in JVM and why so many?
  4. What are the peculiarities in Java realization? Why to use serialVersionUID та InvalidClassException?
  5. What is a deadlock? Types? Draw them graphically.
Theory about databases:
  1. What is ACID?
  2. What does the CAP theorem mean?
  3. What are equal transaction isolations?
  4. Is there any sense in abandoning ORM?
  5. What are the n+1 problem and the cartesian product problem?
Spring framework:
  1. What are IoC and DI?
  2. What is the life cycle of objects created by Spring?
  3. What are the types of contexts? How do create and raise the context for application testing?
  4. What opportunities does Spring provide for communication with the database?
  5. What are the indications of using the Java Bean class? How is POJO different from Java Bean?
Questions about multithreading:
  1. What is a race-condition?
  2. What are the elements in the java.util.concurrent package?
  3. What are optimistic and pessimistic locking?
  4. What are the features of rich threading in Java EE and Spring?
Libraries and tools knowledge:
  1. How to build monitoring in Java? How to use Java micrometrics, DropWizard, and Prometheus frameworks?
  2. Tell us about the ORM mechanism.
  3. What methods of data sampling in Hibernate do you know?
  4. What are the transaction isolations in Hibernate?
We hire a Java coder who knows a Stream API:
  1. What are the methods in the Stream interface?
  2. How does the map method differ from flatMap?
  3. What is the functional interface of the filter method?
  4. What is the main ambush Stream API?

Choose a hiring model that fits you best

A dedicated development team is a choice of entrepreneurs at the early stage of business fundraising or long-run-oriented projects with a scope of over 6 months when a scope is hazy, and requirements are ever-changing.

When looking to hire a Java developer online as a single engineer or tech consultant to augment your core team, try a staff augmentation model to cope with urgent tasks that are beyond your team’s expertise.

Java development from scratch of systems with complex or reduced difficulty levels is possible with a full-cycle dev model that includes all project delivery stages.

Success stories with our Java developers’ contribution

One of the key factors to pay attention to when you are choosing a software vendor is the company’s portfolio. Check a few examples of our successfully implemented Java projects to ensure that our Java developers will fit your project.

Genesys PGR: web platform for crop diversity exploration

Challenge: The product is a data hub with simple data exploration and fast search to order millions of loosely structured records. It has a strong tech ecosystem with modern frameworks. Our task was to upgrade the system codebase and data storage, having kept the website running.

Solution: While working on the product, our Java developers added new and improved existing features to make data exploration simple. The Java-based tech ecosystem with Java frameworks allows the platform to evolve continuously.

Read more about the project and its implementation: Genesys PGR

Avora: business performance and analytics platform

Challenge: Avora is a UK-based analytical system for retailers based on Grails with root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and decision-making on machine learning in real-time. Our team had to improve an existing codebase and implement new features showing trends and advice based on real-time use cases.

Solution: Our developers implemented core features are root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and smart alerting. Besides a web presence, Aimprosoft developed a mobile app for Avora users to speed up decision-making.

Read more about the project and its implementation: Avora

Motive Retail: auto dealer integration platform

Challenge: The product is an automation solution for unification document exchange for the automotive industry, document conversion with an xDesign tool for accelerated dealer verification. Our Java software engineers had to dive into the internal processes of the automotive industry to understand its specificity.

Solution: Our Java development team has delivered an automation solution for unification document exchange. Motive Retail was able to refuse the separate apps that managers used during the dealer verification. The sales process significantly accelerated thanks to the correctly designed automation app.

Read more about the project and its implementation: Motive Retail

SaaS solution for service inventory planning

Challenge: The project is a forecasting solution for identifying demand and optimization of inventory target stock levels, seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure. The client turned to us with the request to extend their in-house team to accelerate the product development process. Our Java software engineers had to develop a system for forecast demand and optimization of inventory target stock levels.

Solution: Our developers significantly contributed to the platform development and ensured that it could be seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing IT infrastructure. The developed product allows customers more efficiently execute the supply, replenishment, and repair orders.

Need Java developers with optimal soft and hard skills at a reasonable price?

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll provide you with the best-fit Java specialists.


What our clients say about hiring Java developers at Aimprosoft

To reinforce your decision to hire Java software developers from Aimprosoft, we recommend checking out the reviews from our clients.

  1. Matija Obreza, Information Systems Manager, Crop Trust
  2. “The team at Aimprosoft is instrumental at keeping Genesys attractive to our users and data providers. Together we have built an open, fast and secure platform that provides researchers and breeders with the data about plant material in genebanks worldwide.”

    The product we developed: Genesys PGR

  3. Dan Seats, Co-Founder of Motive Retail
  4. “Motive Retail has worked with Aimprosoft for the past 13 years. During that time Aimprosoft has proven to be a very good and reliable partner. Our software development requirements range from web applications to B2B Web Services, and Aimprosoft has delivered the technical skills to meet our needs. They are responsive, well organized and are sensitive to our timelines. I have no reservations recommending Aimprosoft to companies seeking a software development partner.”

    The product we developed: Motive Retail

  5. Kindi Cheema, Head of Software Development, Virtual1
  6. “We have a very good working relationship with Aimprosoft. Aimprosoft is a very reliable group. I can come to my job every day with full confidence knowing that they will be there. Aimprosoft has come up with new ideas which we’ve considered and chewed over, which has encouraged our different ideas of working towards a solution.”

    The product we developed: Virtual1

If want to read other reviews left by Aimprosoft clients, explore our profile on the independent reviews platform called Clutch.


The fact that there are more than 9 million Java developers all over the world makes it rather challenging to hire those specialists that will fit your project most. We have provided compelling reasons why choosing Aimprosoft to hire skilled Java developers is a win-win option. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us to get an in-depth consultation regarding Java development and assemble the right development team.

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