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How to Hire a Dedicated Scala Developer

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How to Hire a Dedicated Scala Developer article image

Key takeaways

  • Development of Scala-based SaaS apps, web applications, Scala-powered big data analytics tools, and other Scala services are available at Aimprosoft. Figure out how we can help with the implementation of your project.
  • Numerous tech giants have already chosen Scala as a part of their tech stacks. To name a few: Netflix, Linkedin, Twitter, and many others. Maybe it’s time for you to hire Scala developers and empower your product with this technology.
  • There are some pretty solid reasons why you should choose Aimprosoft as your Scala vendor, such as 70% of big data projects from our portfolio are Scala-based, our ability to scale up and down Scala teams easily, etc. Read this article to figure out other reasons to partner with us, and don’t forget to check our clients’ feedback.

Scala advances automation. In the 21st century, data has become the most valuable asset that is of priority to be monetized. If you are on the way toward harnessing information for commercial purposes, hire Scala developers to leverage your accumulated data into business insights.

Scala application development services

The range of our Scala development services is rather versatile. Check out the major ones to determine how we can help with your product creation.

the range of Scala services at Aimprosoft
Scala app development services at Aimprosoft

Development of Scala SaaS apps

Scaling businesses embrace SaaS development as a web-based model considering their all-over-the-place accessibility, proven affordability in maintenance, and high responsiveness to corporate expansion. Hire a team of Scala developers to get it.

Scala web applications

Scala software development is an alternative to Java capabilities with JVM usage. To get robust frontend web apps perfectly matched with a Scala-based backend, hire a Scala.js developer to augment a stack of your core team fully.

Big data analytics

Our clients have large databases of in-house or external, often raw, structured, or unstructured data that can be a good foundation for analytical systems with immediate impact. We help build intelligent solutions with our remote Scala developers.

Scala consulting services

You can get on consultation with Aimprosoft if you’re unsure whether Scala fits your project before hiring Scala coders. We offer an independent code review for your current Scala systems to reduce to balance between requirements and outcomes.

Scala-based machine learning

The proliferation of AI caused a need for machine learning algorithms where Scala takes the helm. We rely on a wide range of functional features and simplicity in solving business challenges.

Scala migration services

Giving preference to the JVM ecosystem, clients often outsource migration to experts or get Scala professionals on board. Thereby getting fault tolerance, proper development speed, and execution.

Scala technology in top-tier companies and products

You may still be wondering whether you should add Scala technology to the tech stack behind your product. Don’t worry; we have gathered some convincing examples of those companies that didn’t hesitate and opted for Scala.

Scala technology in top companies and products
Scala technology behind top products

Scala development workflow at Aimprosoft

Hiring Scala engineers in Aimprosoft, both startups and well-established companies get support from an idea to launch. After concept discussion, we proceed to the discovery stage to specify expectations and outcomes based on the conducted business analysis. The obtained estimate is a ground for a proposal that is expected to be followed by an agreement for development kick-off.

We offer agile methodologies and several business models that can be combined to fit your pace. Development, management, and delivery can be under control on our side to leave you gaining benefits from implementations. UI/UX design, DevOps, quality check and ser Acceptance testing, and after-launch support are available services to complete the Scala solution.

Available Scala programmers for hire

We, at Aimprosoft, try to grow and select the best talents from a broad applicant pool in the local area. Up to our requirements, a Scala software engineer has to be skilled in creating and maintaining Scala-based applications, show intensive involvement in architectural development tasks, perform software analysis, and deliver the product compliant with the app requirements.

Apart from hard skills, we attach great importance to soft skills and the ability to collaborate with cross-functional software development team effortlessly. Since we do not focus on one-time tasks, our Scala hiring strategy is aimed at people who can deliver an outcome in the long-term run. Trying to find a Scala developer for hire, fluent communication, a positive attitude, and a vivid interest in a client’s business are a few of the soft skills inherent to our developers.

Check the availability of Scala developers for your project. Book a call with our sales manager.

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Hire a dedicated Scala developer on these business models

A dedicated Scala development team is the perfect option for early-stage startups or long-term complex projects (6+ months) with a vague scope and evolving requirements.

Looking to hire a dedicated Scala developer to augment your existing dedicated development team, a staff augmentation model helps out in filling a talent expertise gap when emerging tasks require quick solving.

Hire Scala programmers to get a full cycle development model that is applicable for projects with different levels of complexity with a need for development from scratch or migration to Scala.

Choose the most suitable model for your project. Schedule a 30 minutes free consultation.

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Reasons to hire Scala developers at Aimprosoft

One of the key reasons for a project failure is the choice of the wrong IT vendor. There is a list of major aspects that should be checked when choosing a software partner, namely, portfolio, other clients’ reviews, expertise, and domain knowledge. If you’re wondering whether Aimprosoft is the best-fit company for you, check out all the sections below to make up your mind.

Benefits we offer

We transform large amounts of data with Scala everyday Highly skilled on-demand teams with fast scale up and down Vetted quality solutions for scalers with high performance and loads
We deliver valuable insights from unstructured Big Data sets 70% of any Big Data project in our portfolio are Scala-based Fast and easy-to-use enterprise-level data analytics

Scala niche expertise

Another reason to partner with us is the range of industries we have expertise in. The list below shows those areas in which we have profound Scala expertise. In total, Aimprosoft has expertise in more than 16 domains.

Scala niche expertise
Scala niche expertise of Aimprosoft developers

Success stories with our Scala developers’ contribution

If the arguments above weren’t compelling enough, we have prepared the description of several Scala-based projects that we successfully delivered to our clients.

Travel Assistant

Challenge: The product is a Java-to-Scala migration of the ticket aggregation and travel planning platform with microservice architecture and real-time big data processing. Our task was to deliver a system based on modern solutions such as cloud base, container friendliness, and big data.

Solution: We developed a platform with a set of microservices using the capabilities of Scala technologies. The client got a codebase migrated from Java to Scala with a reimplementation of existing features. Big data features ensured analysis and gaining insights. A highly resilient product was released quicker due to the functional elements of this programming language.

Kubkaf: IaaS platform for automation Kafka deployment

Challenge: KubKaf is a product that gives the possibility to deploy Kafka on the cloud in 1 click. Kafka as a Service in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner is the very essence of the solution. The client wanted to hire Scala developers to automate the development process by solving deployment and maintenance issues. Aimprosoft was engaged in implementing a brand new solution to satisfy the industry’s needs.

Solution: We made it real to deploy Kafka on a cloud with one click without any deep configuration. The platform supports many Kafka versions and cluster configurations. Also, it utilizes all advantages of Docker and Kubernetes to provide a fault-tolerant, scalable, and resilient system that doesn’t require a unique technological background.

Read more about the project and its implementation: KubKaf

Sector Edge: analytics platform for the do-it-yourself investors

Challenge: Architecture design, the transformation of raw data, and extraction of valuable market insights for the do-it-yourself investor analytics platform. Our task was to calculate raw data obtained from the third-party providers, set up its continuous update, and cope with the challenge of massive data upload to the database.

Solution: We used Scala to avoid duplicates while continuous data updates and managed to store data properly. Fully responsible for architectural solutions on the project, we achieved a higher operational speed and stability and continue developing it.

Read more about the project and its implementation: Sector Edge

Scala-based data lake platform

Challenge: A microservice solution for automating big data ingestion, consumption, and distributed storage for rapidly scaling systems. The customer wanted a system for users to ingest their data into a platform, share it, and provide access in an easy-to-use way.

Solution: We overcame challenges using a microservice approach where each service has its role. It supports both raw and file-based ingestion. Scala appeared to be the perfect fit for the automation of big data ingestion/consumption and storage with a fast-paced scaling tempo.

Our clients

One of the most important aspects to examine when hiring developers from a software vendor is the previous clients of the selected company. Hence, check out the companies we fruitfully partnered with.

Aimprosoft clients
Aimprosoft clients

Clients’ reviews

There is nothing more convincing than other clients’ feedback when you’re choosing the software vendor to partner with. Check out several reviews left by our clients.

  1. Demchenko Yevhen, Head of Engineering, The Home Like

    “We’d had some negative experiences with companies in the past misrepresenting the seniority of their team members. Aimprosoft, on the other hand, gave us a list of engineers based on price, with a description of their experience levels. Those levels have been exactly as depicted.”

    The product we developed: HomeLike

  2. Dan Seats, Co-Founder of Motive Retail company

    “Motive Retail has worked with Aimprosoft for the past 5 years. During that time Aimprosoft has proven to be a very good and reliable partner. Our software development requirements range from web applications to B2B Web Services, and Aimprosoft has delivered the technical skills to meet our needs. They are responsive, well organized, and are sensitive to our timelines. I have no reservations recommending Aimprosoft to companies seeking a software development partner.”

    The product we developed: MotiveRetail

  3. Tim Aldridge, Digital Product Manager, Ram Tool Construction Supply

    “Continuing to be a close partner, Aimprosoft has done an excellent job on all tasks. The team remains flexible and offers many services. They’re affordable and have assigned staff that works North American hours when requested.”

    The product we developed: Ramtool

If you are interested in checking other reviews left by Aimprosoft clients, explore our profile on the independent reviews platform called Clutch.

Wrapping up

With more than 17 years of experience in software development, we have significant benefits to offer to our potential clients: flexibility in terms of scaling the team, a wide range of specialists and engagement models, a solid portfolio, and much more. If you are looking for a company to hire dedicated Scala developers from, contact us, and our specialists will examine your request and offer the right candidates.

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