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How to Hire a Vue.js Programmer: a Complete Guide for 2024

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How to Hire a Vue.js Programmer: a Complete Guide for 2024 article image

Vue.js knowledge is one of the most searched skills among front-end and full-stack developers because it is the fifth-most-used open-source JavaScript framework. As a result, the need for Vue.js developers has been growing rapidly recently. For instance, on Linkedin alone, you can find 33,286 vacancies for engineers proficient with Vue.js. However, certain factors can make it rather challenging to find Vue.js developers to hire, such as a shortage of local talents, growing salaries for hiring in-house employees, and absence of knowledge in conducting the recruiting process properly. 

Thus, companies have to push their search boundaries and choose outsourcing as an employment model. In this article, we will shed some light on recruiting developers through outsourcing, explain the nuances of the hiring process, and reveal tips that will help you make this process seamless, like how to hire developers effectively at a reasonable price in a short time. Continue reading to discover how to hire the top Vue.js developer or a vue.js software development team for your company’s progress.

Benefits of hiring Vue.js developers

The progressive Javascript framework Vue.js is used to create robust single-page apps and user interfaces. This is why the versatility of the framework is used by famous and successful companies, such as Alibaba, GitLab, Statista, and many others. Let’s find out why these companies selected Vue.js for their tech stack by exploring what benefits it offers businesses.

Popular applications that use Vue.js

Popular companies that use Vue.js. Source: Stackshare

Accelerated time to market

Every extra week or month is a missed opportunity. An MVP (minimum viable product) can be created much faster with Vue.js than with any other framework. Because Vue.js already includes a lot of components, which, for example, on React, would need to be plugged in with other libraries. Therefore, a Vue.js specialist can deploy the project faster, reducing the time to market and saving your budget, and eliminating extra spending.

Community support

The technology came out in 2014 and is rapidly gaining popularity. The growing number of developers are choosing Vue.js, which contributes to the expansion and strengthening of the developer community as a result. Therefore, the chances that your product development will go smoothly increase, and deadlines will always be noticed because developers will always get information and help as quickly as possible. Moreover, you won’t need to change your tech stack or rewrite your software out of fear that Vue.js will become outdated soon. The community is more than swiftly evolving which means you can always rely on support.

Increased performance

Good performance is vital for any software product. Vue.js is considered one of the fastest frameworks for the development of web and app interfaces which helps improve product performance and CX (customer experience) by accelerating page rendering significantly. Moreover, a technology like Vue.js can be permanently implemented into the codebase without completely rewriting the element due to its superior capabilities. Thus, hiring a Vue.js developer specifically will increase productivity quickly and effortlessly. By doing so, you can accelerate the development process and reduce its cost. 

As you can see, hiring developers with knowledge of Vue.js technology can bring your business a significant profit. Now let’s now look at some of the factors you should consider before hiring such engineers.

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Things to consider before hiring a Vue.js developer

Hiring a developer is a matter worth taking seriously. Otherwise, there is a high chance of hiring a specialist whose technical skills won’t match your request or whose expertise won’t be sufficient for the completion of the set tasks. For this reason, we’ve put together some helpful pieces of advice for you in this section on what to watch out for before you hire a vue.js app developer.

Level of experience

You have to select it rather carefully since this is the main factor that affects the developer’s cost and ability to complete the tasks you set. Choose whether to hire a junior, mid-level, or senior developer, depending on your needs. We will return to this question below and consider developers with different qualification levels so that you can define what type of specialist you need for your project.

Determine your budget

This is an essential component but can be challenging to identify. It will be challenging to move forward if you don’t have a time and approximate cost value before you hire a Vue programmer. Make a rough estimate to determine the type of developer and type of employment you can afford.

Look for true professionals 

Finding a developer with a little bit of perfectionism pays off. Your project must be faultless throughout the development phase if you want it to be successful. Your developer should be excellent at tracking problems and eliminating bugs before your product is released.

Engagement models 

In order for cooperation to be successful for both parties, it is crucial to choose the right model of engagement. Decide which model suits you: outsourcing, in-house, or hiring a freelancer.

We’ve just discussed a few critical points to consider before hiring Vue.js developers. Let’s now consider a significant step before hiring, which engagement model to choose, and the pros and cons of each model so that you can choose the best one for your business.

Which engagement model to choose?

Knowing your project’s goal and type makes it worth thinking about which engagement model to choose. Today we will compare the pros and cons of the three recruitment models so that you can understand which model is suitable for you and your project.

Which employment model should you choose when you want to hire a Vue.js developer?

Which hiring model should you choose?

In-house model 

Creating a permanent development team with a monthly salary and other customary employment incentives is part of the standard hiring model. These developers may work onsite or remotely, but they are always your company’s employees, not contract employees or freelancers. This choice might be appropriate for larger businesses that are working on products requiring constant maintenance and functionality expansion.


  • Your team and the whole development process are completely under your control.
  • Direct communication with your employees, which is especially valuable in case of emergencies.
  • An internal employee is better able to comprehend the operation of the business and interact with coworkers face-to-face.


  • It usually takes a very long time to find in-house developers. You must manage every aspect of researching, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and keeping professionals on your own.
  • Possible lack of talent. Simply said, Vue.js-savvy developers or experts with a wide variety of experience can be unavailable in your location.
  • You must pay a sizable amount in taxes for each new internal employee.
  • You have to think through how you will retain the hired developers. 
  • It may be difficult and time-consuming to replace developers, so flexibility may be absent.


People that require assistance with one-time and not too complex Vue.js development tasks frequently choose to hire freelance Vue.js engineers. Through freelance platforms like Dice, Guru, and Upwork, you can directly hire Vue.js developers as contract employees. In most cases, small projects or tasks are assigned to freelancers.


  • By hiring freelancers, you can save a decent amount of money. This is since the hourly rates of freelancers are generally lower than those of in-house professionals, and you can save money by avoiding costs like labor, taxes, office maintenance, and others.
  • Flexibility is also one of the positives of hiring freelance developers. You can hire them for a set period and end the contract as soon as the services are no longer needed.  


  • Freelance developers are the hardest to manage. After all, you don’t have a reliable intermediary, as in outsourcing, where the company is responsible for the work of the developers you hire.
  • Freelancers are rarely responsible for problems and may even disappear. Deadlines are frequently missed since there is no way to monitor their work, which greatly increases the danger to the project.
  • The risk is that freelancers may greatly exaggerate their experience on their CVs, as no one checks their expertise.


A business practice known as outsourcing involves assigning some or all of the work to a third-party IT company. You have the option of outsourcing IT services nearshore (in a neighboring country or in the same time zone), onshore (inside your own country), and offshore (in a more distant country). Offshore and nearshore outsourcing has historically been used to cut expenses. Famous companies such as Slack, WhatsApp, and even Google have successfully integrated outsourcing and managed to grow greatly with its help. 


  • Flexibility. You may quickly expand the size of your development team or replace unsuitable employees. Outsourcing companies are always willing to make compromises and find the best solution for you. 
  • Reduced development costs. By outsourcing a certain amount of work, you save a lot on employee maintenance if you were to hire them in-house. There will be no such expenses as labor, taxes, office maintenance, etc.
  • Reliability. When you engage outsourcing companies with a high reputation in the market, they value their credibility. They are responsible for the result in their interest to deliver the best product for you.
  • By outsourcing a set of activities, you can focus on your core business goals while your provider does the development.


  • Lack of control. This can be an issue for many because managing a team remotely is more complicated than managing the in-house staff.
  • An imbalance between in-house and external employees. Existing in-house staff may be against the new outsourcing team, affecting workflow.

So we’ve compared several engagement models. Before choosing for or against a specific strategy, you should carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the various cooperation models to opt for the one that won’t hurt your business. Also, if you need to hire an offshore front-end development team, you may be interested in exploring our in-depth guide. Now, let’s find out where you can find a Vue.js developer for hire and which location is most suitable for finding talent.

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Where to find Vue.js developers for hire?

The decision to outsource front-end development is often related to the several challenges that businesses face: lack of necessary specialists in the local market, high cost of IT services, absence of recruitment expertise, high cost of the hiring process, and time it takes to find the right Vue.js expert. But how can you select a place with a comfortable time zone where your task will be completed professionally and cost-effectively? And how can you locate a nation having a huge pool of specialists? We will now look at the most popular outsourcing destinations where to find vue.js experts and help you find the best one for your project.

Latin America

Range of hourly rates in Latin America

Range of hourly rates in Western Europe

Latin American nations have recently seen a rise in outsourcing. This fresh path is only now starting to take shape, but it has promising future potential. The Americas doubled as the region with the most prominent outsourcing market in 2019. For instance, the global outsourcing market recorded its most significant revenue of the decade in 2019. Additionally, in 2021, the outsourcing industry in Brazil employed about 500,000 software engineers.

But the region also has a few disadvantages, such as a lack of securitization or the fact that Latin American countries do not adhere to international security standards like HIPAA. Another reason is the relatively high development costs. In Brazil, for example, Vue.js development’s average hourly rate is $45-75. This price might seem high for a new destination.

Western Europe

Range of hourly rates in Western Europe

Range of hourly rates in Western Europe

Western Europe is really popular among businesses from the US and Canada. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook prefer outsourcing software development to Western Europe. The top destinations in this region are the UK, Germany, France, and Belgium. These countries are preferred because of the high level of education and the average English proficiency score in the region: 57 out of 100. The range of hourly rates for developers in this region is $65-75 per hour.

The region also has disadvantages, one of which is the lack of technical specialists. For example, 94% of tech firms in the UK think that there isn’t enough talent in the country. This is why it is observed that Western European countries are outsourcing development to Eastern European countries. And below, we will discuss why this is the case.

Eastern Europe

Range of hourly rates in Western Europe

Range of hourly rates in Western Europe

So, the popularity of this region is due to many factors. Western European countries prefer to outsource to Eastern Europe because of low development costs; the average hourly wage is $50. Also, another good reason is that Eastern Europe has an above-average literacy rate of 98.99%. But an equally important reason is a large talent pool, with over 285,000 IT professionals currently working in Ukraine alone and 6.1 million experienced developers in Eastern Europe in general.

However, the time difference is this region’s weakness. The time zones between, say, North America and Europe are different. However, this ostensibly excellent excuse has the advantage that your offshore staff will be able to update you on the work and outcomes of tasks accomplished when you awaken.

So, we have discussed a few popular areas for outsourcing. And as we can see, every place has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, while selecting a location, consider the factors that you believe are most crucial for effective communication with the supplier and the project’s success, such as language skills, time zone, the size of the talent pool, etc. Let’s now find out the difference between Vue.js developers’ qualification levels so that you can determine which type of specialist your project requires.

Do you want to know how Ukrainian IT companies have adapted to the new reality and succeeded? Check our in-depth guide to learn why Ukraine is still a beneficial location for outsourcing.

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Vue.js developer skills and responsibilities

Knowing what kind of personal skills a dedicated Vue.js developer should have is crucial while searching for one. It is essential to keep in mind that the duties and abilities rely on the developer’s level of experience. Let’s examine the variations between the responsibilities and expertise of junior, medium, and senior software developers.

Hard skills

Level of expertise of Vue.js developers

Level of expertise of Vue.js developers


Years of experience: 1一1,5+ years

Must-have knowledge: Git and GitFlow skills, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding experience. Knowledge of JavaScript ES6 + ECMAScript 2015 standards and TypeScript (TypeScript can go to Middle)

Level of English proficiency: intermediate and higher


Years of experience: 2+ years

Must-have knowledge: Experience with Vuex. Excellent experience with the Vue.js framework and related elements like Vuex and Vue Router. Strong knowledge of JavaScript, React JS, and the most recent ECMAScript revisions

Level of English proficiency: intermediate and higher


Years of experience: 4+ years

Must-have knowledge: Experience with standard tools and services in JavaScript front-end development and software development, such as Git, GitHub, HTML5, Laravel, Angular, Node.js, and npm.

Level of English proficiency: upper-intermediate and higher


Let’s look at the duties that Vue.js developers should have to perform based on their level of expertise.

Junior Vue.js developers are just beginning their careers. A developer at this level often works on a project, carrying out basic tasks given to them by a manager or client. Junior programmers frequently require a mentor to review their work. They are suitable for the completion of simple tasks and bug fixing.

Mid-level Vue.js developers usually don’t require a supervisor to assess the quality of their work anymore. They can start a project from the beginning and solve issues relating to an existing project. 

Senior Vue.js developers are capable of creating, configuring, and fully deploying a product from scratch. This level of expertise is sufficient to make the developer capable of leading a team, designing the product’s architecture, and consulting you regarding the tech stack and the solution’s implementation.

What experience level would be ideal for your project when hiring a developer?

The junior’s skill set may be insufficient, so you might need to hire a mentor to review the junior’s work and spend more resources (both time and money) on it. Since this solution is not acceptable if you need to launch the project rapidly, we advise hiring a middle developer or a senior instead. As we mentioned above, these developers are truly independent and can deploy the project from scratch without assistance from anybody else. Selecting a developer with more experience always reduces the time to market.

Let’s now move on to learning how to ask the right questions in technical and soft skills job interviews.

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How to interview a Vue.js developer?

Before we move on to examples of relevant questions, it is essential to note that you should not only ask developers technical questions but also questions to check their soft skills. Vjacheslav is one of our senior Vue.js developers, shared some unique interview tips, and we divided the questions into two categories: questions about soft skills and questions about hard skills.

What questions should you ask a Vue.js expert during an interview?

Questions that should be asked during the interview

Hard skills questions 

Of course, hard skills are the first thing to look at when you want to hire Vue.js programmers. We share our best practices to help you determine a programmer’s skill level and identify a truly competent professional. And also, these questions will allow you to determine a candidate’s ability to focus on the core issues at hand, the methods they use to solve problems, and their efficiency and standard-setting capabilities.

  1. What makes up a single file, exactly?
  2. What differentiates one-way data flow from two-way data binding?
  3. Exactly what does the Prop component entail?
  4. In Vue.js, how would you implement filters?
  5. What are filters in Vue.js?
  6. Describe the reactivity of Vue.js and typical problems with tracking changes.
  7. What is virtual DOM, and why is it helpful?
  8. How can you create an instance of Vue.js?
  9. What distinguishes one-way data binding, one-way data flow, and two-way data binding?
  10. What is the use of the ‘const’ keyword in Vue.js?

Soft skills questions are similar in terms of significance to hard skills questions since developers usually cooperate with various specialists and should be able to convert tech language into a business one, share their opinion in a logical and comprehensive way, and be efficient team players. Here are a few unique tips we ask developers during the soft skills interview at Aimprosoft.

Soft skills questions

Soft skills are often challenging to evaluate during an interview, yet they can help you achieve a successful hire and avoid a terrible mistake. In addition to being excellent coders, it’s also crucial that your candidates exhibit creativity, diligence, and friendliness, so be sure to incorporate some of these questions into the interview process.

  1. How communicative are you?
    Vue.js developers with effective communication skills are great at interacting with customers and figuring out all the important details. Communicative developers also encourage others to do the same, which can help the team better understand each other’s problems.
  2. How do you solve different issues?
    Vue.js is still a new framework, and it requires a lot of coordination with other developers. Communication is important to see how others write and look at it from different angles.
  3. How do you take criticism?
    A question like that should be posed to determine if the developer can provide constructive criticism and accept it and be mature enough to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes.
  4. Do you follow the updates of Vue.js?
    Such a question is asked to check how responsibly a developer deals with the technology. This is an important question, as code styles often change with the release of new versions.

After examining the responsibilities and skills that a Vue.js developer should possess as well as interview questions, it is now time to evaluate the overall picture of the hiring process.

4 steps to hire a Vue.js developer from an outsourcing company

So, now that you know the right questions to ask during a job interview, let’s take a closer look at the hiring process and list the main steps. We want to share with you 4 steps for selecting qualified Vue.js developers.

Decide on a region for outsourcing

What are the main factors to consider while choosing the country where you will outsource? Of course, each person must make their own decisions, but here is some advice from Aimprosoft.

1. Choose a region with a comfortable time zone for you. 
2. Mind that the region should adhere to international security regulations. 
3. Opt for a region with a reasonable price for Vue.js developers.
4. Consider a location with a wide pool of talent in the region.
5. Pay attention to English language proficiency and high education level among the population.

Find a reputable provider

Choosing a potential Vue.js software development agency is incredibly important. So how do you check its reliability and reputation? Examine reviews on websites like TechBehemothsClutch, and GoodFirms. Check out the blog or portfolio on the vendor’s website before you start working together. This will assist you in choosing a supplier who won’t let you down, will meet your deadline, and produce a product that satisfies your needs.

Share your requirements with your preferred vendor

So, you have found the right IT vendor. When you apply to hire Vue developers from the Vue.js development firm, you should share with the vendor exactly what kind of developer you are looking for. In addition, you should determine which skills and abilities are most important to you. Also, at this stage, you need to provide the vendor with technical requirements and a project development strategy.

Sign the contract

You should now sign a contract that outlines your payment needs, deliverables, due dates, and any failure-related consequences. Once this is finished, you can begin the development process.

By following these procedures, you can save money, lower the risk of misunderstandings while outsourcing, and raise the chance that your product will be successful.

How much does it cost to hire a Vue.js developer?

Many companies hiring software developers look at different countries worldwide to find their needed talents. This puts into question the differences in wages and rates throughout the world. There are vast differences in the salaries paid to software developers and other IT professionals internationally, depending on the region. Let’s find out what factors affect the rates and compare salaries in different parts of the globe.

Hourly rates for Vue.js developers around the world

Hourly rates for Vue.js developers around the world

CountryHourly rate of middle-level Vue.js developers

The amount of money a Vue developer makes varies significantly based on where they live and, more importantly, their official place of residence. Compared to countries with lower incomes, such as Eastern European states, which are popular locations for software development among high-paying nations like Germany, the UK, and the US that typically have more expensive tax systems. 

Even if a Vue.js developer’s compensation in Poland, Romania, or Ukraine is not significantly different from that of a comparable employee in Germany or the UK, the overall expenses to enterprises are typically lower due to lower tax and pension requirements. Also, the salary levels achieved by developers with knowledge of Vue.js  also depend greatly on their broader technological stack and unique professional experience.

So now you know what factors affect developer rates, and it can help you choose the best option for you. Let’s now discuss why you should look at our company, Aimprosoft, and why you should hire a Vue.js developer here.

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Why should you hire a Vue.js programmer at Aimprosoft?

Reliability, quality, experience, and a wide range of services are likely to be listed in a Google search for the “reliable software provider” criterion. All of these requirements relate to our company, and you will see why.

Aimprosoft is a reliable software partner and here's why

Aimprosoft is a reliable software partner and here’s why

A high level of trust

We received a score of 4.7 out of 5 based on all client ratings on the independent review site Clutch. The majority of our customers who have benefited from our Javascript development services return to us for new projects and are positive about our collaboration.

Strong security

We always sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each of our clients. Depending on your requirements, we guarantee that the information you send us won’t be disclosed to outside parties. Our entire IT infrastructure is cloud-based and located in Germany. Moreover, we take all necessary precautions to ensure that all development-related operations can function efficiently in a remote mode should the need arise.


Our level of professionalism is high due to more than 17 years of software development. During these years, we have launched more than 600+ projects, and we’ve been working with Vue.js since the very first versions of this framework. We are skilled at using Vue.js to create web applications from the ground up and expand and maintain already existing ones. One of our most successful projects is RealiseMe, developed with Vue.js. 

The UK’s recruiting website, RealiseMe, connects schools with temporary teachers. And this is how the owner of the project commented on our collaboration “As an early-stage start-up, Aimprosoft has been able to accommodate us throughout the evolution of our product development process, making it easy for us to make swift changes while delivering a high level of software development, UX/UI, QA, and overall project management.”


Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks. Finding and hiring dedicated Vue.js programmers might be challenging because of that. Nonetheless, this article examines all of your options when recruiting software developers. We looked at the various hiring models, their benefits and drawbacks, the market costs, and the countries where employing Vue.js developers is most advantageous. We believe you now understand the best course of action. Additionally, if you’re considering outsourcing or outstaffing options, you can always get in touch with us, and we’ll choose the best and most experienced developers for your project.


Does the popularity of Vue.js affect the hiring process?

Finding an advanced and affordable engineer for your company is challenging due to the increasing demand for professional Vue.js developers. However, the process can be simplified by several factors and different hiring models, such as outsourcing to another country or hiring a freelance developer.

Why should I choose Vue.js over other front-end frameworks?

The main benefit of Vue.js is its small size, which makes it easy to download. It is one of the lightweight front-end JavaScript frameworks with the quickest growth. Writing Vue code also needs rudimentary knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How can a startup analyze Vue.js agencies?

When deciding what Vue.js software development company you should choose, consider the following factors:

  1. Company’s reputation
  2. Workflow 
  3. Portfolio
  4. Process of hiring at the company

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