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How to Make a Digital Transformation in the Enterprise and Succeed with Alfresco? Part 1

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How to Make a Digital Transformation in the Enterprise and Succeed with Alfresco? Part 1 article image

More and more companies transform their business processes digitally. But the enterprises are still far from being technologically innovated. Have you ever thought what prevents you from advancing your business flow? No? Let’s reflect together.

Alfresco is a top-rated open source platform for enterprise content management and business process management software, the convergence of which provides the efficiency and seamless binding through all critical business phases. Let’s consider why Alfresco might ultimately win others.

Digital transformation is engaged with success.

Global thinker Sangeet Choudary reflected on the rocket success of Silicon Valley, not unknown giants Airbnb, Facebook, Uber which are absolutely on everyone’s lips today. So it is digitization.

Of course, those companies like many others born in developing digital era, but it doesn’t mean the rest in the business world have to be tossed aside. They will have to take extra efforts to stay responsive and to facilitate true loyalty to their clients.

Sangeet portrays three points of ‘platformization’ as a core concern of the digital enterprise’s basis.

1. Efficiency comes with a digitalization penetrated into the crucial interactions while operating.

2. Evolution of business models modernized by digitization in order to adopt them.

3. Externalities are aimed to renovate and enrich the platform interfered with third parties.

Trendsetter shifts toward starting from the bare nothing.

The platforms are popular because of being digital-first entities. Let’s turn to the issue we’ve announced on the subject: how to make a digital transformation and gain success.

How can we break down the barriers between the past and the future with a digitally-enabled enterprise using Alfresco?

Here are the steps we suggest you follow when starting:

Prepare digital readiness in advance.

The first thought that has found the place in a mind of the initiator of digitizing workflow and business process management in a deep-seated company will whirl around in that head of his the problem how to prepare old believers to step into the new digital era.

First, one should divide all staff members into target groups concerning their digital readiness. It depends on each separate enterprise, but there are given some examples of keyed categories according to the level of direct dependence on a digital flow.

Top management. Boards would expect to be aware of the best ways they can produce relatively short paybacks of invested cash means, how quickly and qualitatively digital systems will be implemented, and the scope of permissions and roles available across the affiliate network, etc.

Mid-level supervisors. Marketing and forecasting managers, finance supervisors, production team leaders, and personnel managers, etc. are related to the first-hand training-demand category. Introductory meet-ups and lectures, workshops and training for personnel are to be held covering extensively beneficial advantages of more comfortable working processes brought by digitization. And one of the principal points the strategic thinking of every employee should be modified gently to focus on a new set of priorities.

Executors. Sales teams, C-levels’ assistants, production team members, courier delivery staff, etc. will require specific training to be ready completely not only use but advocate for innovations invoked to outdo the legacy order and raise the company to the next level.

There is not a full list of checking points we recommend to put the focus on. The expert tips about hardware capacity, end vision, synergy, and methodology for transferring will be shown up in the next article. Stay tuned!

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