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How to Hire Offshore Node.js Developers in 2024? – A Detailed Guide

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How to Hire Offshore Node.js Developers in 2024? – A Detailed Guide article image

Key takeaways

  • Find out the top reasons to hire offshore Node.js experts for your business.
  • Discover what risks are associated with outsourcing and how to overcome them.
  • Keep reading, and you’ll learn how the process of hiring a Node.js developer at Aimprosoft goes.
  • Get exclusive non-obvious interview questions for Node.js developers that can’t be found on Google.
  • Read about the main security tips on successful offshore Node development.
  • Learn how the salaries of Node.js developers differ depending on the region.
  • Find out why Aimprosoft might be your best choice when you need to hire offshore Node.js coders.

Because of its ease of use, speed, and ability to scale quickly, Node.js is gaining popularity every day. Node.js was listed as one of the technologies used by roughly 52% of software developers, according to the Stack Overflow developer study as of 2020. Well-known companies like Netflix, Uber, and eBay actively use Node.js technology in their tech stack. And if you too want to hire an offshore node.js development team, then in this article, we will take a detailed look at the option to hire Node.js developer from an offshore company.

Offshoring is a profitable solution for owners of small and medium-sized businesses and even corporations. Famous companies such as Google, Amazon (Ring), and WhatsApp have successfully delegated some scope of work to offshore companies. If you also want to launch your product in a cost-saving way, then continue reading our Nodejs guide about how to achieve this result.

What is Node js?

What is Node js?

Node.js is an open-source server-side platform that allows developers to create web applications using JavaScript. Ryan Dahl invented Node.js in 2009. Ryan claims that when he was working as we developer at Google, he figured out that Ruby (the technology he used for web servers) failed to meet certain tech needs, and its improvement back then failed to fix the existing flaws of the framework. It inspired him to create an efficient tool that would help to solve the file upload progress bar problem. Eventually, it became a robust runtime environment with all its beneficial capabilities that we know today. Developers may now utilize JavaScript to create web apps that operate on the server thanks to Node.js, giving them more freedom and control over the behavior of the applications.

Here are some of the main benefits of Node.js

High Performance

Web and mobile applications can benefit greatly from Node.js’ ability to manage many simultaneous requests that are quickly handled without clogging RAM. Such a benefit is possible thanks to Node.js’ single-threaded, event-driven architecture.


Node.js is a popular option for creating scalable apps due to its capacity to manage high levels of traffic and data with ease.

Large ecosystem

The extensive ecosystem of third-party modules and libraries available for Node.js makes it simple for developers to expand the functionality of their apps without having to develop certain things from scratch. It eventually leads to an accelerated product implementation process and a focus on building the core features of the product.

Cross-platform support

Node.js applications can readily target all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, using a single code base. To create cross-platform real-time web applications, developers suggest frameworks such as Electron or NW.js. These ready-to-use solutions eliminate the need for developers to write separate code for various platform versions and provide businesses with time and cost-efficiency, and the ability to expand their digital presence.

Fast and efficient

The V8 engine, on which Node.js is built, enables quick and effective execution of JavaScript code.

Now that you are more familiar with the framework, we can learn more about Node.js engineers and their roles in projects; all you need to know is if you want to hire a node js expert.

What does a Node.js developer do?

Developers may create scalable and highly performant apps with Node.js. The development and maintenance of these apps and guaranteeing their efficient performance are the responsibility of Node.js developers. Writing server-side JavaScript code is one of a Node.js developer’s primary responsibilities. This code runs on the server and manages operations like the upkeep of websites, communication with databases, and user input management. Express.js,, and Mongoose are just a few of the frameworks and modules that Node.js developers utilize to make this process simpler and more effective.

Overall, Node.js developers contribute significantly to developing reliable, scalable, and effective network applications. They create products that can manage enormous quantities of traffic and provide a fantastic user experience by utilizing their JavaScript and server-side development capabilities.

A Node.js developer’s usual responsibilities are as follows:

  • Developing server-side part of software
  • Writing reusable code
  • Identifying bugs and other issues
  • Carrying out testing
  • Optimizing application performance
  • Staying up to date with industry trends
  • Integrate cybersecurity and data protection measures
  • Provide suggestions for enhancement and incorporate them into development processes

Is it true that most Node.js developers are full-stack?

Developers specializing in Node.js are frequently full-stack specialists, able to work on both front-end and back-end parts of projects. They can use frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue to write client-side code and server-side code using Node.js. Node.js developers can approach application development comprehensively because they are full-stack developers. Making better decisions and developing more integrated and effective apps is made possible by their ability to grasp the big picture and comprehend how various program components work together.

Now that you know what Node.js developers will potentially be doing on your project, let’s explore what benefits your business can get from hiring engineers who know this technology.

Reasons to hire offshore Node.js developers for your company

Offshoring is one of the most effective cost-cutting strategies that companies use to develop their projects. As well as, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment and the ideal solution for developing your project since its key advantages are fast performance, flexible syntax, efficient code sharing, and regular library updates. Let’s focus more on the reasons why you should hire Node.js software engineers from offshore companies.

Save your budget and time

Yes, you can save when offshore Node js development. Offshoring means hiring Node.js development specialists from a company that is located overseas and most likely pays less for the product development than in your own country. For example, in Eastern Europe, salaries may be lower than in the United States. This usually does not diminish the quality of the product because the payment is based on the local market rate and not on the developers’ expertise, knowledge, or quality of their work. And we should note that according to Deloitte, the primary goal of outsourcing is to reduce costs.

Offshoring can also significantly reduce development time. The time you spend hiring developers or replacing unsuitable personnel is almost wholly reduced because an offshore Node.js application development company will do all this much faster. Startups are often the ones who benefit from such advantages as saving money due to limited budgets and the need to launch the product quickly.

Improve the existing project

It’s not uncommon for an already launched product to be enhanced since it no longer meets your definition of excellent quality. For example, your product doesn’t scale well, some features don’t work as you’d like, and you don’t have any developers on your team to fix the problem. Thus, the most profitable solution, in this case, is offshoring, which allows you to recruit several suitable developers for the time you require.

R&D projects that need to be improved are often offshored. After all, it is much cheaper than an in-house strategy and it opens the door to a huge pool of talent in the IT field and a new view of your project. Also, according to statistics, it is known that during the years 2022一2026, the market for R&D outsourcing services is expected to expand by $8.04 billion.

It is also worth noting that Node.js is well suited if you want to develop products such as real-time web applications, streaming applications, messaging apps, chat programs, social media apps, virtual emulators, etc.

Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility is another reason to turn for offshoring if we rely on Deloitte. Because of that, medium-sized businesses choose this practice of outsourcing software development to offshore companies, because they do not need to maintain many full-time employees. If you turn to an offshore IT vendor, you can always hire several developers to expand the team, replace some employees, etc. Also, if you are a medium-sized business owner and plan to expand your product, hire Node js programmers will be the best solution because this cross-platform environment makes it easy to scale the web or mobile applications in horizontal and vertical directions.

Do you want to know more about the main advantages of Node.js technology?

Read more

Node.js developers for hire: skills, roles, and responsibilities

When looking for a qualified Node.js developer, the most important thing is to be familiar with what kind of skill set they should have. It is worth remembering that the skills and responsibilities vary depending on the developer’s experience. Let’s look at the differences in the responsibilities and knowledge of junior, middle, and senior engineers.

The experience of the Node.js developers
Required years of experience for developers at various levels

Junior Node.js developer

  • Years of experience: 1一1,5+ years
  • Must-have knowledge: Node.js, JavaScript (ES6/7), SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • English: intermediate and higher

Middle Node.js developer

  • Years of experience: 2+ years
  • Must-have knowledge: Node.js (Express/Hapi/Nest.js), knowledge of TypeScript/JavaScript, SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis) Docker, AWS
  • English: intermediate and higher

Senior Node.js developer

  • Years of experience: 4+ years
  • Must-have knowledge: TypeScript/JavaScript, Angular, React, and knowledge of other JS frameworks, REST skills, and experience in RESTful API development, OAuth
  • English: upper-intermediate, advanced


Responsibilities may differ based on the complexity of your project, special technological requirements, etc. Let’s review the duties Node.js developers should take on depending on their degree of experience.

You should not expect something supernatural from junior Node.js developers. Remember that this is a person who is just beginning their professional path. Often it is necessary to assign a supervisor who will check the code of junior developers because they can make mistakes. Usually, a developer of this level works on the project, carrying out simple duties assigned by the manager or customer.

Middle Node.js developers are usually already independent, and they don’t require a supervisor to check the quality of their work. Moreover, they can help less experienced programmers. A middle level of expertise allows them to solve problems related to an existing project but also to start a project from scratch and deploy the product.

Senior Node.js developers know how to build a product from scratch, set it up, and deploy it entirely. A specialist of this level can lead a team. Because senior experts manage project development and inform everyone exactly how to continue from here on out, a senior should also be good at architectural design principles.

  • What level of offshore specialist is best suited for your project?

You may not need a team of only highly qualified specialists to perform basic tasks for your project (e.g., fixing bugs of moderate complexity, maintaining the product). In this case, we advise assembling a team that would consist of strong junior (who already have experience working on the projects) and mid-level specialists. Thus, the mid-level developer doesn’t require regular monitoring and already possesses a wide range of abilities and will be able to supervise strong junior specialists and will complete more complex tasks.

However, if your project is complex and long-term, you may require a mixture of both mid-level and senior specialists that will be a perfect option both in terms of price and quality.

So now you know what skills Node.js developers should have and what their responsibilities are. Let’s now find out what difficulties you might encounter when you decide to hire Node js developer offshore.

Risks of offshore Node.js development

Of course, offshoring has a lot of advantages, which we talked about earlier. But nothing can be perfect, and clients who want to resort to offshoring may encounter some difficulties. But we are here to help you clear up any doubts. Let’s discuss the most popular offshore risks and how to deal with them.

Risks of offshore Node.js development


Risks of offshore Node.js development

Distant time zones

The first challenge that comes to mind is the fear of not matching work schedules with the country you want to offshore. If we are talking about European countries, the time difference between them will not be more than 3–4 hours. But if we are talking about the United States and Ukraine, for instance, the gap in working time can be more than 8 hours.

In case you want to hire a dedicated team from Ukraine, where the time gap is significant. There is a bright side to this, too, because the offshore team can work on your project while you are still asleep and let you know the progress of the work when the day has already started. That’s how we work with our distant clients.

Risk of security loss and data leakage

The most serious risk is the leakage of information. It’s hard to put your project into a stranger’s hands, placing your intellectual property at risk. However, the risk can be reduced to almost zero.

We comply with all GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) measures, which protect your business from losing important information. Outsourcing companies that do not comply with these rules may be subject to fines. We also draw up non-disclosure agreements to protect your intellectual property. We will discuss the security aspect in more detail later in this Nodejs guide.

Cultural differences

Still, cultural differences scare large and small business owners and are a stumbling block when it comes to offshoring. Before hiring offshore Node js developers, you should make sure that existing cultural differences are not too significant for you and won’t affect your communication.

It’s also essential to manage the development process efficiently, so that cultural differences are nearly invisible. For instance, establish objectives, goals, and milestones properly in a multicultural team. It becomes much easier to achieve goals and track progress when they are defined and understood by all team members.

As we can see, all possible risks can be solved, and you can even benefit from it. And no matter how you look at it, the advantages of offshoring outweigh the cons, even if they seem serious. If we managed to dispel your doubts, let’s consider in more detail how to hire an offshore Nodejs developer.

Want to know all the details of how to hire an offshore Node.js developer?


You can contact us, and we will discuss all the aspects, and you will understand whether this cooperation model benefits you.


Where can you find offshore Node.js developers?

So far, we’ve learned about the advantages of Node.js and the cases when you may require a Node js developer for hire for your business. So, it is worth moving on to the ways how to find Nodejs developers for hire.

Contact an offshore IT company for Node.js developers

You can always apply for Node.js developers hire at offshore companies such as Aimprosoft, which will provide you with a wide range of specialists, and you can choose the most dedicated engineer. You can find an offshore IT vendor through methods such as referrals. Yes, it’s a very old way, but it’s still rather working. In turn, on independent review sites like Clutch, you may also find a profile of a reliable IT company and examine their expertise, reviews, and portfolio. With the help of this platform, you’ll be able to see key information you’re interested in without having to sift through such providers’ websites. 

Find a Node.js developer on job-posting sites

The most common recruiting approach is still looking for web developers on job-posting websites. Job posting sites reach out directly to your request. You can find Node.js developers on platforms like StackOverflow, Dice, Guru, Glassdoor, or Upwork. The main advantage of this way of searching for developers is that you can find thousands of profiles of people currently actively looking for work on such websites. But the downside of such platforms is that they do not promise skilled candidates. Some developers may greatly exaggerate their experience.

Find Node.js developer on a freelance platform

More and more experienced developers are turning to freelance these days, and there are online platforms for freelancers where you may find developers that are a good fit for you. Using online marketplaces to locate and employ freelance developers is a safe, efficient, and simple process. Toptal, Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, and Fiverr are the most popular platforms for finding freelance experts. Freelance sites can have a similar to job-posting platforms problem. You never know how qualified a person is, so always check the candidate’s portfolio carefully.

Now you are familiar with the topic of where to look for Node.js developers because we have considered several popular options. But how does the process of hiring an offshore Node.js engineer work? Let’s go right to the point!

A four-step guide on hiring offshore Node.js developers

So we learned a lot of interesting facts about offshoring and considered all the pros and cons of this business practice. It is also worth noting a big plus in the offshore hiring process, as opposed to hiring developers in-house, that the former is much faster. When you approach an offshore company with a request to find a good Node.js developer, the company most likely has a huge talent pool, and finding a good specialist will not take much. You can start a partnership in the shortest possible time. Let’s take a closer look at the process of hiring a Node.js engineer on the example of Aimprosoft.

4 stages of hiring a Node.js developer


4 stages of hiring a Node.js programmer

Step one: gather the requirements

So, you’ve contacted our company since you require a Node.js developer (or several). Our pre-sales team will gather as much information as possible about your project, including the technological stack, general requirements, the start date and deadline, and for how long you intend to collaborate.

Step two: provide you with CVs

During this step, we will share the CVs of our Node.js developers with you so that you can determine whether they are a good fit for your project. That’s why a thorough gathering of the necessary information is crucial thing for the previous step. Because the more information we have, the more qualified candidates we can provide you.

Step three: the interview

We will set up an interview when you choose one or more suitable candidates. This might be an HR interview to assess candidates’ soft skills or a technical interview to test candidates’ hard skills. The final step follows this one if the chosen developers have successfully passed the interview.

Step four: signing a contract

At this stage, we prepare the contract that includes specific payment conditions, deliverables, deadlines, and failure consequences, among many other factors. And if all of the conditions are acceptable to you, you sign a contract, after which we will congratulate you on successfully employing Node.js developers!

Non-obvious interview questions to ask Node.js developers during the interview

Many people only ask general technical interview questions that can be found simply by googling. However, even in things like interview questions, it’s preferable to be creative to ensure that this is the right candidate. In this section, we will discuss a few principles and non-obvious questions for a Node.js developer that will help identify a true expert. Such questions are recommended for interviews by one of our company’s technical team leaders.

What more can you ask a Node.js developer?


What else can you ask a Node.js developer during the interview?

Question 1: What are the most difficult tasks they have faced during their professional life, and how have they overcome them?

You can always first ask the developers a question about the difficulties they have encountered. Yes, this question is more about soft skills. However, such a question is extremely important because it will show how competent the person in front of you is, how quickly they can respond to the task at hand, and how creative their thinking is.

Question 2: Name the pros and cons of SQL and NoSQL databases. and “How to optimize database access for users from different continents?”

Because databases are the most popular method for achieving persistent data storage, most web applications require a Node.js developer to be familiar with databases. Databases are a crucial component of the infrastructure that Node.js uses to handle server-side operations in the backend of web applications.

Question 3: How can you parallelize the calculation?

Our technical TL often asks this question in interviews with candidates. For example, you need to get results from a database with more than a hundred thousand queries that still need to pull a bunch of information from different tables, which overloads the server. The answer to this question will help you understand how the developer will solve this problem so that the service does not hang and responds to queries when needed.

As you may have noticed, all these questions are about optimization. It is always essential to ensure that when developers encounter an issue or a bug, it’s critical that they not only solve it but also make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Security tips on successful offshore development

Working with an offshore Nodejs development company may be beneficial for your business. But, as we noted earlier, this way of hiring developers has its own risks. In this section, we will discuss how to overcome all possible dangers when hiring developers from an overseas company.

Tips on how to protect your intellectual property

Clouds and repositories

So how can your vendor secure your source code and sensitive data? For example, keep all the source code on repositories like GitHub or GitLab, set up all the security rules, and precisely control who has access to the code and can interact with it. To be secured, all data associated with your project must be stored in a database on a cloud service such as GCP, Azure, or AWS. Also, on cloud services, you can configure access to the database via IP address, so the database will only have access to those whose IP addresses will be added to the system. We actively use such security methods in our company.


Earlier, we mentioned that the company you choose as your IT vendor must comply with all the provisions of the GDPR. GDPR demands companies preserve their customers’ data and privacy rights. Companies that handle the personal data of European users must design and implement data protection by default in their systems and procedures. Also, one of the requirements of the regulations is that the company must have a Certified Data Protection Officer (CDPO). For example, at Aimprosoft, we have a certified specialist, so you can rest assured that your intellectual property is safe when you collaborate with us. 

NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

Every offshore IT company must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with its clients. You, as the customer, must define in this agreement the data you wish to keep private and the consequences imposed if this information is disclosed. For instance, at Aimprosoft, we always clarify with the client what information we can publish and what information we can not confide in any case. Depending on your requirements, we guarantee that the data that has been transmitted to us will not be made available to third parties.

Quality control

When drawing up a contract with your IT vendor, you can always make clauses that guarantee quality work when you outstaff. For instance, we take all necessary precautions to ensure it. If the developer provided to the customer for the project does not meet the client’s requirements, we can always replace another within 10-15 days. Also, in the contract, it is necessarily specified that the work performed by our developers must meet your requirements.

Keeping your company and your data secure is critical to keeping your project safe. You can potentially save your firm from future problems by making sure that the tips we have listed above are taken into account.

What is the cost of hiring offshore Node.js programmers?

When it comes to the price of hiring Node js developers, offshoring is a viable option, and it’s not just about price. Offshoring your company’s time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks works for you because it means extra financial resources that can be used to improve and expand your existing in-house team in the appropriate direction. Also, you can always save money when you offshore because the salaries of developers you could hire in-house in your home country may be higher than in other regions of the globe. Let’s compare the salaries of Node.js developers depending on the region where they live.

Node.js developer hourly rates around the world


Node.js developer hourly rates worldwide
Country Average hourly rate
The USA $70-80
The UK $60-70
Western Europe (Germany) $50-65
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $35-55

Many believe that the low price equals low-quality work, but this is far from it. Firstly, it is critical to recognize that a Node.js developer’s salary is determined by their location. Prices in North America are often much higher than those in Western Europe. It is this phenomenon that accounts for the price. And that’s great because you can save money without worrying about the quality.

Why choose Aimprosoft as your Node.js offshore partner?

After we’ve broken down all the pros and cons of offshoring, we discussed in which cases your project may require a Node.js developer. We hope that we have allayed your fears and that you have decided to hire a Node.js developer from an offshore company. You can always choose us as your IT vendor. Let us go over the important points that will convince you that we are the best choice.

Why choose Aimprosoft as your offshore software partner?


Why choose Aimprosoft as your offshore software partner?

Our experience with Node

No matter what programming language they use to build the code on the server, JavaScript is well-known to at least 80% of the engineers in our organization. As a result, our company has a large JS community and knowledge base. But on top of that, we have more than 50 Node.js developers. Many of them are seniors, so we can efficiently assemble a team with developers of different levels of expertise as middle and juniors to get quality architecture, high code delivery speed, and affordable prices.

With us your personal data is always protected

All devices with sensitive data are protected by our internal security compliance policy: hard drive encryption, strong passwords, VPN for external users, and network segmentation. Other security measures include immediate installation of the latest security patches, usage of intrusion detection and prevention systems, and launch of malicious applications detection systems that are configured for critical infrastructure nodes.

The critical question now is, how can we ensure the security of our customers’ data in time of war? We take all precautions and all development-related activities can function efficiently in a remote mode should such a necessity occur; our entire IT infrastructure is cloud-based and located in Germany. 

16+ years of experience in the IT industry

We have successfully launched over 600 projects in our many years of experience, having achieved a very high level of expertise in a wide range of domains. We care about our reputation, thus we strive to deliver the best results possible. We always carefully approach the requests of our customers, strictly observe all the set requirements, and are always ready to find the best way to implement your product.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will find qualified and the most suitable specialists for your project.



After all of the information mentioned above, we can definitely say that Node.js is suitable for a huge field of various projects. Therefore, it makes sense to hire Nodejs developers so that your business can also benefit from this technology. Our article discussed different ways to hire Node.js developer, reasons why you should pay attention to offshore companies, and how you can benefit from this business practice. Offshoring may seem like a risk to you at first, but now you know how to protect your business when you contact a company from a different country. 

The partnership with an offshore vendor will go well if you pay attention to the pieces of advice we provided in our Node js guide, and your business will only gain. If you are ready to start cooperation and hire offshore dedicated Node.js developers, then contact us, and we will find the ideal option for you.


Is the offshore Node.js team profitable for startups?

For every startup, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find really qualified developers. And time is money, so it is always a good idea to turn to an offshore company to hire Node js  expert as quickly as possible. Node.js, in turn, is suitable for startups because this technology is easy to use and speeds up the product launch process.

What is R&D offshoring?

Innovative businesses can increase their innovation performance and obtain foreign expertise by contracting out their R&D to external foreign parties (contract offshoring) or by offshoring their R&D to their own foreign affiliates (captive offshoring). Additionally, the performance link between R&D offshoring and R&D intensity is magnified by R&D intensity, meaning that enterprises with a bigger knowledge stock profit more from captive and contract offshoring.

Is it visionary advice not to offshore your R&D?

According to recent research from the Center for European Economic Research, that seems to be the case with the outsourcing of R&D. The authors contend that while outsourcing a portion of a company’s innovation may be advantageous, doing so goes too far and has the opposite effect.

Should I outsource Node.js developers?

It may be more affordable to hire outside Node.js engineers to gain particular knowledge and abilities that may not be available locally. Also, it might help you save time and money on recruiting, onboarding, and employee retaining activities and instead concentrate on the main objectives of the business. The choice to hire external Node.js developers should ultimately depend on your unique company requirements, spending capacity, and resources to manage the external team. Due diligence and careful planning are recommended to guarantee good outsourcing outcomes.

Is it difficult to hire expert Node.js developers?

The market for Node.js developers is competitive due to the increasing demand. As a result, it can be challenging to find and retain top talent in the local market. Outsourcing can be the most appropriate option to overcome these challenges, as it provides access to a global talent pool of Node.js developers with various skills and experience levels.

How to hire the most qualified Node.js programmers?

Use a methodical hiring process that includes defining the job requirements, sourcing applicants, screening resumes, holding interviews, giving tests, reviewing references, and making an offer to hire an absolute expert Node.js engineer. You can find the most suitable applicants with the knowledge and expertise to benefit your company through this method. Also, above, we discussed how to identify a qualified candidate, you can always use these tips from our article.

How much do Node.js developers make per hour?

Depending on their level of expertise, skill set, and location, Node.js developers can earn from $25 to $200 per hour. Also, bear in mind that costs might vary greatly based on the region and hiring model that you will choose, i.e., freelance, in-house employment, or outsourcing. 

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