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How to Hire a TypeScript Developer

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Key takeaways 

  • Learn about profits with CEOs’ and CTOs’ eyes when their companies have to hire TypeScript developers.
  • Read about the roles, responsibilities, tech qualifications, and soft skills to pay attention to when picking team members.
  • Search, tech interviews, and hiring are obvious. Find out also hidden from sight steps you’d better go through while augmenting your dev team with new members.
  • Development cost is skyrocketing. Job openings remain unclosed for months. But hiring a developer for an affordable price is still possible. Read below more.
  • You may be interested in how Aimprosoft remains reliable and stable in 2022. Moreover, the company has the TypeScript engineers you are looking for. Find out more.

The talent fight for TypeScript software engineers has intensified worldwide. Why? Because coding of low quality leads to сonstant refactoring and fighting technical debt followed by increasing spending for product development. Airbnb, Slack, Bitpanda, KAVAK, and others quickly realized the benefits of technology. 

Guess who was the first to take staff with this expertise?

Technologically advanced U.S.: 32,767 vacancies on LinkedIn, 17,684  job openings on Indeed.

Evolving European Union: 24,200 jobs on LinkedIn.

Startup booming Singapore: 1,874 in total for a region with the smallest population.

This is evidenced by the GitHub Octoverse report. TypeScript as an open source programming language became public in October 2012 and began its ascent in 2017. It was the third most popular programming language in 2023 overtaking Java for the first time. 

Top languages in 2023 by usage

TypeScript developers are those who are not lazy to add several additional code lines to a web or mobile application that will stand to benefit in the future, eliminating efforts to fix bugs. In this article, we will go through the benefits of TypeScript professionals and places to find the best and most affordable ones.

When should you hire TypeScript developers

The hiring process looks ambiguous in the eyes of different leaders. While the CEO is focused on cost-effectiveness above all, the CTO, with a tech area of responsibility, puts the tech stack of the future team member at the forefront. Recruiters, working in pairs with tech leads who insist on faster hiring with the highest tech-fit, dream of getting to the point from the first time and avoiding long exhausting processes. We know it is not by hearsay. So let’s see the cases when it is reasonable to hire TypeScript software engineers.

When CTOs would give anything for TypeScript developers

It has become possible, with minimal reservations, to write web applications in a strictly typed programming language using most of its advantages.

You know firsthand that when a development team consists of more than one person, there is a need to agree on the architecture, the choice of external libraries, frameworks, libraries, and other tools. Most of these issues are resolved verbally in a couple of rallies and refined verbally at subsequent rallies, followed by documentation.

As you start developing a large project, new questions and challenges will come up one way or another. It’s important not to miss the point when things can go sideways and frog boil over a slow fire. 

The expertise of your JavaScript developers without TypeScript can undermine many of the efforts made in working on a project. Or maybe not, if you initially include someone with that kind of expertise on your team.

When hiring TypeScript developers is reasonable

If your projects are as follows, do not hesitate to catch TypeScript developers for hire:

  • Building and managing large-scale JavaScript projects.
  • Your stack has already included React, Angular, and Vue.js.
  • The core of your project is going to be based on Node.js.
  • Iterative agreements on tech issues within a team.
  • Applications based on microservice architecture.

Back in history, corporations like Google quickly figured out that as JavaScript applications grow in size, the cost of maintaining and fixing bugs grows almost exponentially. Their tech talents responded by releasing GWT (Google Web Toolkit). But sharing that TypeScript entered Google’s tech stack at TSConf 2018.

Engineers at Airbnb adopted TypeScript at scale and prevented 38% of bugs according to postmortem analysis, as Brie Bunge told at JSConf Hawai. Scalability went faster and more safely.

Slack’s engineers were surprised by the number of small bugs in their code. As a result, they took it for all new code within days of starting a conversion.

Techies found a way how to overcome iterative bug fixing. Skilled with TypeScript, developers are able to minimize errors while writing code. It will also make it easier for new people to join the project in the future because it’s clearer what you’re working on within the code.

Hire a TypeScript developer, and obviously, software development will become more proactive with TypeScript.

Even Rob Palmer, JavaScript Infrastructure & Tooling Lead at Bloomberg, did it. Well, how are you any worse?

We can help you to hire a TypeScript 2 developer.


Figures for CEOs: how TypeScript developers save your budget

If the quality product and timely completion of tasks are more important for technicians, CEOs consider speaking by figures. 

According to DevOps, developers dedicate 15 hours a week on average fixing bugs instead of writing code.

The average salary for a JavaScript Software Engineer in the U.S. is hovering around $115,000.

That’s about $43,000 annual losses caused by software errors per JavaScript developer.

TypeScript specialists seem like a miracle with such figures, right? Imagine if your development team includes 3-5 front-end developers that cost you $345-575,000 yearly 

If you hire a TypeScript team, savings can be up to 37% which counts as $127-212 000 alternatively. 

For the saved money, for instance, you can hire 3 Senior TypeScript Developers from Aimprosoft.

Benefits hiring a TypeScript expert alternatively to a JavaScript developer

Recruitment: when you need to gig up a tech gem

Closing open positions for large-scale or enterprise-level projects is tough. It happens, tech leaders ignited with a perspective of less time-consuming implementation technology with more effective bug detection force recruiters, by all means, to find the best talents. 

How to cope with a task when:

  • Local recruitment looks not affordable;
  • Lack of domestic expertise;
  • Urgent need when deadlines are burning.

If you hire for a fast-scaling startup striving to build big with a small team for a  Node.js-backed core infrastructure, competition can’t be avoided. But you can easily close the gap with a full-stack JavaScript developer familiar with TypeScript.  


Recruiters can go straight to outsourcing companies to close positions with rare expertise because these developers are in short supply, and you can spend a lot of time on hiring and counteroffers. Look, by addressing a software development company, you solve a number of issues:

  • A wide tech talent pool in one place;
  • Affordable prices relatively to your area;
  • Build relationships and get staff faster.
Join fast-scaling startups and evolving businesses that have already gained benefits from TypeScript developers.

Let’s schedule a call to shortlist TypeScript developers for you.


TypeScript developers’ roles and responsibilities

Any job description’s most crucial section is likely this one. As a result, you should be very clear about the duties involved with the position for which you are searching for a qualified candidate. Sure, the list may be very long, but it’s understandable you want to hire the best one. Consider the following list as a backbone when you hire top TypeScript developers. They are involved as usual in:

  • Planning, developing, and implementing user interface strategy
  • Designing, developing, and implementing software solutions leveraging TypeScript and JavaScript (full stack)
  • Working closely with the architecture team (full stack)
  • Designing, coding, and testing an application to meet the design specification
  • Assisting in the integration of application components to meet business requirements
  • Working with designers and developers to create modern, intuitive UI 
  • Working on the design, look and feel of the web properties
  • Researching user preferences to continue improving the user experience 
  • Researching and mastering new technologies and best practices
  • Working in a team environment with shared code
  • Using source code control and process documentation
  • Improving JS and CSS quality 
  • Creating and performing unit tests and test automation
  • Conducting JavaScript code analysis
  • Recommending changes in policies and procedures  
  • Communicating with other teams as well as technical and business stakeholders

Despite the popularity of TypeScript, JavaScript is still in demand. Read how to outsource JavaScript projects effectively.

Take Me There
The profile of the TypeScript programmer

TypeScript developers’ skills 

Speaking about TS devs, there are three options: front-end developer, back-end developer, and full stack developer with knowledge of TypeScript. Let’s consider what to pay attention to depending on your preferences. 

Hard skills

Frontend TypeScript Developer

  • Extensive JavaScript experience
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • Experience in HTML, CSS
  • Detailed knowledge of one of the frameworks: React, Angular, Vue, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap.js, Nest.js, Hapi.js, KoaJS
  • Knowledge of libraries depending on the need: ReactJS, jQuery, Anime.js, D3.js, Chart.js, Exress.js,, etc. 
  • Extensive experience JavaScript testing library (Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, Enzyme or similar)
  • Extensive experience designing APIs
  • Able to establish good practices for a scalable, resilient platform

Backend JavaScript Developer (TypeScript)

  • Experience as a TypeScript/Node.js developer
  • Proficiency in TypeScript and its frameworks such as AdonisJS, Ts.Ed, Feather, etc.
  • Proficiency in Node.js and its frameworks such as Express.js, Nest.js, Hapi.js, Koa.js, StrongLoop, etc.
  • Experience with libraries:

Full Stack TypeScript Developer

Commonly, a full stack position assumes expertise of front-end and back-end skills.

  • Professional experience leveraging TypeScript/JavaScript 
  • Proficient with Node.js
  • REST API development experience
  • Experience in one of the frameworks and libraries such as AngularJS, React.js, Vue.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js,
  • Database experience (SQL/NoSQL), Mongo and BigQuery

Did you know that Node.js can work miracles for real-time web applications?

Know How

Soft skills

  • Great analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a team in a diverse/multiple stakeholder environment
  • Confident in time management
  • Proven English proficiency and clear communication ability 
  • Great energy and enthusiasm with a collaborative working style 
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Self-awareness and self-learning
  • Outcome driven, with the ability to lead and mentor and influence technical strategy as well as organize individuals and teams within existing sprint framework
  • Highly productive and solution-focussed with the ability to work autonomously
  • Able to advocate for the right technical decisions and priorities
Want to hire a TypeScript programmer of Silicon Valley caliber?

Let’s have a talk to find your specialists vetted for a Silicon Valley bar.


How to hire a TypeScript developer?

When searching for developers remotely, start by being clear on what exactly you’re willing to have. Startups and businesses should list all the specific criteria for a TypeScript сoder search. You can locate your ideal match by using these essential guidelines for effective hiring abroad:

How to hire a TypeScript programmer

  1. Step 1. Find a comfortable time zone fit

    Is the 2-hour difference insignificant to you? If not, you’re one of many European business leaders who prefer Ukrainian developers due to their proximity to your location. A two-hour delay is quite appropriate for synchronizing and maintaining rhythms. In contrast, Latin America gets more attention from North America and Canada due to its closeness. However, American customers value Ukraine as a digital hub because it offers respectable services at competitive prices.

  2. Step 2. Meet your needs with the tech destination

    Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and other countries of Western Europe have been able to meet their technological needs for more than 20 years with an Eastern European tech supply. The regions, as mentioned earlier, have a history of being technologically advanced with a high rate of scaling and rivalry, which results in a persistent lack of skills. With Ukrainian outsourcing companies that provide staff with the required years of experience in software development, many businesses and startups have discovered the solution. 

    For instance, from the beginning of 2021, Aimprosoft has been working on a SaaS solution for service inventory planning, upgrading the old monolith application to a more up-to-date, quick-running alternative using the TypeScript + React combo. We were able to maintain the integrity of both the new features and the current capabilities.

  3. Step 3. Care about the culture fit in an outsourcing area

    In reality, recruiting decisions always entail trade-offs. The values and mentality of Europeans are similar. That facilitates communication between Western customers and Ukrainian developers. Although over the more than 25-year history of cooperation between American and Ukrainian companies, the cultural gap in doing business has narrowed considerably. Consider cultural compatibility if you’ve never given it any thought. The ability to understand the material, however, may be more important than the location of outsourcing. First of all, you want things done well, so being able to delve in completely could have wider ramifications.

  4. Step 4. Rely on the recruitment experience of the vendor

    Companies from Eastern European tech hubs, particularly Ukraine’s, have perfected finding candidates with a high skill set. Many businesses guarantee to hire software specialists in two weeks. It can happen on certain days. For Aimprosoft, for instance, depending on the specificity of the skill set, onboarding to the client’s team takes 2-4 weeks.

  5. Step 5. Define your cost-quality balance

    While one might choose to say nothing, it would not be unnecessary to point out that cheaper hourly rates and unique benefits make front-end development outsourcing particularly alluring. However, the outsourcing industry’s overheating in 2020 caused a dramatic increase in software developers’ pay in the outsourced regions. Our recruitment data shows that in 2021, excluding junior hires, the median compensation increased 30% across all categories, so it became more expensive to hire a TypeScript expert. But for first sight. However, even increased pay and the chance to fill the knowledge gap inside the core team are advantageous for outsourcers.

    And now you can shortlist vendors, then their best candidates to interview them. Focusing more on the individual and asking them personal questions will help you probe their productivity fit because any tech skills can be worked out over time, contrary to human traits.

Read also a 4-step guide about how to hire offshore Node.js developers.

Know More

How much does it cost to hire a TypeScript programmer?

Weeks or even months may pass while searching for and hiring a good TypeScript developer. If you are fortunate enough to find a software developer, you will hire them for an affordable price without compromising the quality.

The matter is that the labor shortage is still a problem for the global economy. Salaries are starting to skyrocket for the most in-demand expertise as TypeScript. Technology will continue to be in great demand in 2023 and ahead, but it will be tough to engage and retain experienced IT personnel. Let’s see the salaries in the context of the market demand. Compensation data are provided by Talent, Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale, and SalaryExpert.

Salaries (per annum) of onshore TypeScript developers in countries of high demand for tech talents 
Average$130 000$70 000$48 500$60 000$55 000$60 000
Maximum$160 000$112 000$75 000$85 000$85 000$80 000

A need for TypeScript developers in the U.S. surpasses 32,000 job openings reflecting the highest application for tech talents, directly influencing the abyss between demand and supply.

Over 30 million websites are Node.js-backed, provoking high demand for developers. Learn more about the salaries of Node.js developers.

I’m Interested

Going to hire locally brings some obstacles related to the cost. But the cost is not a single cost-forming factor. Education (higher or corporate), expertise certifications, additional hard skills and soft skills, commercial experience, and the number of years in the profession also play a role. 

You may be surprised to see in the table a relatively low compensation for JavaScript software development services in the UK, Sweden, and Finland. The phenomenon in these regions reflects nothing else but a critically high talent shortage. Quite comfortable local rates, even with a salary rise, won’t change the situation for a positive. The relevant expertise and seniority level will stay the same, aggravating the long, detailed hiring process, additional compensation and benefits, and remuneration costs.

Suppose you have a long-term, complicated project requiring full-time specialists from business analytics to testers with a diversified stack. Then you have to set yourself up for significant annual investments to cover your evolving transformative initiatives fully. It may appear like a burden. 

Or may not. By delegating your tasks to the Ukrainian TypeScript frontend or backend programmers, for instance. Yes, it is possible to balance cost and quality by implementing software tasks according to your standards with a TypeScript development company.

You can hire a typescript engineer for $35-$55 per hour. 

Read how to make your digital product visible with an offshore front-end development team.

I’m Interested
Salaries of onshore TypeScript developers in countries of high demand for tech talents

Nearshore to Europe, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and India to the U.S, along with offshore the Philippines and Latin America, are other popular outsourcing locations in addition to Ukraine, which is unbreakable despite the current situation. 

Our difficulties have only hardened ours, and we are not slowing down; on the contrary, as one of the most prestigious and prestigious industries, the industry is attracting more and more personnel who can cover the demands of the technological hunger of Western partners.

Add a pro TypeScript developer to your team for an affordable price.

Schedule a call to interview candidates.


Why hire a TypeScript expert at Aimprosoft?

Resilient vendor

We experienced the pandemic. And survived, preserving all the clients and workers. Furthermore, we added a 20.44% increase to the total amount of Ukrainian IT exports, which exceeded $5 billion.

Despite the intense battle for freedom and success in Ukraine, Aimprosoft has contributed $3.1 billion to the total income of the nation’s IT sector since the beginning of 2022, up from $2.5 billion a year earlier.

Security first

By selecting a software partner that prioritizes cyber security, businesses may reduce risks while simultaneously enhancing brand trust, ensuring compliance, boosting productivity, and igniting creativity. All customer projects are secure because our complete IT infrastructure is headquartered in Germany and is cloud-based. We take pride in offering our clients the greatest level of cyber security, certified by Cyber Essentials, a UK Government-backed, industry-supported certification scheme. Since we have protected IT infrastructure and sensitive data against cyber attacks, we can simply stop the most typical attacks. 

Cooperation models fit everybody’s needs

Aimprosoft is a software development company offering startups, SMBs, and enterprises digital transformation services. 

Business models: 

Payment models:

  • Fixed price
  • Time & Material 

600+ completed projects

Over 600 projects were completed successfully for startups and companies of all sizes for more than 17 years. Aimprosoft has a large pool of frontend development specialists with TypeScript expertise; 33% of them are full-stack web developers.

Seven popular domains

We provide software solutions for a broad spectrum of industries. The most active sectors in which we presently provide software solutions and have substantial experience include Education, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, Telecom, and the Internet of Things.

Adaptivity to force-majeure 

War-affected but not broken. Since the russian invasion, we have quickly resumed working, and after a month and keep delivering, forging new partnerships, and hiring personnel.

We operate at full capacity, adjusting to the new war-related force majeure circumstances in our office in the secure city of Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine), both domestically and abroad.

We continue to be extremely responsible and keep our word before our customers. Amprosoft is pleased with our clients’ 100% retention rate following your values. In order to meet the demand for new contracts, we resumed hiring in April 2022, one month following the invasion.


You can hire niche specialists suited to the specialized expertise of platform-based solutions. You are offered web developers proficient in frontend technologies used with Hybris, Alfresco, and Liferay solutions.

Clients repeatedly recognize Aimprosoft as a trusted provider of backend and frontend development services.

Aimprosoft is recognized as a reliable partner and expert of TypeScript


By choosing the right developers, you choose the right future for your project. TypeScript developers already appreciate the advantages of this technology. All you need to do is hire the right people in the right place to become competitive, indeed. Contact us today and get your benefits with TypeScript developers from Aimprosoft.


Is TypeScript still relevant 2023?

TypeScript outperformed Java by a staggering 4.64 percent points, moving up from 30.19 percent of respondents in 2021 to 34.83 percent in 2022 (Stack Overflow). Out of the top 20, that is by far the highest increase, which shows the growing interest of programmers in this technology, and, thus its widespread use.

How many JavaScript developers use TypeScript?

69% of JavaScript developers use TypeScript regularly according to survey dd 2021. It is three times as much compared to six years ago (21%). 

How fast can Aimprosoft onboard a new team member for my project?

If we have staff members ready and available, we can frequently send you staff members sooner than two weeks. And it can take us a little longer if you need a developer with a hard-to-find skill set. Even though ramp-up times can differ, we make it our business to meet your outsourced needs as soon as possible.

How fast can we start with hired TypeScript developer?

Finding the ideal developer and beginning work on a project It often takes one-two week to find a typescript developer if only we do not have a couple in our pool. However, the needs of the client really dictate this. After agreeing on the project scope and candidates, we can sign an NDA and start working.

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