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How to Hire an Angular Developer in 2024: Engage the Best Talents at Reasonable Costs

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How to Hire an Angular Developer in 2024: Engage the Best Talents at Reasonable Costs article image

Key takeaways

  • Is Angular still relevant in 2022, and will it be so further? Check out compelling arguments that prove the development of an Angular-based product is worthwhile.
  • Figure out what technical skills Angular developers should have.
  • Have Metaverse, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other trending phenomena made their own adjustments to the role of Angular in software development? Learn more to keep up with changes in the tech world.
  • Use our step-by-step guide to go through the Angular app developer hiring process smoothly. Interview questions, tips on finding developers quickly, points to consider during the soft skills interview, and much more, just keep reading. 
  • Find out reasons why Aimprosoft is a perfect place to hire an Angular developer.

The growing needs of customers, on the one hand, and businesses rapidly adopting a customer-centric approach to meet them, on the other, have been key factors evoking a complete revamp that web development has been going through recently. The shift that makes companies search for working solutions more than ever before has created a true battlefield for web technologies, creating an environment where only the most efficient ones can survive. Angular happened to prove its capabilities and rightfully took a firm position among the most favorite tools both among businesses and the dev community.

Thus, if you have already acknowledged its benefits and decided to engage such developers for your project but are not sure how to hire an Angular programmer, balancing between their work quality and rates, this guide is for you. We will explain what skills and responsibilities such programmers should have, reveal tips on how to arrange the hiring process correctly, and of course, talk about salaries and hourly rates.

Angular vs. Angular.js developers: differences to keep in mind

The basics you should start with before hiring an Angular development team is to know the actual difference between Angular and AngularJS technologies in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. You may think that these are interchangeable names of the same technology. The answer is no; they are not. AngularJS is a JavaScript front-end framework that was first released back in 2009 and is considered an umbrella term for all 1.x versions. In turn, AngularJS has an MVC architecture and supports only JavaScript.

However, in 2016, Angular 2 an open-source framework written with the help of TypeScript, was released for the development of dynamic web apps and as a sort of replacement for AngularJS. Since there were a significant number of changes introduced when creating Angular, it’s considered a new framework. Unlike AngularJS, Angular has a component-based architecture that enables faster development, and the framework is optimized for SSR (server-side rendering).

Thus, Angular is considered faster in terms of performance, has a wider range of language options that it supports (e.g., JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart), and can be used both for cross-platform mobile and web development.

difference between Angular and AngularJS

Difference between Angular and AngularJS

According to the opinion of our senior, full-stack Angular developer, you can hire an Angular.js developer for the support of old projects that were initially built with the help of AngularJS. In turn, all modern projects are currently written with the help of the Angular framework. Hence, hire a corresponding coder depending on the needs of your project. 

Now, with a clear understanding of the difference between AngularJS and Angular, let’s proceed to explore the skill set and expertise Angular developers should have to complete your project seamlessly.

Angular developer role: how it changes in meta & crypto world

Angular, Metaverse, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, why are they even standing in one sentence? Well, before jumping into the explanation of how the Angular developer’s role has evolved over time and how you can benefit from it, let’s first check in which areas Angular is applied most often. The list of applications that can be built with the help of this technology is the following:

  • SPA (single-page applications)
  • PWA (progressive web applications)
  • Cross-platform mobile apps
  • Scalable enterprise solutions
  • Server-side rendered apps
  • Large-scale dynamic products
Angular framework usage statistics

In turn, industries, where the usage of Angular is most popular, are e-commerce, real estate, automotive, e-learning, news and media, finance, and many others. Over time, Angular has proved that it can be efficiently used for the development of a wide range of products from various industries. On top of that, with the recent rapid growth of popular web trends, such as meta, blockchain, web 3.0, and cryptocurrency, that are significantly affecting the web development landscape, the role of Angular has extended. To be more precise, with the help of Angular, businesses can now create the following types of cutting-edge products:

  • Blockchain web client
  • Robust cryptocurrency dashboards
  • DApps (decentralized applications)
  • Client-side of NFT marketplaces
  • Metaverse platforms

The list above contains just a few bright examples of those products that can be developed using this framework, and it isn’t limited to the ones mentioned. 

Why does this even matter to my business? Well, the fact that Angular is used for the creation of one of the most trendy products that are completely revamping the tech environment shows that the technology is extremely prospective and proves once again that it’s worth leveraging among other tools in the tech stack behind your product. Secondly, it shows what transformation the role and skill set of Angular developers’ is undergoing, making them more than just programmers who can develop simple interfaces of web products. Finally, if the product you consider creating is related to the areas mentioned above, you can be sure that such specialists can be of great help by making them a part of the team.

Skills and responsibilities of Angular developer

When hiring an Angular developer, you should clearly know what skill set, knowledge, and expertise a specialist should have in order to understand whether the developer will be able to complete the set tasks and develop your product or not. Based on the experience of our senior JS developer Oleh who have 8+ years in full-stack development, an Angular specialist should have the knowledge of the following core set of technologies:

skills that Angular developer should have

Angular developer’s skills

The developer states that apart from the core set of technologies that such specialists should know, that are additional ones that can also be a part of the Angular developer’s arsenal; however, they drastically differ depending on the type of project you have. For instance, the list below covers those supplementary tools that often occur together with the  Angular core stack but are not mandatory.

  • Docker
  • WebSocket
  • Webpack
  • Bootstrap
  • Material UI
  • Design Patterns

Taking into consideration all the technologies mentioned above, this is the ideal portrait of the Angular developer you should be looking for:

a portrait of an ideal angular programmer

A portrait of an ideal Angular developer

Responsibilities of Angular developer

Undoubtedly, the responsibilities of an Angular developer vary depending on the type of project, the stage of the product development, the developer’s expertise, type, and even qualification level. For instance, usually, Angular developers are considered as professionals who are working on the implementation of the client’s side of the product. However, it’s not uncommon that such specialists are full-stack ones, meaning they can work with the server side as well. Obviously, the responsibilities of the latter ones will be different, to say the least, and extended. 

What we offer to consider below are the key responsibilities of Angular developers that can be considered as a backbone of those tasks that they perform when being engaged in the project. Hence, let’s check them out.

  • Planning and implementing user interface strategy
  • Developing error-free software leveraging TypeScript and JavaScript 
  • Working closely with the development team
  • Being able to translate tech language into a business one
  • Conducting unit testing to check whether the product meets the set requirements
  • Working closely on the design, look and feel of the product
  • Keeping up with the new technologies and updates necessary for constant enhancements of the product
  • Conducting code analysis
  • Recommending adjustments if necessary
  • Creating responsive design 
  • Participating in the definition of system functional requirements
  • Developing high-performing and reliable software components
  • Solving problems at all stages of the project life cycle
  • Consulting with the design team
Looking for an experienced Angular developer who can complete all the tasks mentioned above?

Contact us, and we will find you a specialist who will become that missing puzzle you’ve been looking for.


Step-by-step guide on hiring Angular developers in a competitive environment

steps necessary to hire an Angular developer

Steps necessary to hire an Angular developer

Step №1: Get prepared for the upcoming hiring process

To ensure that the hiring process goes smoothly, it’s crucial to make certain preparations beforehand. Based on our experience, you have to consider the following points and form clear answers to them:

  • What is the type and scale of your project?
  • Decide what number of developers you need to hire.
  • What is the time frame in which you want to complete the hiring process?
  • Determine the budget you have for hiring such specialists.
  • Figure out skills such a specialist should have that are required for your product development.
  • Do you have a tech-savvy professional that will be able to interview candidates and pick the right ones?

The answer to these questions will help you form a clear image of the Angular developer you need to hire. Moreover, in order to get rid of informational noise and not look for the developer with skills that are not relevant for developers with this type of specialization, we recommend scan job posting platforms with ads similar to your case and paying attention to the section in our article where we list skills Angular developer should have. 

Overall, you may not be tech-savvy enough or have previous experience hiring such specialists and working with this framework, but you should have a clear understanding of what you are looking for and what tasks you expect such programmers should complete.

Step №2: Decide with the type of employment

Freelance programmers

The advantages of hiring freelancers are a large talent pool of Angular developers for hire,  a variety of hourly rates, and the flexibility of such coders. They are perfect for short-time and not complex tasks and won’t be the right fit for large-scale projects with vague requirements. 

In turn, the disadvantages of hiring such specialists are possible security risks, poor code quality as an outcome, the mismatch between claimed and real skills, and not sufficient immersion into your project.

In-house developers

When it comes to hiring in-house employees, the pros of such developers are a deep immersion into your project, full control over on-site employees, and direct communication. Consider hiring in-house developers if you require the constant presence of such employees for continuous product maintenance. 

The cons of hiring in-house employees are the high cost of such specialists and multiple hidden costs, training of such specialists is your responsibility, and the constant dealing with a turnover rate. In terms of the nuances that hiring in-house developers has for you is the ability to attract top talents in this highly competitive environment. Hence, mind that you have to offer more than just a competitive salary; namely, you should offer a positive work environment, learning opportunities, great social packages, and care for the employee’s well-being.

Outsourcing or outstaffing

This is a perfect option to find angular developers who are skilled in short deadlines and for affordable prices in case you choose a popular offshore destination. The pros of turning to an outsourcing company are access to highly skilled developers and a plethora of various professionals, domain knowledge, and seamless scaling of the assembled team. Choose outsourcing or outstaffing in case you’re a startup with budget constraints, have a talent shortage in the local market, or have vague project requirements. Explore our detailed guide to outsource javascript developers that will reveal all tips and tricks necessary to go through this process smoothly. 

The challenges businesses often face at this stage are fear of cooperating with an unreliable vendor, insufficient control over the project, and miscommunication. Hence, not to start a collaboration with an unreliable software vendor, we advise examining the company’s profile on independent review platforms, such as Clutch or Techreviewer, where you will find feedback from previous clients. Moreover, review the vendor’s portfolio, which should have similar to your project cases.

Step №3: Screen candidates

Once you decide on the employment model, you will have to go through with the candidates’ screening. It means that you will have to examine numerous CVs to understand whether the developer is right for your project. The most important aspects to pay attention to are skills, years of experience, type of completed projects, and certification.

Step №4: Conduct the interview properly

interview questions to ask when hiring an Angular developer

Interview with an Angular developer

Usually, a tech interview is conducted by a senior Angular developer or tech lead. Although such professionals have their own list of questions they consider worth asking and have their own approach to selecting the right team members, we asked our senior Angular developer to enlist questions he would ask if hiring such a specialist. 

  • Name key components of Angular.
  • What are lifecycle hooks available?
  • What is the purpose of an async pipe?
  • Tell us, what exactly RxJS is.
  • Explain in your own words what Angular Universal is.
  • What is AOT?
  • Tell us, what Angular animation is.
  • Name ways to trigger change detection in Angular.
  • List possible data update scenarios for change detection.
  • Do you know the purpose of ngFor trackBy?

Undoubtedly, the evaluation of hard skills is not the only aspect you will have to deal with during the interview. Soft skills are another component to examine. It’s usually conducted by the HR manager. Despite the fact that you are hiring a tech specialist, the following soft skills are vital: their ability to translate tech language into a business one, ability to work as a part of the team, attention to detail, curiosity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence. 

Finally, when conducting both tech and HR interviews, pay attention to the way the developer expresses their opinion, whether answers are extensive or not, and how logical they are.

Still not sure how to hire the right Angular developer for your project?

Contact us, and our tech experts will review your request and help engage the best-fit Angular programmers.


How much does it cost to hire an Angular programmer: rates and salaries overview

Every business wants to hire an Angular coder with solid expertise and profound domain knowledge but for an affordable rate. Two main factors that affect hourly rate and salary are the type of employment model that you choose for hiring Angular developers and location. Pros and cons of each model we have already viewed in the section above, now let’s view an impressive range of costs to hire such specialists.

Freelancers’ hourly rates

PlatformRange of Angular developers’ average hourly rate

Cost to hire in-house employees

CountryAngular developers’ average salary
Czech Republic$42,500
*Data was gathered from the statistics provided by Glassdoor, Payscale, Alcor,, and, and reduced to an average rate in the US dollars

Hidden hiring costs. Unlike the two other options, hiring in-house specialists is not only the most pricy option, but it also presupposes various hidden costs that you should be aware of. For instance, according to the statistics, the average U.S. company spends $4,000 to hire a new employee. The additional cost that you will have to consider when hiring an in-house Angular developer are benefits additional to salary, payroll taxes, equipment-related expenditures, training, additional certification, and healthcare insurance.

Outstaffed Angular developers’ hourly rates

CountryAngular developers’ average hourly rates
Western Europe (e.g., Germany)$50—65
Eastern Europe (e.g., Ukraine)$35—55

Interested in hiring Angular developers from an outsourcing software company? Explore this comprehensive guide to learn more about cooperation with offshore IT vendors.

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Why hire an Angular coder at Aimprosoft?

More than 17 years of IT market presence allowed us to gain not only solid expertise but also to obtain a significant competitive advantage. Even in the most turbulent times that our country and IT sector are going through now, we managed to stay afloat, prove once again our reliability, and even attract new clients. So, let’s view the reasons why our current customers continue converting into loyal ones and why new customers choose us despite a plethora of other options.

Expertise beyond measure

We have completed more than 600 projects which helped us form profound expertise in developing a product of various types and complexity. Moreover, we formed a large pool of front-end developers who are knowledgeable in Angular, Vue.js, JS, TypeScript, React.js, and many other technologies necessary for the creation of modern, competitive solutions. Moreover, 33% of our TypeScript specialists are full-stack developers.

Jira-like solutionThe client came to us with a request to extend the functionality of an MVP version of the cross-platform Jira-like app and transform it into a full-fledged solution.Angular was chosen for the implementation of client-side, while Next.js was selected for the server side of the product, In the course of the development, our team implemented the following functionality: video calling, creation of tickets, advanced dashboard, creation of projects with descriptions, and much more, creating a robust solution with the right stack.
Image measuring appThe client came to our data science consulting firm to create an application that defines the size of a certain area or the entire object by identification of the reference object on a picture made with a smartphone.This application consists of several backend services wrapping ML models (an object detector and an image depth estimator) and a frontend application to access these services. The developed app simplifies the process of item transportation by automating the object measurement process.
pr.businessThe client’s request was to create a local-search directory from scratch that would be capable of collecting data about local SMBs and managing digital listings from popular services (like Yelp, Google my Business, and others).Our team implemented the following features: the ability to gather reviews, receive status reports and updates from a net of search engines in one place, tools to manage data on listings, and help businesses prevent changing their information with the matching algorithm, etc. The platform turned out to be a successful product that attracted more than 8 million users.
*Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the names of all the developed products due to the NDA agreement we signed with our clients.

The expertise we obtained allowed us to gain multiple achievements from independent review platforms which acknowledged the quality of the provided services. Some of them include:

Aimprosoft is recognized as a reliable partner and expert of TypeScript

Aimprosoft achievements

Trustworthiness with a capital ‘T’

The most important pillar in the collaboration between the client and IT vendor is trust. Our clients consider us as a reliable software vendor since we always ensure we use the best security practices and follow compliance standards peculiar to the developed project. All customer projects are protected because our complete IT infrastructure is headquartered in Germany and is cloud-based.


Over the years, variety became our second name. Firstly, we have more than 350 different specialists (e.g., DevOps, designers, QA engineers, Software Architects, PMs, BAs, etc.), which allows you to hire Angular.js developers and also assemble a dedicated team that will work on your project synergetically. Secondly, we have expertise in more than 20 domains. Our major ones are healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, telecom, IoT, and e-learning. It means that whatever your project type is, most likely, we already have the corresponding domain knowledge necessary to implement your product.

Finally, apart from Angular-based product creation, we provide a wide range of other related services such as JavaScript development services, modernization of legacy solutions as well as development from scratch, infrastructure optimization, creation of scalable TypeScript solutions, migration between frameworks, consulting, and much more.


We truly believe that if you aren’t flexible in this fast-pacing, harsh world, you simply won’t be able to survive. This rule can be applied both to companies and people, so we prefer to follow it. One of the major aspects where we apply flexibility is with the business and hiring models we offer to our clients. Different types of products require different models, so we can easily establish our collaboration with startups, SMBs, and enterprises. The engagement models we offer:

Business models: staff augmentation, dedicated dev team, full-cycle development 

Payment models: fixed price, times & material

Were the arguments compelling enough?

If so, drop us a line, and we’ll start our fruitful cooperation.



So, it’s time to summarize everything mentioned above. Angular is a proven efficient technology when it comes to the development of web-based solutions and cross-platform mobile apps. Thanks to its capabilities, a growing number of businesses are building products eagerly using them. But the problem they usually face is the actual hiring of Angular developers who will meet their needs in terms of quality of work, skills, and cost. Thus, if you are looking for an efficient solution to such an obstacle and need to hire an offshore front-end development team, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will help you hire an angular development team for your project.


What are the factors that affect the cost of hiring an Angular developer?

Type of employment (in-house, freelance, outsourcing), developer’s qualification level and skill set, and location are the factors that affect the cost of Angular developers. For instance, if you choose to hire a freelancer, their range will vary drastically, from $20—100 and higher. The in-house developers, in turn, differ significantly depending on the country. For instance, an Angular developer from Mexico earns approximately $42,000 annually, while one from Canada earns about $131,500. Moreover, you will have to deal with multiple hidden costs if hiring in-house specialists, such as health insurance, advertising to attract top talent, training, onboarding, etc. 

Finally, the average hourly rates of specialists hired from outsourcing IT vendors also differ depending on the location. Angular programmers hired from a Ukrainian software company may range from $35—55, while the coder with the same expertise hired from Germany can charge $50—65. 

How do I hire Angular developers?

The process of hiring Angular developers consists of multiple steps, and it can be completed successfully only if certain best practices are followed. Start with defining your project goals, and requirements for the developer, and identifying the skill set such a specialist should have. Then, based on your budget, deadline, and business needs, determine which employment model suits you most (i.e., hiring a freelancer, in-house dev, or one from an outsourcing IT company). 

The next step will be to shortlist candidates or IT vendors (in case you decide to go with outsourcing or outstaffing). Then scan the chosen candidates, paying attention to education, portfolio, skills, and obtained certificates if there are any. Finally, conduct both tech and soft skills interviews which will show you whether the developer meets your requirements.

Where can I find Angular developers?

Freelance platforms, software development companies, and local job search websites are the main options where you can hire an angularjs developer. Everything depends on which type of employment model you decide to choose. In case you decide to hire a freelancer, the best way to do so is to look for them on trusted freelance platforms where the platform’s managers serve as mediators, can help solve conflicts, etc. Such platforms are Upwork,, Toptal. The next option is to hire such programmers from Angular development companies. Independent review platforms will help you shortlist candidates, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and TechBehemoths. Finally, to hire an Angular development expert who will be an in-house developer, opt for job posting websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Linkedin, and Monster. 

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