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Guide on JavaScript Development Services Offshore for Startups and R&Ds

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Guide on JavaScript Development Services Offshore for Startups and R&Ds article image

Key takeaways

  • Together, let’s explore the range of JavaScript services offered by offshore companies and determine which of them could be most appropriate for your project.
  • Let’s look at JavaScript offshoring trends for 2022 and what to expect in 2023.
  • Everyone has probably heard that offshoring benefits your business; let’s explore how.
  • Nearshore or JavaScript offshore development? Explore the pros and cons of each of these models and what can benefit your product more.
  • Let’s take a detailed look at the rates for JavaScript programmers worldwide, as well as potential hidden expenses involved with offshoring and suggestions for avoiding them.
  • Are you searching for the ideal offshore provider to handle the development of your JavaScript project? Let’s examine the excellent candidate — Aimprosoft!

JavaScript has been the most widely used programming language for nine years in a row, according to Stack Overflow. This is understandable given the widespread use of JavaScript in various products, including games, cross-platform mobile applications, web servers, IoT devices, and server applications. For instance, a whopping 97.8% of websites use JavaScript for client-side development. 

Hence, if you are interested in developing a modern JavaScript project and can’t decide on a suitable engagement model for you, then let’s talk about offshoring, the type of JavaScript services an offshore company can provide you, and what profit such a model of cooperation can bring to your business.

We’ve compiled the best trends for 2022 and beyond for you to help you keep up with offshoring trends. 

1. New partnership horizons

The role of outsourcing services has been reconsidered as the significance of using new technologies has grown dramatically. By 2023, outsourced service providers will be anticipated to offer extended services such as consulting, R&D, data analysis, technical analysis, etc. Machine learning will also be a popular area referring to Fortune Business Insights.

2. Typescript enters the battlefield

Another trend is the growing popularity of TypeScript (TS), which is a superset of JavaScript. And in recent years, TypeScript has risen to the top of the list of preferred programming languages. TypeScript improves the scalability of projects. Most websites operate within complex systems, and TypeScript prevents the aforementioned issue by utilizing object-oriented elements like interfaces, modules, and generics.

3. More supplier independence

Outsourcing to offshore destinations isn’t considered an unreliable business practice anymore. Business owners are increasingly trusting their overseas providers and giving them more freedom on the project. A noticeable trend in dedicated development teams over the past few years has been the diversification of responsibilities and talents, which minimizes customer engagement in the technical process and gives vendors control over project implementation.

4. Ember and Svelte

The top three JavaScript frameworks are Angular.js, Vue.js, and React.js. Referring to Stateofjs research, frameworks such as Ember and Svelte are gaining popularity. These frameworks are predicted to overtake Angular.js, Vue.js, and React.js as the most widely used technologies since they are simpler to learn and therefore speed up the development process

Benefits of JavaScript software development offshore

Offshoring can be a profitable solution for businesses of all sizes but especially for startups. Offshoring enables you to save money, hire people more quickly and conveniently, and gain access to a worldwide talent pool. We will concentrate on the advantages of JavaScript development services offshore today to provide a complete picture of what you get if you choose this cooperation model.


Cost reduction is something you may start thinking about while developing a startup software project. For an American startup, for instance, the majority of offshore countries such as China, Ukraine, and Poland have less expensive labor than American JS developers. As a result, you can pay less for the same level of competence and expertise with an offshore software development company than you would in your own country. In other words, choosing offshore software development will save you money without compromising the project’s quality or the expected outcome.

Faster development

You lose more market share the longer it takes to build your project. Additionally, the cost of the project increases with its duration. It’s difficult for startup owners to develop projects from scratch by assembling the in-house team and managing development-related processes since employee recruiting, hiring, onboarding, product implementation, and management require both time and skills, tech background, and domain knowledge. Experienced offshore software development firms can hasten the development process and complete the project on schedule. This will guarantee on-time delivery of the project, together with ongoing improvement and adaptable responsiveness to change.

 Freedom from hidden costs

R&D centers often spend a lot of money on their research and do not want to face hidden costs, such as taxes, insurance, etc., during the development of projects. You can reduce your costs in many established ways by outsourcing JavaScript development. For each in-house employee, there is no requirement for recruitment and no ongoing tax obligation. No need to keep up with staff training and maintenance, so offshoring will save you tens of thousands of dollars while developing any project.

Great talent pool

The ability for businesses to form strategic research collaborations with overseas firms is another benefit of outsourcing R&D to offshore IT vendors. Innovation is the result of combining local and foreign knowledge because of common interests. Also, you will have access to a wider pool of workers with better talent if you outsource. The fact that you’ll have more options and better candidates to choose from will expand your horizons and improve your chances of upscaling your business.

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages that outsourcing to offshore destinations can bring you and your company, let’s discuss different outsourcing strategies, such as offshoring and nearshoring, to determine which is best for your project.

Are you serious about offshoring?

Contact us, and we’ll help you create a competitive JS-based project.


Services that can be delivered by offshore JavaScript developers

Let’s look closer at what JavaScript services an offshore company and its developers can deliver. Below you will see the most popular JavaScript services provided by offshore IT vendors. 

What kinds of JavaScript services can an offshore company provide you?

What kinds of JavaScript services can an offshore company provide you?

Interactive cross-platform application development

One of the most widespread JS services is the creation of interactive cross-platform mobile apps. An interactive app is an application that allows users to interact with audiovisual information via gamification, visualization, etc.

E-commerce platforms creation

In addition to creating websites, developers use JavaScript to build sophisticated and scalable e-commerce platforms. By providing such services, offshore JS specialists can develop cost-effective and practical e-commerce platforms.

Web applications implementation

This language is typically used to develop the web app’s front end Uber, PayPal, and Netflix are a few examples. JavaScript is so popular for web application development mainly because it is simple to understand and learn. It can also be easily implemented, saving web developers a ton of money when producing dynamic content. So, offshore JavaScript web development can be very profitable for you.

JavaScript services delivered by Aimprosoft

Above, we have given examples of offshore companies’ most popular JavaScript services. Let’s now explore what services we provide at Aimprosoft in addition to those we described earlier. 

JavaScript server-side development

In addition to developing the front-end side of the product, we also offer back-end JS programming services. We can create scalable network applications with JavaScript on the client side and Node.js on the server. Also, you can receive business rules and other script logic to support the application architecture. And if you are wondering how to hire offshore front-end developers, you can always contact us.

Migration between frameworks

The desire for faster interactive mediums is the main reason our clients come to us in search of JavaScript developers. Our staff can do version upgrades and migrate your projects from outdated JS tech stacks to well-liked open-source frameworks and libraries like Angular, React.js, and Vue.js, to mention a few.

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 JavaScript portal development

The use of JavaScript frameworks and libraries is permissible for platform-based solutions that address particular business concerns, such as collaboration portals (built with Liferay), document management systems (created with Alfresco), or e-commerce products (developed with Hybris). We may integrate them with OOTB core as part of JavaScript web development services to improve user experience.

JavaScript consulting

At Aimprosoft, you can receive assessments and recommendations for strategic JavaScript usage before the start of the development process, get help while assembling the development team, get a comprehensive view of how to create high-quality user interfaces from concept to production, etc.

Of course, this is not a complete list of the JavaScript services that our company offers. Additionally, our JavaScript experts are competent to deliver your project from a mere idea to its launch. A bright example of a successfully developed by Aimprosoft team JS project is 一 a platform for building brand recognition that focuses on managing local listings and reviews for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Using popular JS technologies such as Node.js, Angular, jQuery, and others, our developers built a robust, rapid search engine that offers excellent performance and is built on a scalable architecture. Although functionality is still being added in response to market demands and company expansion, the client received the expected results and launched the product.  

 Nearshore or offshore JavaScript development: the right decision is half of the future success

Сomparison of the nearshoring and offshoring

Nearshore or offshore JavaScript development: which is the best model to choose?

Where to outsource JavaScript development of your project: to nearshore or offshore company? This is the question that many owners of large and small businesses are asking. Let’s try to figure this out together. This section will discuss all the pros and cons of offshore and nearshore outsourcing and which option can bring more benefits to your business.


Offshoring can be a very financially rewarding strategy. As was previously said, salaries for JavaScript developers may be higher in your country than in other locations with a large number of outsourcing companies. You save on developer hourly rates on the entire product development process. Customers have access to a large talent pool, flexible scalability, and higher efficiency than in-house development, which results in a noticeably shorter time to market. 


  • Hard to control 一 yes, a company far from you requires a well-established management process than if you had staff working for you in-house. But still, if you look on the bright side, you can free yourself from project management by hiring a skilled PM and focusing on the global goals of your business instead.
  • Cultural differences 一 cultural differences still discourage company owners from developing offshore. But if you find the right provider with a similar outlook on workflow, software development, collaboration process, etc., will the differences carry weight?


Nearshoring is very convenient because you outsource to a nearby country, and most likely, you will not encounter the problems that await you in offshoring. For example, if you and the nearby country are in the same time zone, most likely, there won’t be any problem in monitoring the project’s progress in real-time and contacting vendors. This brings communication with the nearshore company to a more comfortable level.


  • Higher rates since offshore development is less expensive, nearshore software developers can charge a high price and can’t match the rates of offshore companies.
  • Possible lack of talent 一by choosing the offshore engagement model, you automatically get a wider range of talent, and nearby countries may not have such a large talent pool.

Each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages. By choosing to outsource, you are, in any case, you staying with the profit. It will be much faster and more cost-effective than hiring in-house developers or freelance JavaScript engineers because you do not have to spend much time and money on recruiting. Also, choosing the right software development company gives you access to a large pool of multidisciplinary specialists who can be integrated into your team and processes within days.

Offshore JavaScript development hidden cost

Let’s now break down the costs of offshore JavaScript programmers. We compare developer rates by region, discover hidden costs, and find the best ways to prevent unnecessary spending and protect your business.

Possible unforeseen costs you might run into

Different time zones

Business owners are still frightened by time zone differences regarding offshore outsourcing. The main fear is usually related no the inability to fix the problem in time. For instance, allegedly, while your overseas team is of their working hours, your product is experiencing an unpredictable load and can’t cope with it. Potentially, this means the incorrect work of your product and unsatisfied customers. So, is there any chance to prevent such a challenge? 

How to prevent such an outcome?

The solution is to find the right vendor without signs of a bad reputation and insufficient expertise for your project. The experienced vendor will take precautionary measures, such as taking care of the product’s scalability beforehand in case of a high load. Always check the future vendor’s reputation and level of expertise. You can look at reviews on such platforms as TechBehemoths, Clutch, and GoodFirms.

Check the website of the vendor you are interested in and look at the blog or the page with released projects before you start cooperation. This will help you not to make a mistake and find a vendor who will not let you down, will meet the deadline and will give you a product that matches your requirements.

Possibility of source code leakage

A source code leak is always a risk to your business. Imagine someone who shouldn’t have seen it got their hands on your code. They can then market your idea first. In that situation, your project would no longer be revolutionary. For fear of losing money due to source code leaks, many start-up entrepreneurs and owners of large companies are afraid to outsource software development. This fear is not forethought, but even this problem can be solved.

How to prevent such an outcome?

All systems and procedures used by companies dealing with users’ personal data must, by default, be developed with data protection in mind. To begin with, your vendor should adhere to all compliance standards based on the particulars of your project (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.). To prevent source code leaks, your vendor must use GCP, Azure, or AWS cloud databases. This is how you secure your code and save your budget.

Paying for overtime

When you Google the drawbacks of outsourcing, you frequently find prejudice, like the fact that you must pay for the overtime of the hired outsourced team. Because you have limited control over the project and you risk discovering errors or problems after they have already occurred. Additionally, it will cost money and take time to resolve the issues. However, it is simple to counter this argument against outsourcing.

How to prevent such an outcome?

Yes, such situations happen when the client is unsatisfied with some set of work, and it’s certainly possible to say that most outsourcing companies are flexible and ready to fix mistakes and find a better solution. For example, in Aimprosoft, if it is Dedicated Team and the client is not satisfied with the performance of any of the developers, we have to find the reason, talk to this team and redo some work for free, or provide a week or two for free for the period of hiring a new developer. Or justify why the client is wrong (this is also possible) and provide a plan of action in the future.

Spending on a trip to an offshore country

Suppose, you are searching for information about the hidden costs of offshoring. In that case, you can come across quite a strange example of how with offshoring, you can overspend while traveling to another country where you choose to outsource. Allegedly you or your project manager will need to travel to the location where your vendor is based on gaining firsthand knowledge of the development process, the state the project is in, etc. But such claims sound ridiculous, and here’s why. 

How to prevent such an outcome?

Outsourcing to an offshore destination, in its basic form, entails giving up control over the project’s development to a vendor, freeing you up to concentrate on your company’s primary objectives. Again, as we wrote above, it all comes down to choosing a reliable vendor. Dependable companies with experience in the IT field and a good reputation in the market are responsible for your project. It is in the interest of the offshoring company to do everything at the highest level. 

Additionally, imagine that you have all of the project’s documentation and detailed requirements, typically gathered during the discovery stage. In that situation, your provider will have a clear idea of how the project should be carried out and will be able to run it from beginning to end. And, of course, in the age of technology and digitalization, it’s necessary to go abroad to visit your vendor and meet with developers in person because all the critical issues can be solved online.

Want to know more about discovery stage and how it can help your project succeed in the market? Read our in-depth article on the subject.

Take Me There

In fact, offshoring gives a lot of advantages, unlike other engaging models, and even such a “disadvantage” as the difference in time zones can be turned into a plus. The continuous workflow between projects will allow you to get work done faster. 

Also, by hiring an offshore development team, you save on training new employees because you are hiring already qualified and experienced java script developers offshore. By applying to offshore organizations, as we mentioned above, you save on tax payments because, so the salary of JavaScript developers offshore can be less than in your country, which brings financial benefits to your business. Now we will compare the developer’s rates in different parts of the world in more detail so that you have a clearer picture. 

JavaScript developers rates worldwide

As we said before, many factors, such as developer’s qualification level, location, demand in the local market, etc., affect developer salaries. So when you look at our table, don’t be surprised to see a striking difference in hourly rates.

Rates of JavaScript developers globally

Rates of JavaScript developers globally

CountryHourly rate

So, as you can see, offshoring brings more value to your business than challenges. And also, by saving on offshore js developer rates, you pay less, but you don’t sacrifice quality.

Why choose Aimprosoft as your offshore JavaScript development company?

So far, we’ve covered offshore trends, the advantages it might have for your company, and average JS developer’s rates worldwide. And if now you are seriously considering offshoring your JavaScript project, we have an excellent candidate for the role of an IT vendor for you 一 Aimprosoft. And let’s find out the reasons why.

Why choose Aimprosoft as your offshore JavaScript development partner?

Why choose Aimprosoft as your offshore JavaScript development partner?

Our experience with JavaScript

We have been in the industry for more than 17 years and have worked with JavaScript since its first versions. Also, we have released 600+ successful projects during this time on the market. We are skilled at using JavaScript to create applications from scratch as well as to expand and maintain those that already exist. JavaScript is well-known to at least 80% of the engineers in our organization, and 50% of our JS developers are full-stack specialists.

Successful projects developed with us

Let’s take a closer look at the JavaScript projects we have released that still successfully exist on the market and withstand a lot of competition. The names of the projects are confidential because we have signed an NDA with our clients and value their decision not to disclose confidential information.

Management solutions for publishing suiteA customer from Germany was searching for a JavaScript programming company to build several modules for a publishing management suite. Building a bridge to connect to other applications was one of the requirements.Developing well-structured SPAs with excellent dynamic capacity proved to be a simple and effective option in the early days of Angular. With the help of automation testing, we developed a large number of web pages that made it simpler for a client to maintain, modify, and expand a web system.
SaaS solution for service inventory planningWe were working with our longtime client and were asked to refactor a monolithic legacy application. We were happy to act as a JavaScript development agency.There was no question as to how to approach the problem in the best way. We applied a module-by-module overhaul technique using TypeScript and React while maintaining the integrity of the existing functionality and the new features.
Complex loT-powered smart home solutionAimprosoft engineers were given frontend responsibilities after demonstrating their programming skills in building architecture and backend for a smart-home loT platform designed for reducing electricity consumption.The client relied on the technology stack we selected, including React, Redux, JavaScript, Python, and others. Frontend architecture, business logic, analytics visualization, user accounts, and a powerful admin dashboard became doable with these technologies. The option for a customer to arrange the time for automatically activating a chosen device at off-peak or the most suited period and the lowest tariffs is a key component of the web application developed by our team.

As you can see, based on the information above, our developers have all the skills and experience required to assist you with the implementation of a project of any complexity. Please get in touch with us if the arguments above convinced you to hire javascript programmers offshore from Aimprosoft.


It is clear from the above information that JavaScript is suitable for a wide range of projects, offering numerous benefits to start-ups and large companies alike, such as high development speed, cost savings, compatibility, advanced functionality, etc. Hence, hiring JavaScript developers offshore makes sense. As a result, allow your company to take all pros of this technology as well. 

In our article, we examined the advantages of working with offshore IT vendors, the reasons why you should consider doing so, and how to get the maximum benefit from it. If you are ready to start a business partnership with a reliable and experienced offshore software company, contact us, and we will help you create a competitive JS-based solution.


How can JavaScript have a beneficial effect on my business?

Developing a software solution is expensive, especially for startups and small and medium-sized businesses. With JavaScript and related technologies, projects requiring many hours to code may be done rapidly. Most JS technologies are open-source and free to use for developers. You won’t need to spend money on expensive subscriptions or product licenses. A JavaScript software solution will be far less costly to develop.

Is my offshore team protecting my data?

Data security is one of the top priorities in most offshore software development companies. For example, at Aimprosoft, internal security compliance includes network segmentation, hard drive encryption, strong passwords, and VPNs for external users to protect all devices that store sensitive information. Other security measures include using intrusion detection and prevention systems, installing the most recent security updates, running malware detection systems on virtual infrastructure nodes, and more. We also use cloud services, where access to the source code is controlled.

Can I benefit from offshore in 2022?

The answer is, of course, yes, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Access to international experts

As we previously noted, salaries in other nations may be lower than in your own, allowing you to hire highly skilled professionals with extensive experience while still saving money.

  • The ideal method of scaling

The easiest approach to scale a business more effectively is through offshoring. Due to the low cost of labor and operating expenses in offshore countries, investments can go a long way and help businesses increase their profitability.

  • Business continuity

While there may be some disturbances in your country or simply seasonal or national holidays, your offshore team continues to work, thus making the development process uninterrupted.

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