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Scala Software Development Company

This is a golden age of automation, with Scala staying at the front for big goals. It lets monetize the most valuable asset of business: data. During the last century, the world was actively collecting information, undertaking attempts to harness it in entrepreneurship. Data is now yours for taking it in the best possible manner. Aimprosoft Scala development company can help you develop workable solutions to navigate across the fluxes of data heritage.

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Today we work for the result that works for you tomorrow, influencing ROI and value in the market. Application architecture, server-side core for standalone or cloud-based solutions, business logic for mobile apps, and platform-based software in Java for specific types of industry needs are a choice of many. Outsourcing some of your tasks to the Java software development company, you get full-cycle product development done in parallel with your core business goals.


Scala application development services

Scala allows creating reactive and scalable services easier than with the help of other popular technologies. Addressing a Scala development agency, you get your applications delivered faster and less expensive.

Scala SaaS development

SaaS development as a web-based model works quite well among scaling companies. It’s favored for its accessibility from anywhere, reduced costs for maintenance, fast adaptivity to business growth, and basic in-house tech efforts. We combine SaaS and the scalable language Scala to bring you maximum value.

Big data development

Our Scala coders help clients with an extensive database or those who use a third-party’s structured or unstructured data to create an analytical system with data transformation, filtering, and aggregation. Big data solutions help determine the target audience and build communication with customers more competently.

Machine learning development

Scala is excellent for creating machine learning algorithms. Comparatively to other languages, this development tool allows us to solve business challenges easily and with broad functional capabilities.

Scala web development

As the most demanded JVM-based alternative, Scala can support two programming paradigms: functional programming and object-oriented programming, which are the pillars of almost all enterprise software solutions.

Scala consulting

At Aimprosoft, you can get consultation when you have concerns about whether the open-source Scala programming language suits your software project best, what benefits Scala brings, and what risks may emerge. Also, we offer a code review for your existing project.

Migration to Scala

Our clients choose Scala for a reason of fault tolerance, speed of development and execution, and brevity. Migrating to Scala will also benefit clients who continue having access to the Java virtual machine ecosystem.

of our big data projects are Scala-based
of our Scala projects are startups
of analytical software we developed has Scala in its stack

What we build in Scala

Scala web development covers analytical systems, detailed reports, big data storage, and processing at maximum in real-time. We use this scripting language to potentiate your business.

Custom Scala-based solutions

Providing custom software development of analytical services, it’s imperative to know that data will be aggregated and processed as expected. We leverage Scala to do it.

Travel platforms and websites

Data ingestion services

ML-based applications

Cloud-based SaaS solutions

Big data processing using Scala-native technologies

Data analytics

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Why us

Why choose us as a Scala development partner

Clients from finance, eCommerce, healthcare, media, marketing, and other industries come to us to drive swift business decisions efficiently. They expect to get fast and easy-to-use data analytics at an enterprise level. We respond with Scala development services.

We know how to process large amounts of data.
Senior machine learning and data science experts are on board.
We are skilled in helping large-scale businesses handle high loads with Scala.
Our Scala programmers are skilled in the development of big data projects.
We are skilled in applying Scala technologies to build products for a wide range of domains.
Our clients

Our best Scala cases

Travel Assistant Screenshot
Kafka Screenshot
TMI App Screenshot
Scala Based Screenshot

Travel Assistant: ticket aggregation and travel planning platform

Challenge: The platform had an advanced system for booking tickets, building travel routes, an advanced search system, customer care, email distribution, and more on a legacy basis. As expected, the Aimprosoft development team had to deliver a system based on modern solutions such as cloud base, container friendliness, and big data.

Solution: Our software engineers developed a platform with a set of microservices leveraging the power of Scala technologies. The client got a codebase migrated from Java to Scala with a reimplementation of existing features. Big data features enabled analysis and gaining insights. A highly resilient product was released faster due to the functional elements of this programming language. Brevity, concise syntax, and processing of massive data in real-time were particularly determinant in this case.

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Kubkaf: IaaS platform for automation Kafka deployment

Challenge: Kubkaf is a Kafka-as-a-Service platform. It allows deploying Kafka clusters without any deep configuration in Microsoft Azure Cloud. The client looked for a Scala development firm to help automate the development process by solving deployment and maintenance issues. Aimprosoft was engaged in developing a brand new solution to satisfy the industry's needs.

Solution: We made it real to deploy Kafka on a cloud with one click without any deep configuration. The platform supports many Kafka versions and cluster configurations. Also, it utilizes all advantages of Docker and Kubernetes to provide a fault-tolerant, scalable, and resilient system that doesn't require a unique technological background.

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Sector Edge: analytics platform for the do-it-yourself investors

Challenge: TMI is a platform that helps spot emerging investment and trading opportunities for do-it-yourself investors with a set of data tools designed to show you what the stock market is actually doing. Our main task was to calculate raw data obtained from the third-party providers, set up its continuous update, and cope with the challenge of massive data upload to the database.

Solution: Our efforts resulted in comprehensive data collection and processing for further data transformation and extraction of valuable market insights with the help of data scientists. We used Scala to avoid duplicates while continuous data updates and managed to store data properly. Fully responsible for architectural solutions on the project, we achieved a higher operational speed and stability and continued developing it.

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Scala-based data lake platform

Challenge: The customer wanted a system for users to ingest their data into a platform, share it, and provide access in an easy-to-use way. The requirement was also to store data in a particular place without binding to the one storage service and process data of different types (CSV, JSON, XLS).

Solution: We coped with the challenges using a microservice approach where each service has its role. It supports both raw and file-based ingestion. Scala turned out to be the perfect fit for the automation of big data ingestion/consumption and storage with a fast-paced scaling tempo and helped us meet the client’s requirements perfectly.


Technologies we use

Web frameworks
  • Play Framework
  • Akka HTTP
  • Eclipse Vert.x
Big data tools
  • Apache Spark
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Slick
  • Doobie
  • Phantom
Message queues
  • Apache Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
SQL databases
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Aurora
NoSQL databases and technologies
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • Hive
  • Apache Impala
Functional libraries
  • Cats
  • ZIO
  • Scalaz
  • Monix
  • Akka
Streaming engines
  • Apache Spark Streaming
  • Apache Kafka Streams
  • Flink
  • Storm
Dependency injection
  • Google Guice
  • Spring DI/IoC
  • Typesafe Config
Containerization and orchestration
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
Kubernetes SDK
  • Skuber

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