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Recap of Web Summit 2023: A beacon for tech innovation and diversity

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Recap of Web Summit 2023: A beacon for tech innovation and diversity article image

Web Summit 2023, the world’s largest technology conference, concluded in Lisbon, showcasing an unprecedented level of participation and diversity. The event, attracting 70,236 attendees from 153 countries, set a new record for startup engagement with 2,608 startups participating, nearly a third of which were women-founded.

As a standout moment, Aimprosoft, the only IT service company to exhibit as a Gold Partner among 321 partners, marked a significant presence. This representation underscores our technological potential and reaffirms our role as a key player in the CEE IT service market.

A hub for diverse innovators

The Summit’s impressive statistics – 43% female attendance and 38% female speakers – highlight a shift towards greater gender diversity in tech. Aimprosoft is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, aligning with this trend, and resonating with the broader industry’s move towards equality. As evidence of that, two of the key growth directions – Sales and Marketing – are supervised by women at Aimprosoft.

Gender equality, technology choice equality, and freedom of running business equality are the foundations of a thriving and innovative society. We strive to create a workplace that fosters diversity and empowers our clients to achieve their goals,” – says Julia Kurganova, Head of Business Development.

Aimprosoft at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon showcasing its IT services offer

Spotlight on AI and sustainability

If the last year was devoted to Web3 and crypto, Artificial Intelligence dominated discussions at the event this year, reflecting its growing influence in business and daily life. Keynotes from thought leaders like Meredith Whittaker and Jimmy Wales provided deep insights into AI’s potential and challenges. 

In our discussions with entrepreneurs, concerns about the reliability of emerging technology should be noticed. Although startups tend to accelerate time to market by using GenAI coding tools, SMB and enterprise business leaders are cautious about the full-scale implementation of mass-market LLM models based on ChatGPT.

“It is crucial for us to acknowledge the biases inherent in AI and consistently involve human oversight to ensure that we make no mistakes in customers’ projects,” says Maxim Ivanov, CEO and co-founder of Aimprosoft.

Global Outreach

Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon. The Aimprosoft's team at the booth

Hosting a record number of startups from 93 countries, Web Summit 2023 was a melting pot of global innovation. Aimprosoft, among this dynamic backdrop, showcased its expert ability to cater to a diverse range of technological needs, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for startups and established small and mid-sized businesses remarkably alike.

The presence of 906 investors from 52 countries opened avenues for startups to connect with potential backers. Aimprosoft’s participation provided a unique opportunity for startups to find a solid back for tech endeavors on the spot after meaningful engagements with investors.

“Full-cycle development was the very cooperation model for startups and businesses at their first steps that demonstrated its prospective for kicking off the project,” notes Maria Pluishko, Head of Marketing.

Aimprosoft – Your partner today and ahead

In conclusion, Web Summit 2023 was a gathering of tech enthusiasts and a testament to the changing face of technology and its growing inclusivity. Aimprosoft, with its significant presence and commitment to innovation and diversity, stands as a beacon for companies seeking a reliable and forward-thinking IT service provider.

As businesses and startups seek cost-effective yet quality-driven IT solutions, Aimprosoft emerges as the perfect match. Our participation in Web Summit 2023, as the only Ukrainian IT service provider exhibiting as a Gold Partner, clearly demonstrates our expertise and readiness to lead in the global IT landscape. Choosing Aimprosoft means partnering with a company at the forefront of technological innovation and social responsibility. Contact us today to build your yesterday. 

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